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How I became a ‘Racist’ - By Tim Heydon

Trafalgar Square of VE Day

You know, nowadays I find that I am a ‘racist’ and that I ‘hate’ Blacks, Asians and other ethnic minorities who have come to live in this country. But it is an interesting fact that in my youth I was not a ‘racist’, nor was it said that I ‘hated’ anyone..; Indeed my views would have been thought by the bulk of the population to be highly moral.. So why have I changed so radically into someone who belongs to this despised and vilified class of people, the ’racists’ and the ’haters’?

Living with a Moslem Family

When in the mid 60’s I arrived from the provinces to become an articled clerk in the City of London, I took lodgings until I could afford my own place. It didn’t worry me in the least that the family that I had a room with were Moslem Asians. Not obviously Moslem, mind you – that came much later as the Moslem population grew – but Moslem nonetheless.

Hardly a ‘Racist’ or a ’Hater’ ?

I lived with this family for several years and saw their children grow up. Indeed I was almost one of the family myself.. I babysat for them, had family meals with them, socialised with their friends and relations and went everywhere with them – to restaurants, family occasions, weddings. ... None of this would suggest that. I am a ‘racist’ and a ’hater’,. would it? In fact, I dare say that I have been more closely acquainted with a section of the immigrant population than a goodly proportion of those who use these terms.

And Yet I was a Patriot Briton

And yet I was a native Briton, well aware of the differences between my people and those Asians. Whilst for the time being I found their customs and attitudes interesting and sometimes amusing, they were not those I would have chosen for myself. They were, I thought, not just different, but distinctly inferior to the culture of my own people, the British. I would never have considered having a relationship with the daughter of the house, even if I had been welcome in that direction, which I wasn’t .

Pride in ‘won first Prize in the Lottery of Life’ (Kipling):.To be born British

For I was. as proud of my country and of my people as could be - just like the bulk of the population, in fact..
At that time, the Second World War was fresh in the memory of the nation. Britain was still bursting with justifiable pride at having stood alone for years against those who wished to invade and take over our country and the world and having won through to the end.. The victories of the Battle of Britain, the Battle of the Atlantic, of Alamein, of Burma and the rest - these triumphs spoke volumes about the mettle of the British - my people.

It was Pride in their Country and the Achievements. of our Ancestors which gave the British the Will to Fight

That the nation had summoned up the will and the courage to bring it all about was due largely to the pride the British had in themselves. Pride in the superiority of their way of life, the glorious achievements of their ancestors and the long-lived stability and humanity of their institutions, built up over centuries which provided such contrast with those almost everywhere else. Pride in their huge Empire, then still the greatest the world had ever known.. Pride.; in the magnificent men of history who had built it.  Pride in the fact that they had administered it with (for the times) remarkable and increasing justice. Pride that they had brought to it not just standards of probity it had never known before (or for much of it, since) but also the idea of democracy and the possibility of progress.

The Fierce Desire to protect the Homeland of our Ancestors

It was pride in all of this and the fierce desire to protect the beloved homeland of their ancestors; heart –felt feelings rather than attachment to some continental-style ideology or anything else which motivated them to victory.. We did not fight Nazism, although we despised it. That we did so is a Politically Correct. re-writing of history.. The nation knew it was fighting the Germans.. The huge banner over Trafalgar Square on VE Day did not read ‘Victory over Nazism’ or ‘Fascism’.. It read ‘Victory over Germany’.

So What Changed?

And here I am, a ‘racist’ who ‘hates’.. So what has changed?. Why am I now a ‘nationalist’ and ergo a repellent, evil individual, according to the BBC, the Guardian newspaper, the Cameroonian ‘conservatives’ and others of the liberal-left political class, while before I was patriot and  exhibited all those qualities of loyalty to my country and its people which had brought us through the War and which were thought of by all except a few leftist screwballs as the epitome of good citizenship?  The answer is simple.  It is not I who has changed. Although I am now infinitely better informed than I was then, my views are much the same as they always were.

The Asian Immigrant Takeover of Ilford and Elsewhere in London.

It is the country and the attitudes of its political class which have changed.  When I first lived in the Ilford area of East London / Essex, there were some black and brown faces to be seen, the family I lodged with being among them. But London was still very much a British - I mean truly British –city.  And although there were undercurrents of what became the 60’s revolution, the country was still essentially the Britain it always had been - the national home of the British people. But the family I lodged with were only the forward scouts for an invading army which gradually followed and is now in the process of swallowing up the area.

Enoch Powell and the BBC’s attack on Him

I gradually became aware of what was happening to the land I loved at the behest of creepy politicians who certainly did not represent the people of the country.. But the latter, because of the ’liberal consensus ‘of the political class had no opportunity to stop it. And I did not like it one bit. Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood Speech’ which he made at that time put into words what I was feeling. (I recall that it was attacked – that is the only word one can use – by the BBC the next day, a fact which for the first time made me aware of that organisation’s alliance with left - liberalism, which has continued to this day).

A Country changed out of all Recognition

Most of the betrayed war-time generation hated what has been done to the country they loved and fought for. Indeed, an opinion poll a few years ago suggested they would not have fought if they had known what was to happen to it at the hands of the pygmy post-war politicians.

