Sunday 22 May 2011

A final glimmer of Britain

I began writing this article a few weeks back shortly after the local government elections on May the 5th . As everyone in Britain knows, those were elections which saw significant success for the Tories and some success for Labour too, except in Scotland, where a Scottish party, calling themselves “Nationalist”, but which welcomes multiculturalism to the point where it will surely destroy all dreams of a true Scotland, scored a massive and unexpected triumph. 

All other parties suffered varying degrees of defeat. 
In the wake of that further affirmation of what seemed like a national death wish, I sat down and wrote the following:

When was it I wonder the English stopped loving their children? when did we become one of the very first people in history, who do not care a damn what future our offspring will face? 

There are many, I am sure, who would claim to take offence at what I have just written, and who would angrily insist they are entirely devoted to their children.  But how can I believe them in the face of overwhelming evidence that they must be lying?

As the mother of son's I quake at the thought of what they will face when they become part of an ethnic minority in their homeland, an event likely to occur much sooner than we once thought. Recent figures suggest the tipping point, when non-whites become a majority in Britain, could be as soon 2043, thirty two years from now, not 2060 as previously thought. 

Ethnic minorities do not fare well in third world countries, but that's the future my sons will face when they are still young men.  Other mothers' sons and daughters face the same fate, but, unlike me, it seems those mothers, and those fathers simply do not care.

How can they love that which they would so lightly sacrifice to such a hell?  

The British people embraced their death again on May the 5th, how many more chances will they have before it is too late, assuming it has not already past that point?

Seemingly without a care they meander forward towards a dark place which will be terrible to see, complicit in their own destruction,they are the stained handed murderers of their children's dreams. 

Most suicidal of all were those of the white working class, who voted for Labour, a party  which despises them and has for at least four decades been conspiring for their destruction.  A party which has already engineered the ethnic cleansing of  working class communities from Bradford to Bristol and from Leeds to Lancashire, and which has transformed our ancient capital into a majority non-white city, driving, amongst others, London’s Cockneys into Essex and into history.

We all mocked those American teenagers a few weeks back when then tweeted onto Twitter “who is Bin Laden and why’s it good he’s dead?”, but are they really dumber than those who still believe the old lie that “Labour is for the Common Man”. Not if that common man is white they’re not, at least they haven't been since the 1950’s.

Like livestock voting for the horrors of halal, working class Britons went in their millions to put their crosses next the poison rose which spells their doom. Should I really pity such stupidity?

Even less deserving of pity are Liberal Democrat supporters, whether they voted for the party or, horrified by the realities of power voted  Labour, they are equally suicidal. However, given it is now quite clear Liberal Democrats are not grown up, they deserve little more than our contempt.

In some ways, of course, those who voted Tory are the most shameful, in their hearts the average Tory voter knows the truth but they dare not face it and would sacrifice their children before they do.

I look upon them and I wonder, do they deserve what is coming to them, these stupid. immature and cowardly people who flocked to sign their death warrants in polling booths across the land, do they want to be saved and are they in fact beyond saving?

Other races have died before and other civilisations have fallen, is it our turn to follow the Aztecs, the Minoans, Incas and the Babylonians into the echoing void of history?  Is our great civilisation, surely the greatest the world has ever seen, set to follow Rome and Ancient Egypt into defeat, destruction and decay, our crumbling monuments, magnificent ruins, the only evidence of what went before?

Do our people know their death awaits, surely they too can see what is plain to me, and if they do, can it be they really do not care? Is there nothing left of the Britain that we were? Has our blood run cold?         

Within one hundred years the descendants of those immensely brave Britons who celebrated VE day in 1945 on the streets of London will have been driven from that city.  They are already a minority there.

Did it take just sixty short years for our race to come to this?  We are not the same people our forefathers were.  We spring for the loins of greatness but have forgotten how to be great.

I stopped writing then, and put the article aside.  I wondered if what I had written was of any benefit, and if anything was to be gained from exposing one woman's despair at a nation wilfully engaged in writing its own epilogue.

It was then that I watched a TV programme called “Wooten Bassett the town which remembers”.  As the world now knows Wooten Bassett is the Wiltshire Market town which lies between RAF Lyneham, the Royal Air Force's principal transport hub, and Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital.  It is therefore the route which the hearses have to take when transporting fallen soldiers when they are brought home from Afghanistan.

