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The Lib Dems and the Question of National Identity

Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne are Lib Dem because they don’t know who they are

‘I think I’m English, therefore  I am’ ?

Nick Clegg describes himself as the “Son of a Dutch mother and half-Russian father”.  He thinks he’s ‘English’ by virtue of having been born and having been raised in England. Is he?  Clegg is certainly British because he possesses a British passport.

But English? He isn’t simply by thinking that he is. Clegg’s confusion arises because he denies the natural rights of blood inheritance and asserts rights solely by virtue of environment.  The English are English, he is saying in effect, because of the purely contingent facts that they were born and raised in England.  Therefore he is English (he deduces) because he was born and raised there.

England was named after the English; not vice - versa

This of course begs the question as to why the strip of territory named England was called that in the first place.  In fact, rather than the English being so-called because they lived in England, England was so-called because it was the home of the English or the ‘Angles,’ ie an ethnicity. The country was named after its people, not vice- versa.  It follows that you do not become English simply by living in the country, any more than you are Welsh or Scots or Irish simply by living in the appropriate country.

To be a Member of an Ethnicity is a two-way Acceptance

So one is not English simply because one is born in England and thinks one is.  One is not a member of a family (and an ethnic nation like the English is an extended family) simply by saying that you are. You must be accepted by the bulk of other members of that ethnic family.  If the bulk of the ethnically English do accept you, it will be first and foremost on grounds of close ethnic affinity.

If Clegg is accepted as English by most it is because he looks and behaves English

Now it may be the case that most English people do accept Clegg as English because he looks  English, ie he conforms to the racial characteristics  of the English and appears to conduct himself like a certain type of Englishman.  But would all these people still accept him as English if they knew his background, which (I am guessing) they don’t?  I suggest not.  At the back of their minds of many  of them at least there would always lurk the knowledge of his foreign background which would to a greater or lesser degree colour their attitudes to him.
Clegg knows he is not English

Clegg surely knows this. While at one level he asserts his Englishness, and even though most English people accept him as such, at another level he is uncertain of it, because he understands  that the acceptance of the English depends to a certain degree at least on their ignorance of his foreign background and his ways of thinking which I suggest must derive  from it.  His mostly foreign background  must have  been a key  theme of his childhood, home life and his feelings about who he is;  one that is not on public display.  He might for example not even have spoken English as first language when with his family  and relations, or used other languages interchangeably.

This Knowledge is why he is a LIb Dem

That, fundamentally, is the reason why  Clegg is a Lib Dem who is at pains to try to deny and destroy the English people as an ethnicity. It is to rid himself of the insecurity of the uncertainty of truly belonging. Thus the English must suffer mass immigration; they must be made to feel like strangers in their own country, because the personal psychology of selfishness of Nick Clegg and his like  -  all the other  ethnically insecure people such as the Jewish Jack Straw and Mark Damazer, the Asian Mishal Husain, the Liverpool  Irish Cheri Blair; her Scottish husband, etc  etc  - demands that England  be drowned in non-English  like themselves so that they personally can feel more secure there.

 What about Chris Huhne?

The same remarks could very well be made of Chris Huhne,   Clegg's rival (if he survives the present scandal).  Huhne’s full name is actually Christopher Murray Paul - Huhne.  Now ‘Huhne’ is a very strange name. It certainly isn’t English. ‘Huhn’ mean’s ‘chicken’ in German. Is Huhne of German or Jewish descent?  It seems one or the other or both  is very likely.  ‘Paul’ certainly  certainly occurs among  Jews as a surname  but ‘Christopher’  comes from  the late Greek name Χριστοφορος (Christophoros) meaning "bearing Christ’’.   It seems unlikely that Jewish people would give this name to their son. (Unlikely but not impossible -many people are ignorant of its meaning).  And he doesn’t look Jewish.  But you never know.  Perhaps like David Cameron he has Jews among his forebears.

But in any case, he is probably not English in any sense acceptable to those who are.  He keeps very quiet about his antecedents. Whatever those who imagine that being English purely a matter of having been born and been brought up here  (as Huhne was) might think, clearly Huhne thinks his background matters.

