Thursday, 4 February 2010

Czech Cardinal: Europe Will Soon Fall

The Cardinal of the Czech Republic, Miloslav Vick, is concerned about the fate of Christianity in Europe. He argues that Europe must return to its roots, if not the fate of the continent will be to become Islamic.

"Medieval Muslims tried to conquer Europe but Christians expelled them,” he said. “Today there is a similar war but with spiritual weapons. However, Europe lacks the tools and ability for a spiritual struggle while Muslims are well equipped," he says, adding that 'the fall of Europe is close at hand.”



Dr.D said...

This Cardinal is speaking out as I certainly wish more Church leaders would do. He is standing in the breach, the waves will break right over his head as they roll in from the middle east.

I am simply baffled as to why everyone in Europe seems to be so resolutely determined to ignore all signs that izlam is about to overtake Europe. The trial of Geert Wilders in Holland is the most flagrant sign at the moment, a raging bonfire figuratively, and yet nobody seems to care. Why is this? Does everyone think it is just one man? How absolutely foolish? It is the whole continent that is about to die! And yet, all remain calm, and say, "He must be punished because he offended the almighty muzzies!"


Max said...

@Dr D the problem is the white race has become a bunch of pussies and deserved to be bitch slapped across the head because they don't stand up for themselves, it's time for a revolution.

Dr.D said...

So, Max, are the one to do it? You talk big. Where are your actions? It takes real courage, such as exemplified by the the Czech Cardinal, to lead. It does not take much more than a loud mouth to talk trash on a blog. Which are you?

alanorei said...

I agree with Dr D that the cardinal could be sincere.

But with Rome, it always pays to look for the hidden agenda (as always with that notorious Roman offshoot, the IRA).

I believe that Europe will soon fall - to the pope. The Mozzies are simply a means to that end.

See Queen of All by Jim Tetlow et al.

The message is, if all you nervous separated/secular brethren come to your senses and return to the one true holy apostolic church that Christ founded etc., we'll look after you and protect you from those nasty jihadists.

And if you all pay due homage to the BVM, like you should, we'll convince the Mozzies not to attack you because you are then their fellow church members.

And Rome's centuries-old objective of world domination will have taken a mighty leap forward towards its ultimate fulfillment.

As Al Capone is supposed to have said, "You can always get more with a loaded forty-five and a smile than you can with just a smile."

No prizes for guessing what is the loaded .45 in this case.

Anonymous said...

Max,that is true,and the reason for that is simple.What does liberalism mean for the metrosexual,tolerant western-euros?

Simple,it is a comfortable way to avoid conflict.That way the average faggot joe,rids himself of the pain of being a Nationalist.In other words,you get rid of the pressure of standing your ground.Liberalism is the perfect mask for cowards.No man whatever his race is,can say that he doesn't take offense ,when some one from another race insults his people or gang rapes his women.These beta-males will never drop their mask.

Anonymous said...

I am sort of annoyed with Church leaders in Europe or North America who act like the Church is entitled to have white worshipers return to them when it is the very same Church that has been complicit in the role of importing non-whites into Europe and North America and browbeating opposition as "unchristian". It's like the Church has abandoned us for the sake of winning over the Third World. The Church has a lot to atone for before they can expect whites to return to the pews.

Anonymous said...

We need to find out who exactly approved the immigration policy (for sure, it did not happen by accident) and publicize this. As well as who is responsible for carrying it on.


Anonymous said...

The war is not Christianity Vs Islam but one between Native White Europeans and non-White invaders.
To fight that war, for a start Europeans should have as many children as they can. You need more sons to fight the war when it comes.

Dr.D said...

@ Anonymous 23:59
You are correct and you are wrong, simultaneously.

The thing that shapes the distinctive culture of White Europe, whether it is acknowledged or not, is Christianity. Since the time of the (pseudo-)Enlightenment, Europeans have endeavored to throw off Christianity, to disown themselves. They have sought to deny who they truly are in the effort to "be free" of the discipline that made them truly free in Christ. It has been a Faustian delusion, and the result has been that they have been left so weakened that now they are about to fall to a pathetic enemy like izlam. The muzzies are nothing but primitive desert pagans, and yet, because of the morally weakened state of the Europeans, they are left helpless before the savages.

One of the results of the pseudo-Enlightenment has been the loss of Hope, and with the loss of Hope, the loss of a will to continue. Europeans today live for the moment, and do not reproduce. They live to enjoy the present because they think that this is all that there is. They have lost sight of the transcendent glories of Heaven. The pseudo-Enlightenment has tricked them in to belief in a fraud, and they are left weak and helpless.

Compare the response of Christian Europe long ago under Charles Martel and later at the gates of Vienna. When Europeans knew that their future was in Heaven, they fought for their future here on earth. Now they have nothing to look forward to, either here or beyond.

Anonymous said...

This essay could not be more correct!

Thank you for telling the truth on this website. May people wake up and start to take action.

I have happily stumbled across this site, and can only say that "multiculturalism," is a war on the white race. End of.

Multiculturalistic policies will usher in the destruction of the white race in England .

Please view the following video and pass it on to all you know, Islamic demographics are truly shocking:

It is imperative we start looking at the alternatives to assure a future for our descendants in this formerly proud land - England.