The people of Wooton Bassett have taken to welcoming those brave young men home, standing along the roadside in silent tribute and comforting the families of the dead.  Over the months and years more and more have travelled to join them until the repatriations have become a sombre, but hugely well attended and symbolic event.  Those who come do not do it for the cameras, or or the bemused and patronising journalists who turn up to record what is to them a bizarre spectacle. Way out of sight of the cameras, along the roadside and in the lay-bys they stand silently and they salute, as the tragic cavalcade goes by, carrying those they have come to mourn.

The people of Wooton Bassett were interviewed and they were a rare sight, they are a type of people, although legion in our land, who are not usually welcome on our TV screens. They were not the dissembling creeps who claim to represent us in Parliament, the chattering classes who usually dominate the airways or the mockney accented public schoolboys who pose as entertainers. They were not the slimy treacherous judges or avaricious white hating lawyers who administer what passes for justice in this land, or the broadcasters who learnt to hate us on their Stalin praising fathers' knees. They were the reality of England, a people motivated and filled with love of their country who come to honour the brave and beautiful young men, sacrificed in illegal wars by the crooks and monsters who currently rule over us.                     

They were also anything but multicultural, certainly not in any way which would be permissible now in any staged media event.  As the cameras scanned the crowd anxiously attempting to light on an ethnic face amongst the mass homogeneous whiteness, they could have been the scene of any British city of forty years ago, or indeed the myriad British towns which they do still represent.

Then I thought of another event in recent weeks, the Royal Wedding, and the million strong crowd  thronging the streets, a crowd not ethnically mixed, as our dishonest media claimed they were, but massively, overwhelmingly, white.  The chattering commentators expressed their horror at the almost total whiteness of the congregation, but dared not admit that same whiteness extended to crowds outside.  Where would that leave, inclusive, integrated multicultural Britain?

However, multicultural Britain was no more on show on the streets surrounding Westminster abbey on the day of the Royal Wedding than it is on the streets of Wooton Bassett at each repatriation.

Whatever you may think of the current Royal family (and I personally an cautiously optimistic about the two princes) one could not help but marvel at the massive crowds of English men and women crowding the streets of our capital, as they have done for 1,000 years, their hearts swelling with an innate sense of their heritage and cheering for even the least impressive of our nation's monarchs.

As I considered those two events, I began to realise how wrong I was in what I wrote at the beginning of this article.  Britain is still out there, our people still exist, there are merely hidden from us by the gaudy pallet screen which the media places before us, and, of course, before them.

Although it may not seem that way from what we see on out TV screens and on many city streets, native Britons are still by far the majority in this country and they can still be saved.  The majority of native Britons never voted for multiculturalism and are deeply suspicious of it, they resent and oppose mass immigration and they are seriously concerned about the rise of Islam.  They also worry deeply about the sort of country their children will inherit.

They have not expressed those views because they have been taught to feel guilty about them  by a tiny minority with monopoly access to the communications media, and they have never yet voted in support of those views because they have never yet been offered a viable Nationalist alternative.

Those who say “they could have voted BNP” are fooling themselves.  The BNP have never yet found a means of disproving the media lies about them.  In fact, in many ways despite the herculean efforts of many activists, too many BNP members (and their leaders)  have done everything in their power to prove the liars right              

There are actually BNP members and supporters who appear to believe that, for instance, if they make “funny” Nazi salutes at cameras or are filmed giving their child a gollywog, the public will perceive these as ironically humorous gestures. 

The BNP has politicians who indulge in fisticuffs in front of the national media because an Asian spits at them (what do you think the spitting Asian wanted you to do when he spat?). It employs security guards who stick their fingers up the noses of unfriendly journalists when they forcibly eject them from meetings in front of a blaze of flash bulbs, whilst adopting facial expressions not unlike that of a particularly malevolent pit-bull.

Nationalists climb over each other so as to get into debates or write articles expressing moral and sexual attitudes which would sit more comfortably in down town, Islamabad than they would in a modern British household, and when doing so use language Jim Davidson might consider a tad off colour.  (If you want to go on a moral crusade, go on a moral crusade, but get out of our way, we are trying to save our race.)