And he’s right.


Anonymous said...

You will find that there is an element of Jewish blood in most of our politicians.


mi said...

I doubt that the following discussion would be allowed in this country -

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the English dont even accept other English people born outside England as being English. I am English-South African, more English than most of the cross breeds I see here in England, but I am told... wait for it, That I am not English. Its pathetic to see the English wringing their hands trying to decide what they are. I have a Russian wife, so my daughter is a halfbreed English-Russian, its simple really, if in doubt , ask your parents what you are. I asked my Mommy what I was when I was seven and the answer holds good to this day, English-South African and I thank the good Lord for that every day of my life.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 30/05/ - 03:05

Like Anon I am Anglo-Dutch and have returned to the land of my father's birth. My appearance is white-caucasian/European, my names are 100% English and my nationality is now British. However my accent identifies me with the colonies and I certainly do not think like the British. Indeed one Englishman work colleague even called a "yob" because of my accent.

I say all this to ask this question:

If it was acceptable for the British to travel and conquer the world and impose their culture on several new territories, why do they find it so difficult to accept the descendants of their pioneers when they return to their home country?

Some current UK politicians are totally committed to multi-culturism, diversity and the enriching experiences that this will to deliver to the British in their own back yard, yet when push comes to shove the people at grass roots just don't want to know. They invoke their right to freedom of association and their class system and keep you at arms length, despite all your efforts to assimilate and integrate.

Yet when they emmigrate they make their roots very clear to their hosts in their new countries and declare their intentions that you are expected to accept their culture as they have no intention of integrating with yours.

This has been my experience with the British.
I deliberately use the term British to include the English, Scots, Welsh and Irish.

Anonymous said...

Annon 30 May 03.05

I have a similar 'problem'.

I was born to English parents from Yorkshire in what was then Rhodesia in the late 50's and have a surname along with family rooted in Yorkshire.

You know what, I was recently informed by an Oxford educated home grown i.e. white "Englishman" (purely on the grounds of my accent mind) that I was a 'foreigner' - "a souf efrican" LOL!!!!

I then asked him if Lewis Hamilton was actually English or Frank Bruno for that matter? They were born here of ethnic parentage like thousands of others including Lembit Opik to name another was was he born abroad?

In any case according to this Oxford educated
dildo (with a 2:1 degree in maths allegedly) Hamilton and Bruno are 'factually' ENGLISH! ROFL!!!

I bet that if you asked Alex Salmond of the SNP whether or not Trevor "McDonald" of ITN fame is Scottish what's the odds he'd say "YES"? !!

You see according to the deviant brain-washers of the MSM, European or British people, i.e. white Caucasian people, born and raised in Africa of whatever generation are "SETTLERS" mate... NOT (quite) South Africans, Rhodesians/Zimbabweans, Mozambicans, Zambians or anything else remotely connected with those countries.

However "Ethnics" born in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland are 'factually' English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish. ?????

DARE you or anyone else argue otherwise with these obtuse, NWO A-holes!

Tim Heydon said...

The argument here is that one is English,Scots etc if one is accepted by most of those who are ethnically English etc. So it doesn't matter where one was born.

It also doesn't matter even if one has some non-English forebears.
However one is much more likely to be accepted as English etc if one is racially pretty much indistinguishable from them and is also culturally assimilated.

Thus those of Huguenot descent are thought of as English. They still though keep traces of their origins in their names and personal family histories and sense of identity even after centuries.

I've no doubt that Clegg's descendents will be thoroughly 'naturalised' as English after only two or three generation, because he is ethnically closely related to the English. But they will carry traces of their foreign origins into the indefintite future.

Anonymous said...

There is a similar discussion on the thread "0n-Going Debate" between James Mathurin and Laager.

James - of mixed blood - maintains that ethnicity/race is a social construct. The fact that he was born and raised in the UK, and no doubt speaks in one of the many accents on this island, makes him a Briton.

So we now have the situation where the passport you carry actually determines your race when all the visual evidence suggests the complete opposite.

