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White destitution in South Africa

Here is a story to warm the hearts of any white hating liberal, who no doubt think "those evil white Afrikaners  are getting a taste of their own medicine", except this isn't their own medicine.  Under Apartheid blacks were fed, they had homes, jobs and were eligible for welfare if they became unemployed.  Under the racist ANC government destitute whites have no such Luxury:

From Adriana Stuijt at CensorBugbear

The streets of Pretoria bear all the evidence of a very serious decline.  Amongst the rubbish-strewn streets many homeless white people are begging for food-handouts with their children. These working-class Afrikaner artisans – the people whose forebears founded the city of Pretoria - were forced into grinding destitution and homelessness because the ANC-regime’s laws are barring the whites from the labour market.
ANC-regime wants to dump thousands of destitute Afrikaner families in the streets of Pretoria:
Employers who dare to hire these Afrikaners for their often highly-skilled artisan and Western-technological excellence,  face being targetted by the ANC regime’s army of militant inspectors. They threaten to take away their businesses’  black-economic-empowerment- certificates if they don’t rid themselves of all the white faces on the shopfloors.

And without a BEE-certificate no business can keep its doors open for very long. Consumers can even keep track of the steady empoverishment of the Afrikaners: their cash-register slips show the growing percentage of black labour which has gone into making each item. (picture far right). And as the percentage of black-labourers on those cash-slips rise, each percentage point upwards also represents the growing poverty and homelessness of the country’s large number of skilled Afrikaners.

Temporary white contract workers don’t qualify for government unemployment benefits:

The only way skilled Afrikaners now still can be hired is on a temporary year-long contract basis negotiated through labour-brokers: and when their contracts end, they don’t qualify for unemployment-benefits either, so the government unemployment statistics do not accurately reflect ‘white unemployment’. The government has recently made a new law to close this ‘loop-hole’ by barring these labour-brokers.

The Afrikaners now are becoming just as poor, suppressed and destitute as their Boer forebears were under British rule – except that under the ANC-regime, they now also are very deliberately barred from the job market… by law:
Afrikaners used to employ millions of blacks before 1994:

Before 1994, these Afrikaners however also were the single-largest group of employers of blacks in the country: so for every fired Afrikaner today, at least two black families also immediately lose their incomes: their maid and their gardener. And the average black household represents eight family members each… with 800,000 of the 3million Afrikaners now destitute, they represent 1,6-million black workers who also lost their jobs in Afrikaner households.

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yorkshirebob said...

Sarah,the rest of the world have simply no idea how the Afrikaner community helped the blacks both before and during the apartheid years. Or they don't want to know.

Islandshark said...

They don't want to know. Because the west will benefit from having a corrupt, communist govt in South Africa. Like they benefit from dictatorships in rest of Africa.

Cheap and easy access to minerals when you can bribe corrupt little black govt officials...

Anonymous said...

well it was unfair before, now its still unfair, no one deserves this, and no one deserved what went before. there are enough unemployed white people in the uk we shoud be worrying about


Shaunantijihad said...

Margaret Thatcher opposed handing over Rhodesia to the new, immigrant, black majority, and she also opposed sanctions against apartheid South Africa. She was overruled by the only person with the power to do so - Queen Elizabeth the Traitor.

The Queen is fully aware of her power to overrule the Government, and has used this power twice as above. Her anti-Caucasian actions can be interpreted in different ways, but her treachery in signing the Lisbon Constitution cannot be explained away by saying she did not understand the extent of her power.

Macaw said...

@anon: have you ever lived in SA? By your post I doubt it because what you say shows a total lack of understanding of pre 94 and post 94 SA.

I happen to be a victim of BEE and have been unemployed for over a year now. I am in the somewhat fortunate position that I have a roof over my head thanks to family and I do small IT projects which brings in a few rands.

I cannot get a fixed contract, so I have to work for myself. It is only through friends that I get a few projects, otherwise I would not be able to.

With regards to white in your own country being unemployed, to be totally honest, I have read that many do not want to work as they get enough money from the dole. There lies the difference.

Before you post such utter nonsence again, please do some research...

Laager said...

@ Ben

Could you please explain what you mean by:

"well it was unfair before ...... and no one deserved what went before"

Beverley said...

Ben said "well it was unfair before ...... and no one deserved what went before"
Is he referring to the best fed, best clothed, safest, healthiest, most literate Africans on the continent of Africa, who had the lowest maternal death rate and the lowest infant mortality, in Africa, before 1994? Is he referring to those who left to themselves were content with a stone-age existence which lasted right up into the twentieth century?
Is he referring to those same Africans who also had provided to them autonomous areas, which were granted tax benefits, and funded by the tiny minority of whites (effectively the only contributors to the South African fiscus) to allow these Africans to lift themselves up into the twentieth century, and granted them the type of self-administration which the Maghreb still seeks?
Or is he referring to the land into which "independent" Africans from the rest of the continent clamoured for admission?
Or is he referring to the anecdotal fantasies conjured by those who emotionally manipulated the world into supporting the highly profitable (to that small group) "anti-apartheid industry", which mesmerized the European “liberals”?

