Saturday, 21 May 2011

Terrorist killings - Church Street Anniversary

Yesterday (20th May) was the 24th anniversary of the Church Street bombing in Pretoria, carried out by ANC terrorists acting under the authority and approval. Adriana Stuijt, has published an account of the atrocity, which can be read hereWarning the report includes some very gruesome images.

 "In his book  Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela wrote that as a leading member of the ANC’s executive committee, he had “personally signed off” in approving these acts of terrorism


alanorei said...

African politics activists have an interesting way of canvassing.

It amounts to a gang of toughs rousing a potential voter and demanding to know which party he supports. The voter has to think quickly and decide on the spot which group the activists belong to.

Having decided, he produces the appropriate party membership card and the activists hopefully depart without any further ado.

Africans (in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, where these tactics were used in the 1970s) keep membership cards for all parties of relevance, for the above reason.

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

The information cited, btw, came from a friend who lived in Rhodesia during the 1960s/70s and served in the Rhodesian Army throughout the Bush War of 1972-1979.

He was witness to the effects of African politics firsthand.

William Stout said...

The Marxist/terrorist leanings of the ANC has all, but been forgotten by the West. Where once Nelson Mandela was a hated terrorist, today he is lauded as a statesman and a great man. In this respect, Stalin was right. Kill a single man and it is called murder, but kill a million men and it is only a statistic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
I have just read the comments thread on GA blog regarding the death of David Cairns MP. I did message you several months ago pointing out that GA was now damaging our cause on an almost daily basis. Several people have commented to me on this article and hold your views that it will lose us a lot of support. I have allways enjoyed your well written articles and respect your balanced views on the subjects you cover, the GA is on the other hand dangerous and unpredictable, his drunken rantings and personal attacks have damaged nationalism almost beyond repair. I pray people like yourself will soon see through the damage he is and has caused us

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Anon

Thanks for the support. I didn't want to fight with GA, who I view as a friend, but we need to consider how what we write will be perceived by the wider public, And also how they will be used by our enemies.

If we want to save our people we do not have the luxury of indulging irrelevant prejudices.

I am sorry if I didn't respond top your last message, I sometimes have difficulty keeping up with my inbox


The Watcher On The Wall said...

An anc leading light in the Eastern Cape city of Port Elizabeth by the name of Mr Faku [I kid you not] was reported as inciting the party faithful to burn down the offices of the regional newspaper Eastern Province Daily Herald on account of the fact that it is tainted by Whites and is critical of the anc.

Mr Faku's public diatribe reflects hot-to-the-moment sentiments in the ranks of the anc since his inflammatory rhetoric followed in the wake of last week's municipal and local government elections.

Note that:
1. Mr Faku [together with his fellow party hacks] is alleged to be donkey-deep in fraud and corruption on a personal basis.
2. anc sparklers [like Mr Faku] evidently place media freedom at a discount.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Watcher on the Wall

Here is the news story

"Blacks voting for whites should be driven into the sea!"

Exzanian said...

Ahhh, but they bought him off....cheaply....Now he is a RISEN god, sanctified on the altar of collective white western guilt.

He gave rise to the filthy minions of the ANC: the racist Mbeki and illiterate Zuma (and God knows what else waits in the wings) all bought cheaply by capitalist greed and collective white guilt...