Much has already been said about the quality of people appointed to positions of power.  However, if the party is seriously considering replacing one non-telegenic leader with a criminal record and a history of Holocaust denial with an equally non-photogenic (and older) leader with a criminal record and a history of Holocaust denial, they will need to work out:

a)  how they are going to sell him to modern Britain    
b)  how he might come across on Question Time

(Yes I know the convictions are establishment imposed war wounds, but such nuances matter more to history and to the party faithful than they do to the wider public)

Across Europe, Nationalism is in the ascendency, in Britain it seems to have stalled, and although many Nationalists have worked tirelessly, many others have to accept their responsibility for that.  Too many British Nationalists have spent the last 43 years since Enoch Powell warned us what was happening, squabbling amongst ourselves, sniping at other nationalists and indulging their own particular prejudices, issues and hang-ups rather than presenting the public with a party they feel comfortable in voting for.

It is true that Nationalist parties are subject to constant smears from the media, but in honesty, many Nationalists have made it very easy for them to smear us.

I am sure we all reach the point which I did when I started writing this article, and it is true that, in many ways the circumstances are dire.  However, there is nothing to be achieved in bemoaning a situation when we are part of the problem. 

We should be better placed, Our enemies have overplayed their hand, in particular the New Labour open door immigration policy was a spectacular own goal, which the country is starting to wake up to. The non-white population of Britain has grown by 40% in the last eight years, if that rate continues, and why wouldn't it?, at a conservative total of 9.1 million, not including another 1 million of mixed race, that total will grow to almost 35 million by 2043 (you do the maths).  If the Nationalist movement can not advance on the strength of that fact alone, we do not deserve to.

In many ways the situation is as dark as I described at the beginning of this article, but it is always darkest before the dawn, and everything is still to play for. If, after over four decades of self indulgence, squabbling, gaffes and pure stupidity, we can finally get out act together, there is a chance, faint but still viable, that we could save this country.

Our people are still out there, we only have to reach them.


Celtic Warrior said...

Bravo Sarah. Your post is most enlightening and thought provoking.

I'm glad that there are still Britons who have the courage to speak out about the holocaust that will descend upon Europe, if its peoples continue along their present path.

Your comments concerning the divided nationalist leadership in Britain is disheartening. I’m surprised that Britain is unable to come up with leaders like Marine Le Pen, Geert Widers and Jimmie Ã…kesson, who seem to be able to articulate their message without sounding like bigoted racists.

Britain has always managed to produce great leaders when the country was under threat. Hopefully it will again.

alanorei said...

An excellent and necessary analysis, Sarah. Thank you.

I thought Rev West's article on the main BNP site was good in this context. Most comments (when I read them earlier today) were essentially supportive.

Regrettably, though, for as long as the multitudes of scoffers and deniers ply their trade (as well as ignore all else as long as they have their cheap beer and wide-screen TV), the country will continue to be beset with "the worst of the heathen" Ezekiel 7:24, KJB.

Macaw said...

I am sticking my neck out here, However having read about Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu and how Obama was told in no uncertain terms that Israel would not return to '67 borders, the UK needs someone with this kind of personality to run the country.

To tell the leftists that this is our (your)country and no-one will dictate how it is run.

Ths UK needs someone who will say "Enough, this is our country. You live here, you abide by OUR rules. If you do not like it, we are not holding you back from leaving".

Anonymous said...

Instead of a Cromwell, or a Churchill, what we have is a succession of traitors and girly-men.

I have never, in a long life of watching the British, been so disgusted with the "leadership".


Anonymous said...


The video below is Arthur Kemp istructing/debating Jim Giles who ran for the US senate.

It is 9 videos long but well worth listening to this extremely intelligent man

Arthur does not just say what is wrong, he also tells how to put it right, and has very relevent answers to the writer of this article.

Listening to hiim was a life changing Experience for me.

Don't miss it

misterfox said...

Sarah, you are striking the right note. It is for the children that we must fight; it is the leaders of the nationalist movement over the last decade who have failed. Yes, we can win this but I truly believe we need some new people at the top of the movement, not the same old crew with their narrow life-experience and contempt for ordinary party members. these people have failed over the last decade and we must not let them back to run things and fail again.

malvoisin said...

Perhaps the divide in nationalism is down to blogs like this? You berate Griffin and Brons for having criminal convictions yet,then admit these convictions are establishment imposed war wounds.

You posted an article on Barnbrook a couple of days ago, didnt he betray the party and the voters who voted BNP? Is this the type of person you are trying to promote in nationalism?