Anonymous said...

This post is dedicated to James. I admire the way you come back each time after the slapdowns.

South Africa is the only country in the world
where affirmative action is in favour of a majority
which has virtually complete political control.
The fact that the political and working majority requires affirmative action
to protect them against a 9% minority group is
testament to a complete failure on their part to
build their own wealth-making structures, such that their
only solution is to take it from others.
The only comparator was the Nazi restraint on the occupations of the Jews.
(Author not known)

Klaus said...

The South African government gets step by step rid of whites, applauded by many Blacks.
Well, re your suggestion about Western beneficiaries of African wealth: it seems as if the West might not enjoy "benefits" from dealing with a communist, corrupt South African government for much longer. The same government tries via BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) to minimise trade with Western countries.

Laager said...

@ Ben

Beverley has articulated the counterpoint perfectly

Could you explain your position to us please

@ Klaus

How right you are.
China is making massive inroads into Africa.
It remains to be seen whether the west can maintain it's influence and control through existing business contracts

Who remembers President Zuma's state visit to the UK about a year ago?
Is anyone naive enough to believe that Britain is trying to foster good relations with his Govt?
The truth is that investors in the UK are getting nervous about their holdings in South Africa with all the murmerings of nationalisation being bandied about by the likes of Malema.
Follow the money.
I think you will discover that South Africans actually own a small part of the equity in the mines in South Africa.
The major shareholders are outside SA, mainly in the UK

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to admit that, as a naive young man, I participated in the anti-apartheid campaigns, enthusiastically boycotting South African produce. At that time a selected handful of white South Africans were paraded by the international media to condemn their white countrymen and the apartheid system. Stupidly I assumed that the end of that system would result in a fairer and more peaceful land. At that time I was also brainwashed, naive and inexperienced/uneducated enough to believe that negroids and Europeans were exactly the same, except for skin colour. We live and learn.

danny said...

sorry we have enough problems in the uk with our own people to be worrying about whats happening elsewhere, returning soliders being homeless while muslims extremists get £££s in benefits?? we cant deal with the rest of the worlds problems.

Anonymous said...

@ danny,

I can respect that position. I only wish the British people had adopted it long ago, before they sanctimoniously destroyed my country.

Back in 1939, SA Prime Minister, Jan Smuts, persuaded Parliament to support him in declaring war on Germany by saying that if we stood by our ally, Great Britain (as it then was), we could rely on Britain to stand by us in our hour of need. My father and uncles fought in that war.

You know what? I think they were cheated.

Beverley said...

danny said...

" sorry we have enough problems in the uk with our own people to be worrying about whats happening elsewhere, returning soliders being homeless while muslims extremists get £££s in benefits?? we cant deal with the rest of the worlds problems"

That is precisely the point of these posts. They are designed to frighten the apathetic Europeans by demonstrating what their own fate will be...
Look at the pictures above if you wish to see what will befall your children.

Anonymous said...

@ cephalus
Exactly! My family served the british crown in uniform for nearly 200 years, including a cousin in the Falklands war.My grandfathers and their brothers as well as my maternal grandmother were in British uniform during world war 2. My great grandfather was killed on 1 July 1916(look it up). I was in the U.K. several times in the 1980's and saw the idiots outside the S.A. high commision. When speaking to some of them the ignorance about wwhat was really happening in South Africa was astounding.

Laager said...

@ danny

Why the change of heart?

During the apartheid years Britain was in the frontline with sports boycotts, cultural boycotts, sanctions, providing sanctuary to anti apartheid organisations and individuals and supporting many anti apartheid/SA organisations financially.

If you read the United Nations Charter all member states do not have the right to interfere in the domestic affairs of another sovereign nation. This did not stop the world from doing so.

Instead of worrying about returning soldiers being homeless, ask yourself: "What on earth is Britain doing in Afghanistan in the first place?"

You can give substance to your concerns by supporting the BNP.
As far as I know they are the only major party committed to Britain withdrawing totally from the Afghanistan conflict.

@ anonymous 02:09

You are not alone in your moment of awakening.
72% of white voters in SA (about 2 million) allowed themselves to be convinced by external liberals of the same thing. They were assured by people who had spent zero time in (South) Africa that all would be well once universal franchise was adopted. I recall Mandela making a speech on one of his UK begging bowl walkabouts reassuring the UK business community that "there was an abundance of talent" within the ranks of the ANC and that all would be well. Unfortunately he did not spell out what that talent was. 16 years down the track we can now see for ourselves.

