Sunday, 29 May 2011

2,000 EDL protestors march in Blackpool

Click here for the news report and video


misterfox said...

This is the winning issue as we see from the EDL's popularity and effectiveness their leaders have a natural instinct for picking the right and moral campaigns. Unfortunately those self-appointed leaders of British nationalism do not have this knack and chose remote campaigns that do not strike a chord.
This campaign to protect young White girls from from foreign child-rapists appeals to the male protective instinct and the female instinct to care and nurture.
It wrong foots the establishment because as with Blackpool police covering this up, they are shown to be cruel, callous and biased against our people even in suffering. Unless we bring new talent into nationalism and jettison the old-losers we might as well give up.

Anonymous said...

2000? who the hell are you kidding? the only reason these spastics marched is because they think a paki's wat dun it.

the spastics seem to forget the many other types of people, including british people, who murder, rape and assault their way through life.

tommy robinson, derek fender - you have supported at least one dirty peado - richard price.

and you say the left is supporting kiddie fiddlers?

YOU are the anti british.
YOU are the violent peados.
YOU are the murderers, the rapists and the thieves.

oh, sarah maid of 'albion' - read some literature with albion in it. you're also a fucking spastic, and a supporter of rapists, peados and thieves.

fucking prick.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Anon

The newspaper report I linked to clearly stated there were 2,000 marchers. However, I assume you haven't the intelligence to click on a link.

You clearly haven't the intelligence to see through the state propaganda, or the controlled news media, and appreciate what is really happening.

Crawl back under your stone you obedient, brain dead establishment stooge.

misterfox said...

There were probably a lot more than 2,000. The media plays the numbers down while putting a nice, gloss on Gay Pride events. Poor simple souls who think Gay is rebellion. Its taught in schools.

Celtic Warrior said...

Anonymous said (if it can be called that),

"you're also a fucking spastic, and a supporter of rapists, peados and thieves.
fucking prick."

I'm told that excessive use of profane words shows a lack of vocabulary or a lack of education. Considering the total lack of capitalisation and many spelling errors, methinks it's the latter.

Sarah is it normal to allow such ill worded posts. Don’t you limit the blog to English speakers?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I guess it amounts to a form of free speech CW, albeit not speech as most people understand it!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the EDL. I am so proud of all the good people that took the time to come out and protest this gross miscarriage of justice. No one is the US (where I am from) would ever have the courage to do this. England....take back your country from these 6th century filthy savages!

misterfox said...

This what you do -

Unfortunately the Conservative Journals in UK have been cowards. The Salisbury Review and Quarterly Review have held our revival back by misleading young people into thinking things are not too bad by their fear of facing things as they are and taking the Establishment and the PC movement head on.
At the same time UKIP and the BNP have been diverted by state assets at the top. It is time for a realignment, a Nationalist Conservative revival and defence of our people.

Unknown said...

Actually, Sarah, and Celtic Warrior, the other possibility regarding your profanity laced visitor, is that the tactic of spewing such foul mouthed invective is a trick of the Marxist/Post Modernist school of debate, where the using of such language is meant to poison the debate, and draw the protagonists into pointless sidetracks, all the while, turning the unprepared away from any further connection with the actual issues being debated on the forum.

On the other hand, I will concede the possibility that he could simply be a member of the Ummah, enraged by the light of day shinning upon the grand mendacity that is Islamic politics.

Unknown said...

As to my above point, I am more inclined to the former proposition, given the structure and formulation of the syntax he chose to use to make his point .... if that's what you could call it.

Shaunantijihad said...

Given our first past the post system, it is no wonder the EDL have some success as ordinary people fed up with Muslims have no political voice. Geert Wilders would have not won a single seat if he had been here and received the same % of the vote he won in the Netherlands.

That said, the idiot poster is correct that Lennon aka Tommy Robinson as well as other leaders did attempt to cover up for Price, who was arrested and convicted for cocaine possession and downloading child porn. As the original founder of the EDL (Lionheart) says, these are hardly the actions of people doing this from the purest of motives.

We may also be being harsh on the police. My own suspicion was that traitor Straw's advice had to be followed, and a Muslim officer was put on the case, who then deliberately contaminated the evidence, as is his first duty to the Umma.

Lionheart's blog is here:

Anonymous said...

Straw a traitor?
His full name is Strawinsky and he ain't English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish.

What do you expect FFS!?