We are Losing our Sense of Ownership of our own Country

I have lived to see this country change out of all recognition, and for the worse. As the culture and the nature of the population has changed, so too has the character, the flavour of life here, expressed in all manner of subtle and not so subtle ways. The British people’s sense of ownership of their own country is disappearing and with it, pride; for how can one be proud of and care about something – anything – that is said to belong to anyone and everyone? This is the deliberate effect of socialism on a national scale.

The Failure of Leftism is the Failure to understand Human Nature

But, like that other failure of ‘everyone and anyone (and therefore no one) owns it’ socialism, the typical council –owned property, the country is gradually deteriorating because people care about it less and less. People care less for anything- anything at all - that they don’t feel they own.. And if they don’t feel they ‘own’ other people, because they have no bonds of shared history, race, culture, religion and morality with them, the sad fact is that they care less about them as people.

The Royal Wedding - The Last Hurrah of the British.

The crowds at the Royal Wedding were largely white; evidence that there is still a sense of community amongst the native British but little with the rapidly expanding immigrant population. The Wedding is on present trends likely to be one of the last hurrahs of the native people of the country as their dispossession gathers momentum and the sense of national community and trust continue to decline, surviving only in still-white small towns, villages and urban enclaves.

The Funerals of the Queen and of Prince Phillip will also be the Funerals of Britain

The funerals of the present Queen and Prince Phillip will also signal the end of Britain, as the new, multi racial, multi –faith country which it is becoming is consecrated with the Coronation of the multi-culti Prince Charles, quite possibly the last British monarch. For regardless of efforts to appease them, the largely moslem population of the future will not tolerate a monarchy or a constitution rooted in Christian traditions and redolent of this country’s white history.

Turning into an Immigrant Myself – in my own Country

It’s one thing to be on friendly terms, or more than friendly terms with an immigrant family. It’s quite another to live in an area which has in all essentials ceased to be one’s country. Then it is you who are effectively the immigrant among aliens..But - and here is the great difference – an unwilling one.

Straining Tolerance to its Limits

Tolerance is strained to its human limits and beyond when, because of the seemingly unending increase in their numbers, the previously tolerated begin to be seen as a threat – because they are a threat - to what one holds dear. When because of our sham of democracy there seems to be nothing that anyone can do about the loss to a people of the homeland of their ancestors and when any protest is vilified, criminalised or otherwise punished by the powerful..

With these People in charge, Britain would have been Nothing

If the political class responsible for this, or the type of creeps who comprise it had been in charge throughout our history, one thing’s certain. Instead of being, despite its blemishes, the overwhelming force for good and for advance that it was, this country would never have achieved anything. It would never have amounted to anything. It would have had as much impact on the history of the world as Laos or Iceland. And the world would have been so much the poorer without it.

That is why I am now a ’Racist and a ‘Hater’

Change’ is not always for the better, as ‘progressives’ like to think. ‘Progressives’ are generally wrong about most things, often terribly. That is why, although I have not changed much and am quite capable of liking individual immigrants, I do not like their numbers. Like almost all the war –time generation, I was a patriotic Briton in the mould of Enoch Powell. I still am, but now, like them, according to the ‘progressive’ left –liberal. political class who now run this country, without shifting I have moved from being a ‘patriot’ to becoming a ‘racist. and a ‘hater’. The lie is that loving your own people means that you must hate others.. A logical nonsense;. a complete non sequitur.

And so our great nation and the magnificent generations. who built it and who fought the Second World War are condemned by those who consider themselves their moral superiors but who feed on the struggles and sacrifices of our forebears like parasitic worms on their bodies;. adding nothing and bringing only destruction and decay.


Anonymous said...

I can understand exactly how Tim Heydon feels, clearly being of the same generation.I am angry that the inherent tolerance and fair mindedness of the British has been used as weapons against us in order to push through a political agenda, designed to destroy us and our culture in the plan to rid the world of nations and national cultures.

My feelings can be summed up in the following video, which may or may not have been seen by readers of this blog and others.

The Watcher on the Wall said...

Tim - first rate post, many thanks.

The only point I'd suggest needed bringing out more is the fact that the values and attitudes of the Native British people themselves have undergone changes which have made it possible for "pygmy politicians" to open the immigration floodgates.

These changes have worked in two spheres: firstly, a wholesale erosion of traditional work and education values attributable to an extension of the welfare state from its original role of a handup in times of hardship to a lifetime of occupying a lifestyle hammock [complete with flat screen, playstation, smokes and booze]; and secondly, the advent of a "property ladder" generation whose primary preoccupation is the acquisition of the quick buck and a me-first attitude to life. [Nowhere is this latter value more exemplified than the sleazy troughers occupying Parliament today - forget the nation and public service, getting elected is an opportunity to enrich oneself.]

Anonymous said...

Bravo Tim!

Beverley said...

Bravo Tim!

Anonymous said...

Very good description of the status quo and of the cultural changes of the past 50 years.

What I am missing here is a prognosis and a battle plan. Are we simply chroniclers of our warped times or will we do something to reverse course?

We will very soon have South African conditions in all of our Western Lands if we do not very soon re-discover the White Man's fighting spirit.

There's the book and there's the sword. And there's a time for each.

Rusty Mason said...

Very true. Nice article, thank you for posting.