Thursday, 19 May 2011

South African Entertainer takes on Julius Malema

Steve Hofmeyr is an Afrikaner entertainer resident in South Africa who is taking on Julius Malema the ANC  Youth Leader, who is currently on trial for the singing the song "Shoot The Boer".  Earlier this month Hofmeyr posted a stinging rebuke to Malema at his website.  I have posted a copy at South of the Zambezi here.  


Macaw said...

Thanks for the post Sarah. I did not know about this. I do know that he has written a song using the word "kaffir" (which is illegal here in SA).

What he says is the truth. The problem with this is that Malema and the others are just puppets in the greater scheme of things.

Unfortunately, this country will never again be a country that is the bread basket for the rest of the continent. We will continue to slide and eventually be like Uganda, Ethiopia et al.

Now sligtly off topic, but if Harold Camping is correct (personally I doubt it) re 21 May 2011, then the local elections we had on Wednesday count for nothing. (Well, they actually count for nothing anyway). Nothing will change after these elections. People still vote along racial lines.

These people take what Zuma and Malema say to heart because everything is the white man's fault and this is being drummed into them all the time.

Aah, nothing like a good rant so early in the morning....time to get my passport

Macaw said...

Well, the more things change (yeah right), the more they stay the same...(or get worse)

Bemused stare said...

Macaw, I find it rather shocking if you do indeed not yet have a passport by now. I gather IT offers are available in the UK right now.

Macaw said...

@Bemused, my apologies...what I meant to say was to get my new passport which was ready at home affairs. The old one had expired and the new one was ready for collection.

Bemused stare said...

@ Macaw, good show. Now on to phase two eh?