Saturday, 6 February 2010

The crooked judges of Amsterdam

Click on the image, or here, to hear Pat Condell's excellent analysis of the trial of Geert Wilders at YouTube


Sean77 said...

Another excellent video Stop the Genocide of European Mankind

Dr.D said...

This was superb! At least one Englishman is not afraid to speak his mind. I salute him.

Anonymous said...

When i read the comments on this video,i get the feeling that we are lost.No,not because of the many liberal self haters,but because of those,who think they "woke up".People who believe that Islam is our only problem ,and that multi-culturalism is ok ,if it wasn't for those nasty Muslims.People defend gay rights,feminism,multi-racialism,promiscuity,race-mixing.Things which were specifically designed to destroy white people.Condell himself is opposed to the BNP.Typical anti-Jihadist Neocon BS.