Thursday, 19 May 2011

Invitation to a Nationalist Leaders’ Meeting to Find a Way to Power

We share a number of common values and a heartfelt commitment to saving our nation and sovereignty, and wresting power back from the liberal elite. It is a tragedy that we are divided.

The results of the recent elections were uninspiring for the various Nationalist parties of either British or English persuasion. No meaningful gains were made by any party. At best it was stagnation, at worst it was decline.

Nationalism is little short of an irrelevance in British/English politics, because we lack any real political clout, which is why the media can afford to ignore us. A look at the votes of various elections, monies raised and activists fielded shows clearly that only by uniting and pooling our abilities, experience and resources do we have any viable hope of forming a government in our own life-time.

Self interest, petty rivalries and dislikes and minor points of manifesto detail have to be subjugated to the best interests of our common cause. If we were to succeed in doing this, we would have the prospect of real, tangible power in sight. There are enough seats and positions out there to be won that would satisfy most people’s ambitions. By being one strong, united and cohesive force we can attain them.

Patriotic causes in the course of history have always floundered and died, due to internal battles caused by the inability of individuals to recognise that a that one united force is far stronger than a collection of smaller disparate entities. Since the last war, every patriotic and nationalist group has collapsed which has prevented there being any real alternative to the 2-3 main parties and this has assisted the opposition.

For too long different parties have squabbled accusing each other of various faults which helps no one except our enemies; each hoping to emerge as the big nationalist party we all want. However, time is running out. The General Election after the next will arrive in some 6 years. It will be upon us in the comparative blink of an eye. During that time if we allow all the deleterious trends apparent today to continue, our cause will be lost. Very soon it will be too late. As leaders of your respective parties you each bear responsibility for taking the action that will lead to the salvation of our country. Or not.

It would be presumptuous of me to make suggestions as to how any of you, as existing leaders, would take authority in this possible new, agreed coalition of nationalist parties. It would be for the leaders (and members) themselves to discuss the practicalities and how a fair and equable distribution of roles could be attained so that everyone’s expectations and concerns could be addressed.

Possibly the best way would be, if you are agreeable, to appoint a deputy to discuss the feasibility of talks, with a view to seeing what might be on the agenda, anticipated problems and so on. I do not have a personal axe to grind in all of this as it my intention to take a back seat in politics once my term at the GLA is completed. But I would like to be instrumental in opening the doors to change which will hopefully lead the way to nationalism becoming a major, dynamic, political force with the exciting prospect of attaining real power within its grasp.

It is simply a matter of common sense. We’ve all tried to go it alone and we are getting nowhere. But by working together and uniting we can set the political scene alight.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Richard Barnbrook
Independent Nationalist Member of the GLA
Greater London Authority
City Hall
The Queen’s Walk
London SE1 2AA


Anonymous said...

Nothing will work until your "elites" have the fear of god in them. Your current police state is set up to protect your "elites". These people through their money have no fear other then that of physical violence, this must be exploited until such time as you can rid their country of them by making them immigrate or face the wrath of the true British. Until such time they will use their money and their power to opress you.

misterfox said...

We must try to bring on new faces not constantly recurr to the old clique who have achieved little in the past. No disrespect to old-hands but by going back to the same people we will just get the same thing. A slow rise, then collapse. Once again Sarah, GA and Berty put someone different on Paltalk. Why do you keep going back to the same pool of past failures?
If this fails again and it will it will be because nationalists are blinkered and frightened to try something new. It was ordinary nationalists ho kept Griffin in power and it is the same nationalists who are trying to keep his clique in power. Please wake up and put people like Andrew Moffat or Tim Rate or the barrister who stood in Sutton Colfdfield on. Lets hear something fresh and dynamic not ex-Griffinites who helped drag the party down pretend they are innocent and that only he did anything wrong.
If GA, Berty and Sarah disagree and keep promoting the old lot, would you please do me the courtesy of explaining why?

misterfox said...

We are getting nowhere because nationalists stick with the same tired-old losers and thus hold us back. We really must break free from these mental chains. There is no hope for us unless we start taking in new talent - why keep going back to the same clique? Are we that short of talent? What is worse people leke Green Arrow and Berty will not even respond to me.
Never mind, I am not the one responsible for holding our movement back.

yorkshirebob said...

I really hope something can come from this Richard and I am probably politically naive enough to think something will. We all know, that which you are aiming for is the logical step forward. I wish you all the luck in the world and from all bloggers, --- encouragement, encouragement, encouragement-- no negativity.

yorkshirebob said...

Griffin, Farage, Tilbrook and whoever else. Throw bricks on their rooves, phone them up in the middle of the night or shout at them through the window when they're eating their corn flakes--- anything, but get them around a table.