Here is Laager's repost


Nick Griffin has tried to clarify these concepts to the British people. Predictably shot down in flames by the pc lwls for being a "racist"

We can learn a lot from the animal kingdom
Muhammed Ali used the same metaphor in his interview with Parkinson

Look at the plains of Africa and you see various species of antelope grazing contentedly side by side, in their own groups. The Springbok, Thompson's Gazelle, Impala, Kudu all live and survive in the same environment

Similarly the Zulu, Tswana, Shangaan, Masai are all Negroid African tribes organised into nations who choose to stick to their own kind

In the UK we have the white caucasian tribes of English, Scots, Welsh and Irish doing exactly the same thing. Like the animals in Africa they identify and occupy their own territories

The era of the voyages of discovery followed by colonialism enabled white caucasians to travel across the planet and create new "nations/countries".

New boundaries were unilaterally drawn and names given to these territories. Thus the Pawnee, Sioux, Cherokee and Apache become "Americans" - a name derived from an Italian explorer who has absolutely nothing to do with them

The same applies to Australia, New Zealand and Africa. In Africa Kenya, Uganda, Rhodesia, South Africa etc. were created. In Rhodesia two tribes dominate - the Shona and the Matabele - who are now Zimbabweans

White settlers in South Africa called themselves South Africans - divided into two groups: the English and the Afrikaners - and they are very, very different from black African South Africans

So we are presented with two distinctly separate scenarios:
Ethnic heritage (race)
Nationality (a human social construct)

Ethnicity is a genetic inheritance over which we have no control. The lottery of life determines whether we will be born an Arab in Egypt or a South American Indian in Brazil

Humans then start labeling territories and the people resident therein thus creating the anomalies of Linford Christie being an Englishman and FW de Klerk being an African (Afrikaner)

This melting pot is further confused by African slaves being transported to North America and becoming "westerners" - as you describe it James

They are clearly not western. Americans go to great lengths to identify their genetic and national origins by calling themselves Polish-American, Irish-American and Afro-American etc

Add to the mix inter-racial breeding and we get President Barrack Obama, who the western media refer to as America's first black president when he is clearly not. His mother was white and that makes him 50 % white and 50% black = mixed race (UK), mulatto (USA) and coloured (RSA)

We know that each of the different races have specific attributes. Blacks are better athletes because of their genetic endowment, not because of history and environment. Whites are beter inventors because of their mastery of science

Where your "negroes are westerners" thesis falls flat James is by simply comparing the prison populations
of white and blacks in the USA. Pro-rata there are more blacks in prison than whites and their crimes are significantly more violent than those of whites

Accept it James
Race and nationality are two totally separate states

Anonymous said...

A dog born in a stable is still a dog NOT a horse. It can't be any simpler than that.

Shaunantijihad said...

This article has no explanatory use. Some Brits and non Brits are loyal to this country, and some Brits and non Brits are traitors.

The people inhabiting these isles are a varied mix of Caucasians, mostly north west Caucasians, but with a few others thrown in, Catherine of Aragon (Spain), Joseph Conrad (Poland), the current Royal family (Germanic/Greek).

The point is they are all Caucasian. If we can understand that the original success of the USA was that Caucasians pulled together to create the world in their image made a great nation then you can understand that wringing your hair over Cleggs Russian father or whatever is pointless.

We should be promoting a Caucasian League of nations. Is there not an Arab and African League?

All Caucasians are family, and this article, attempting as it does to try and discredit Clegg because of his Russian parents is off the mark. Clegg is discredited because he is a traitor to the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Shaun 31 May 2011 17:43

Agree with you.
Now is the time to consolidate our Caucasian - our European identity in OUR European lands.

Having said that many of the peoples of Southern Europe as far as Southern Italy/France, Portugal, Greece et al probably have more in common with Asians and Africans than us of the north.

North Russians i.e. white Russians have more in common with us than say Portuguese.

Albania/Kosovo is a 'Trojan Horse' threat to Europe like Chechnya is to Mother Russia.