I must admit I admire Griffin and Brons they have never wavered they have told the truth,suffered huge amounts of persecution and harrasment. Would you have done better? I know I would'nt.

All you can come up with is someone being spat at and reacting like a true british person would? the odd fisticuffs? These indeed do compare very badly to three illegal wars, treason,sedition,corruption, murder,gerrymandering, not to mention the inactivity and silence over hundreds of white under-age girls being raped,drugged and abused. All this the British people know and yet still vote for the main three. For more evil doings go Liars,Buggers and Thieves website.

Do you really think that anyone that is chosen to lead the BNP will escape the same persecution? How can they defend themselves when the media give no right to reply? In fact I would be worried if the establishment were not persecuting the BNP.

As for Holocaust denial I seem to remember things called freedom of thought and belief, do you still beleve in those? If so, how can you call someone for practising it?

Basically you want a saint to lead nationalist politics ,it isn't going to happen everybody has baggage that will be dug up by the Government/media and used against them. You have brave people who have been standing up for the British people for years and yet you do not thank them instead you whinge and whine about them.

Do you think you are really helping your children by splitting nationalists even further?

alanorei said...

Unknown Australian 'bloke' to Moslem 'Lebs' and all their ilk, Cronulla Beach, December 2005.

"This is our country. You are not welcome. Get out!"

That did happen. It is not an urban myth.

Further details of Australian 'racism' and/or 'Islamophobia' can be found here.

Note the use of the term 'News Mafia,' which is correct, I believe.

alanorei said...

Just a very few quick questions, Sarah

Do you happen to know off hand what happened after Bob Bailey retaliated against the Moslem spitter?

Media exposure of the incident notwithstanding, was Bailey ever charged with assault and/or a 'hate crime'? (BNP man Kevin Hughes was imprisoned for far less.)

Has he ever been targeted for Moslem reprisals?

A quick look via google seems to reveal nothing later than May 7 2010.

Also, is it known whether Moslem aggression against the local English folk increased or decreased after the incident, or stayed the same?

alanorei said...

It may be cold comfort but those who could be described as nationalists in the US are having the same problems as ourselves.

Jason said...

The tip-over of control, from the British to the Aliens may well occur earlier than 2043. This is because what counts is a VOTING majority (not an absolute population majority).
On the one hand the aliens, scenting victory, will likely turn out a high percentage poll, focused on Alien candidates. On the other hand, given the well known British inertia at the polls, the British could well let control slip out of their hands with an alien population as low as 24%. This is because If only half of Britons vote, they will turn out a 42% poll, whereas if all the aliens vote they will top at 48%.
It is realized that these are crude figures, and assumes all aliens will vote for Alien candidates. However judging from past experience many Britons will likely swing their vote to Alien candidates to “support multi-culturism”. Since there are four times as many Britons there is four times the chance of Britons transferring their vote to Alien candidates.
Once there is an Alien majority in Parliament, expect a plethora of new laws which will entrench the Aliens in positions of supreme power.
That will be the irreversible day of reckoning, perhaps as early as two elections away.

alanorei said...

Why has there been no public outcry over The Labour 25?

Surely BNP activists such as Messrs Tierney cannot be the only individuals in Liverpool who know about these atrocities.

No wonder Britain is declining.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sara
Thank you for all the GOOD articles you write.
Please Google and check out an article called The Mighty Oak Of The Coming English Revolution By Michael James in Germany
This may solve the BIG problem the UK is facing… wish we in South Africa could solve our problem so easy.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Anon 22;08 That link you left caused me to waste my time registering to a site to view a member profile only to find it is someone selling jewellery ! I do not appreciate this in the least !

Anonymous said...

Unable to comment using Google account as there is an error message which many others get also - Ian

Anonymous said...

Thinking of running to Australia to 'avoid it all' ?

Think again... they're run by do-gooding NWO toadies an all!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I do apologise for allowing Anon 22:08's post through, I thought I had deleted it but must have clicked on the wrong button.

Given the amount of Spamm this blog gets I guess it had to happen at some stage

alanorei said...

Re: Australia, I came from there in 1978.

Maybe this is what they get for letting John Howard shaft Pauline Hanson.

Like one local BNP activist said w.r.t. anyone who votes lib/lab/con:

"They deserve all they get."