Saturday, 28 May 2011

Open Letter to David Cameron Concerning the Removal of Parachute Pay from Members of the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces

From: Dr Frank Ellis
To: Prime Minister, David Cameron MP
Date: 27th May 2011 AD
Re: Open Letter to David Cameron Concerning the Removal of Parachute Pay from Members of the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces

Armed forces that can transport highly trained troops over long distances and insert them by parachute enjoy a level of tactical surprise and flexibility that is still essential for a modern army. The Parachute Regiment is an absolute √©lite regiment which time and time again, from World War Two, through Suez, Radfan, Aden, Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Iraq and, currently, to Afghanistan, has demonstrated a remarkable ability to generate violence and to kill Britain’s enemies. Moreover, its √©lite status is not based on money, class or privilege. A wealthy parent can buy his son a place at Eaton, Harrow and Ampleforth: he cannot secure his son a place in the Parachute Regiment by waving his cheque book. The right to wear the maroon beret, the wings, and when I served in the Parachute Regiment, the right to wear the iconic airborne jump smock has to be earned not bought.

In the light of the Parachute Regiment’s demonstrated record as a battle-winning, tactically flexible asset, the decision to remove the additional pay for being parachute-trained and part of an airborne unit is not merely short sighted it is also spiteful, even treacherous. It is no way to treat soldiers who have just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and who are due to return in the near future.

Savings do have to be made but targeting our best soldiers is not the proper way to behave. If you seek to make savings then here are some suggestions:

(i). Serve compulsory redundancy notices on selected generals, admirals and air marshals;

(ii). Stop all foreign aid to Third World states with immediate effect. If Pakistan has sufficient money to buy atomic weapons, it has sufficient money to feed its teeming and seething population. The same shall apply to India and, above all, to sexually delinquent Africans. Foreign aid to Africa merely encourages reckless and destructive breeding. Let Malthus rule;

(iii). Cease all attacks on Libya. Libyans can solve their own problems and if that means slaughtering one another, they are free to do so. It is none of our business;

(iv). Begin an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan. There are no vital British interests in Afghanistan;

(v). Expel all illegal immigrants from Britain;

(vi). Call an immediate referendum on UK withdrawal from the European Union;

(vii). Urge the Scottish National Party (SNP) to call a referendum on Scottish independence as soon as possible so that England can be free;

(viii). Declare that Britain shall make no payments to any bail out for EU states;

(ix). Cut spending on the National Health Service, abolish National Insurance Contributions and let people provide for their own medical care (this would not apply to service personnel who have sustained injury in the Armed Forces);

(x). Abolish all polytechnics that masquerade as universities and deny state funding for all universities that insist on teaching gender studies; black studies and other charlatan subjects (to this end draw up a list of bogus subjects that are to be terminated). Remove all state funding from universities. This could be phased in over a specified period to permit universities to secure other funding;

(xi). Launch a coordinated attack on the welfare state and the parasitism it engenders: all prisoners to work on public maintenance projects; sterilise serial criminals; deny all state benefits to the long-term unemployed and unemployable apart from bare subsistence in state-controlled hostels located in urban areas (easy to maintain surveillance and deploy the police and military in the event of any resistance); and review sickness benefit which is wide open to abuse. Publish a full list of all people receiving any and all public benefits (Internet). Once they cease to receive state benefits their names can be removed;

(xii). Abolish the BBC license fee so getting rid of a massive parasitic stratum.

(xiii). Abolish universal child benefit;

(xiv). Tackle the problem of overpopulation and unsustainable breeding in the UK before we are overwhelmed. Act now.

Yours sincerely

Frank Ellis


Anonymous said...

I love it, pity they wont do any of it though.

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

Sadly, the situation is not new. as the following shows, written during the 1914-1918 war. Note the last line.

Title: Fight to a Finish
Author: Siegfried Sassoon

The boys came back. Bands played and flags were flying,
And Yellow-Pressmen thronged the sunlit street
To cheer the soldiers who'd refrained from dying,
And hear the music of returning feet.
"Of all the thrills and ardours War has brought,
This moment is the finest." (So they thought.)

Snapping their bayonets on to charge the mob,
Grim Fusiliers broke ranks with glint of steel.
At last the boys had found a cushy job.

I heard the Yellow-Pressmen* grunt and squeal;
And with my trusty bombers** turned and went
To clear those Junkers out of Parliament.

*There used to be a Yellow Press. I remember they had dark-coloured vans in Sydney in the 1950s with wavy yellow horizontal stripes.

**grenade throwers, equipped as the name implies, with Mills bombs

We could do with some grim fusiliers to clear out some enclaves in our inner cities. That's what it will ultimately take, I think, though I'm not sure it will happen until the Second Advent (then it will happen).

P.S. Anyone wishing to read about the experiences of the WW2 paras, as a fact-based novel, could check here and here.

(Not trying advertise, Sarah, it's just to let folk know if anyone's interested.)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree

Macaw said...

To treat the paras like this is beyond a disgrace. They earned the right to wear the maroon beret and they earned the right to be recognised as an elite group of men.

Thanks for sharing Sarah

alanorei said...

Surely this is a time for Dan Jarvis to speak out on behalf of his regiment?

Anonymous said...

All of the things listed in the letter are what the "government" will actually subsidize to a greater and greater extent.

They are not fools; they know these things are bleeding us dry.


Anonymous said...

Hey - I am definitely delighted to find this. cool job!

Anonymous said...

You forgot STOP the salaries and expenses of MPs who do not attend Parliament!