Celtic Warrior said...

Shaunantijihad said...

"We should be promoting a Caucasian League of nations. Is there not an Arab and African League?"

I can agree with that.

Celtic Warrior said...

Ones place of birth is an accident of geography and has nothing to do with the genes one inherits from their parents.

Today genetisists

Celtic Warrior said...

Sorry for last posting it was incomplete.

Ones place of birth is an accident of geography and has nothing to do with the genes one inherits from ones parents. It’s ones genes that determines ones race or tribe.

Geneticists today tell us that 95% of all Europeans are descended from just 7 women through our mDNA. They have also told me that as I have an Irish surname it means that my genetic descent can be traced back more than 1000 years. Unless of course, one of my female ancestors was naughty.

Anonymous said...

This thing Huhne is not one of 'us'
He's as slimy and more odious than Mandelson

Celtic Warrior said...

Shaunantijihad said.

"The people inhabiting these isles are a varied mix of Caucasians, mostly north west Caucasians, but with a few others thrown in"

The foregoing is a fallacy that has been pushed for many years by those who wish us to believe that we are a nation of immigrants and should therefore welcome more into the Isles. Modern DNA research now proves beyond scientific doubt that the people of the Isles are one of the most homogeneous populations 8in the world.

There is no place in the Isles that has less than 59% of the genes that were brought here by the original inhabitants after the last glacial maximum 14,000 years ago. Another 30% is from north western European peoples who came c 8,000 years ago and the remaining 10% from the Celts, Vikings, Anglo Saxons and Normans who arrived in relatively small numbers over the last 2500 to 1000 years ago.

The relatively modern terms (I mean last 1,400 years) of English, Scot, Welsh and Irish are primarily political constructs, created by powerful monarchs or those trying to be powerful monarchs.

The Celtic invasion is now believed to have been more of a cultural and language invasion and less of a people invasion. The Vikings, Anglo Saxons and Normans (Northmen) only added to the existing north western European DNA that had already been in the Isles for thousands of years.

The Irish just love to boast about St. Patrick but I wonder how many of them will accept that he came from that part of the world we now called England. In other words St. Patrick was an Englishman.

Refer to "Blood of the Isles" Prof Bryan Sykes and "The Origin of the British" pg 435 Dr. Stephen Oppenheimer.

Pensioner said...

I thought I was the only one with identity problems... seems I may be wrong. You see I was born in Amsterdam-Holland in 1942. In 1956 my parents emigrated to South Africa to seek a better future for their 4 children. I became a South African Citizen in 1968 after the birth of my daughter. I inquired a couple of years ago at the Netherlands Embassy of the possibility of getting a Netherlands passport and was told that the changes where slim to zero. My brother managed to obtain a Dutch passport many years ago after years of struggling. He was told recently if he did not renew his passport soon, he would loose the right to another Dutch passport.

The Netherlands is being invaded by all sorts of people from all over the Muslim, African and South American world and given Dutch Citizenship (and all the benefits that go with this privilege), within a very short period. People like us, who can trace their Dutch ancestry back hundreds of years, have no hope in hell of getting back into the Country as its rightful Citizens.

South Africa is about to go up in flames and we are stuck in this God forsaken Country due to our age and financial circumstances, while foreigners slowly but surely take over Europe!!! I have no wish to go back to the Netherlands, the people are foreigners to me, I still have very strong feelings towards the Country though.

man and van London said...

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BunBun4life said...

It reminds me of the prime minister of Sweden saying "I am a typical Swedish. My great grandfather was the fruit of a romance between a black American circus performer and a Latvian maid. It is Swedish" SELF HATING TWAT, that is NOT TYPICAL SWEDES.

I am so tired of hearing that white groups in Europe are NOTHING, that we have NO ethnic heritage, and are all the same IT'S A LIE. THEN people from everywhere else on EARTH embrace their groups! They say I AM A KURD, even though no country, that is still who I am. According to the shit mongers, even WITH a country I AM NOTHING.

