Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Yes, of course Richard Barnbrook is a nationalist!

By Richard Barnbrook

The posting which has just been put up on the internet, ‘Richard Barnbrook a nationalist?’ raises some interesting points, but basically, it’s simply an attempt to avoid discussing the crucial issue that I am trying to get all genuine, concerned nationalist sympathisers to focus on. The question is, how can we best move forward to become a force to be reckoned with in British politics? The answer is, by joining forces and burying our differences.

It’s because I’m a sincere nationalist that I care about the country’s future. We can’t carry on as we are any longer. We have to look upwards and outwards, and for some, especially our leaders, think the unthinkable. We have to formulate a way to harness the talents, support, activism and goodwill of every man and woman in the land that can already see just what a con the Con-Lib/Lab conspiracy really is!

I realise that I may have upset some activists last year resigning the BNP whip. I did it because I felt I had to make a stand on a question of principal, and it was the only way I could think of to get the concerns across. Since then, I have been expelled from the Party. And I have been denied the opportunity to appeal against my expulsion. I don’t see why I should resign my seat because I never resigned from the Party; my political views remain the same. Unfortunately, I was chucked out just for speaking out. And that’s why I’m where I am.

I have been the victim of many smears, and there is far more that I could say on the matter but to do so would embarrass individual fellow nationalists and not help the cause. There are always two sides to every story, and unfortunately I have been sadly let down by a number of people who perhaps should have known better. However, far too much mud has been slung already and to throw yet more would simply be doing our enemies’ work for them.

What is important to me now, is the issue of unity. I cannot stress it enough, ‘unity, unity, unity!’ The biggest problem we face today comes from within. We have to find a way to resolve our differences. To build on what we all agree on. To nurture what we hold in common.

If any nationalist party is to succeed in London at the GLA next year, there has to be action now, and there has to be unity. We need to let the opposition and the media know we mean business. If we could formulate a unified nationalist party during the summer, I would be only too glad to return the seat to the nationalist fold under a united banner.

If the campaign for London does not start in September, with the BNP, the English Democrats, UKIP and all nationalist political parties, along with other supporters united, there will be NO nationalist representative on the London Assembly in 2012, for certain. It will be a repeat of the Welsh Assembly result this month- NO seats for any nationalists.

I’m trying to get the ball rolling. We need to get everyone who shares the same values to work together. We need to be strong and united.

Yes, of course I’m a nationalist! I always have been and I always will be. Because I care about the future of our nation. If we, who say we care, can’t unite and resolve our differences for the good of all, then the future of our nation is doomed!

It really makes no difference who makes a suggestion if it’s a good one. And I’m sure that this one really is a winner, if only we have the strength and largess of heart to work together to make it work.


Laager said...

Whilst on the subject of Nationalism could we pause for a moment and remember Eugene Terre'blanche - a passionate Nationalist working for the future and survival of the Boer people in South Africa

Yet at his funeral the British left wing liberal media variously described him as a "white supremacist" "right wing radical" "racist" "facist" and "neo nazi"

If he was supposedly these things in their perception, what do the liberals see themselves as?

Are they more or less passionate about their country and people than he was?

misterfox said...

In Britain we have been going round in circles for years under a clique who pass the top positions in the movement on to each other like a baton in a relay race - all have failed. Now we need new blood at the top or more false dawns.

alanorei said...

I get the impression that Eugene Terre Blanche was first the victim of a smear campaign about his personal life.

When that evidently failed to discredit the AWB sufficiently, he was callously 'taken out.'

The whole thing reeks of Jesuitism. Rome would undoubtedly have a hand in subverting anything Protestant, such as a nation based on Dutch Reformed Calvinism.

The same kind of subversion will be directed at Britain as a nominally Protestant nation, with a Protestant Constitution and in particular at any group aiming (even if by default) to preserve this country's constitutionally Protestant identity.

As with Terre Blanche, direct assassination is also part of the strategy as and where subversion falls short of the final objective - subjugation of Britain by the pope of Rome.

"The Roman Catholic church dominates Europe. For it, the UK is unfinished business stretching back 500 years" - Ashley Mote, A Defence of British Liberty, p 130.

I understand, Laager, that the Afrikaaner Dutch allied themselves with France during the Napoleonic wars. That would explain why the British acted as conquerors when they eventually came to the Cape.

Maybe Dutch Reformed Church leaders in the RSA today should re-visit that fateful 200 year-old decision and actively seek to distance themselves publicly from it. Alliances of any kind with the pope frequently end in disaster.

I also understand that Communist subversion began early in South Africa, even at the time of the Boer War. A History of Communism in South Africa by Henry R. Pike indicates this.

Much the same subversion is happening here, of course, as indicated above.

misterfox said...

With respect, Richard, you joined the leadership challenge to split the anti Griffin vote then straight after he dropped you. Many will not forgive you for that and you only have yourself to blame. Wet Andrew Brons is now protecting Griffin by with holding the video of his recent outburst against nationalists in Belgium. If you people support the man who has betrayed us and is destroying the movement you should be consigned to political oblivion.

misterfox said...

Richard, I personally, think we have no chance unless we get new talent to the top as those trying to keep their positions have either failed or there is doubt over their past financial probity. The British Freedom facebook site has described Britain First as a scam!!!
Nationalists are on tram lines and keep going back to the same-old failures. It is the ordinary nationalists who are dooming this country and people.