ARAB COLLEGE PROF writes article stating THERE IS NO ETHNIC GROUP OF THE SWEDES, IT IS A FANTASY, and those who think there is one, are racists. WHAT - THE - FUCKING - HELL? I NEED SOME FUCKING ARAB TO TELL ME SOME SHIT ABOUT MY OWN PEOPLE? Arabs are the most racist, separatist, nationalist groups on earth (well TURKS as bad or worse) IN SAUDI ARABIA women are not even allowed to marry A NON-SAUDI!! RACE is irrelevant, these people in the rest of the world are about ETHNIC GROUPS, tribes, and countries.

EUROPEANS ARE CALLED XENOPHOBIC, yet in Africa they murder people who are from the 'awfully foreign land' of the country RIGHT NEXT TO THEIRS.

I'm not XENOPHOBIC and I've been all over the world, I just don't want cultures SO ALIEN to ours coming here,sucking off our welfare, and then TELLING us how to act and live PLUS raping the women, murdering the boys - and forming gangs to rob and harass people - THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE AND TOLERANCE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT SHIT !!!

You tolerate someone smacking gum, you tolerate a neighbor who gossips too much - you DO NOT TOLERATE RAPE, and assault, and robbery, and murder, and random beatings of your people that may or may not result in death, brain damage, disability - TOLERANCE has nothing to do with PASSIVE idiocy and suicidal ideologies !!

@ ANON 03/05/-03:05 - honey THAT is just AWFUL and RUDE - you are not a YOB because you come from the UNITED STATES. You are a son of Britain, and what they really need to worry about is the damned PAKI's - not return FAMILY.
and @ANNON 30 MAY 03.05
DUDE, that is totally fucked up - Africans tell whites whose family has lived there for 400 years YOU'RE NOT AFRICAN, then tell us they were born here (but not my parents) SO I'M BRITISH - FUNNY HOW THAT DOESN'T WORK BOTH WAYS.
ANON! You just tell that LIBERAL DOUCHEBAG that cowardly slag, he should then hang out with Pakis.

BunBun4life said...

@Pensioner-18 June 2011 03:24



South Africa is HELL and white people are told even by the police - to GET OUT and go back where you came from white people (even though most were born there and their family has lived there for 200 to 400 years, THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH in fucking AFRICA).

SO now that these people are PHYSICALLY IN DANGER OF MURDER, GANG RAPE, have lost their jobs, CANNOT apply for welfare or any help because WHITES DON'T QUALIFY FOR GOVT ASSISTANCE, ONLY BLACKS AND 'COLOREDS' (indians, etc.)
ALL WHITES fired from police jobs, government jobs, their pensions WITHHELD, widows with police husbands who died on the job are DENIED HIS DEATH PENSION and now many live in abject poverty - in TENTS in SHEDS, I've seen an old woman living in a piece of a silo with a door cut out, that was her home - elderly whites are starving to death - their land was seized, the government won't give them any 'food stamps' EVEN THOUGH THE RICH FEW WHITE PEOPLE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR COVERING 90% OF ALL TAX BASE THAT PAYS FOR EVERY-THING in S.Africa, WHITES are not entitled to ANYTHING from the government. Groups that help single women get jobs? Now exclude white women, this is only for BLACKS - IS THAT WHAT EVERYONE WANTED WHEN THEY SAID STOP APARTHEID? THAT THE MILLIONS OF WHITES LEFT THERE WOULD BE RAPED, MURDERED, ROBBED, LAND STOLEN, STARVED TO DEATH, IGNORED BY POLICE

and a new tactic - go to the police station FOR ANY REASON, like to pick up a permit or something - police ARREST the man (for no good reason) throw him in a pen full of 30-50 black men, and allow the men to GANG RAPE the man until he is unconscious THEN drop all charges the next day- SURE he's out of jail, his life is ruined, his body is ruined, his mind is ruined... THAT IS WAR TIME tactics
I understand MANY countries REFUSE ASYLUM petitions from whites in South Africa but ACCEPT them from blacks in Zimbabwe, THE SAME ONES WHO MURDERED ALL THOSE WHITES -