Like you there are thousands of us who feel hoodwinked and deceived.

You can do your part to reverse this mistake by referring everyone you know to the blogs that are dedicated to opening our eyes.

All thanks to the www and that we no longer have to rely on the bigoted LWL media for our information

@ Ben

Third time of asking - could you explain your position please

Or did you unthinkingly just regurgitate an opinion that was formulated by the LWL media selectively feeding the UK public with information that supported their view of the events and circumstances in SA?

danny said...

were you born then, was i born then? no it is ancient history now and we have to look for our future and not go on about the past. stop immigration, shut the borders and we can sort our own problems out. britain for the british.

Laager said...

@ Danny

I'm sorry if I am raining on your parade but the Genie is out of the bottle.

The issue is not about stopping immigration but the birth rate of the minorities that are already here

To quote the South African example:

How Many Blacks Died Under Apartheid?
BY Vusile Tshabalala, journalist,
August 2001–

At the start of the year 1900, the number of African South Africans was found to be 3,5-million according to the British colonial government census.
By 1954, our African population had soared to 8,5-million — and by 1990, there were a full 35-million of us.

Note: 35m - 8.5m = 26.5m = 75% population growth. 1990 - 1954 = 36 years. These were the apartheid years + 6 years back to 1948 when the existing segregation policies were formally named.

During apartheid, our population grew apace however because we also had the benefit of the Broers’ medical knowledge and their excellent agricultural skills.

Our population growth and our average life expectancy in fact showed us Africans in South Africa to be in better than average health when compared to other Africans on the rest of the continent: in the decades prior to the official policy of apartheid,(which was started in 1948), the average life expectancy of African South Africans was only 38 years.
However, during the last decade of the apartheid era from 1948 to 1994, our average life expectancy had risen to 64 years — on a par with Europe’s average life expectancy. Moreover, our infant death rates had by then also been reduced from 174 to 55 infant deaths per thousand, higher than Europe’s, but considerably lower than the rest of the African continent’s.
And the African population in South Africa had by then also increased by 50% percent.(source: “a crime against humanity: analysing repression of the Apartheid State”, by Max Coleman of the Human Rights Committee).

You say:
"....... and we can sort our own problems out.
Britain for the British".

I think you better have a word with Michael Portillo because his agenda is totally at odds with yours.

He is a firm believer in the benefits of multi-culturism and diversity.

Take a look at:
and see if you agree with him.

@ Ben

From your silence I will conclude that you will not be responding to us.

Beverley said...

danny said...
were you born then, was i born then? no it is ancient history now and we have to look for our future and not go on about the past. stop immigration, shut the borders and we can sort our own problems out. britain for the british.
10 May 2011 06:38

You didn’t know? You were not born then? Really! This was not 1938 allowing you to claim that the present generations are so distant as to be immune. We are talking the nineteen sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties. In the two thousands, who were putting up statues to Mugabe, Mandela, and naming streets after rouges and tyrants? You didn’t know? Really
Look into the eyes of your parents and grandparents and ask “who set about destroying these Colonists who had earlier tried to protect Britain, their homeland across the seas and died in numbers higher in proportion than any other, in Britain’s Wars?
Ask “Who were the thousands who patrolled the waters off Mozambique, preventing oil into that tiny little be leagued outpost, the frontier of the British Empire – the true British Resistance?
“Who were the thousands of civil servants who made it impossible for these Colonial Kindred to travel to Britain?
“Who were the tens of thousands who boycotted South African produce, - think Outspan Oranges - trying to destroy the economy of South Africa – and incidentally impoverishing the poorest of the poor whilst doing so?
“Who were the tens of thousands who maintained “vigils” outside South Africa House?
“Who were the millions who repeatedly voted into power those British governments who outwardly and overtly avowed to destroy small, isolated, vulnerable but hugely successful groups of whites who had struggled (and died) to create civilizations? You did not know that all this promotion of the British Empire was in Darkest Africa, amongst savages, some of whom perpetuate their savagery to your cost now?
Don’t try and deny history. Instead realize the catastrophic mistake that YOUR people made, and turn yourself to doing something brave and forceful now, instead of that righteous whimper.

Laager said...

Well said Beverley

The more comments I read from these UK based liberals the more I realise they can't help themselves. They are only regurgitating the selected facts that their left wing liberal media has been feeding them over all these years.

The best example I can think of to illustrate this point is Isandhlwane and Rorkes Drift back in the 1860s.

Military historians will remember that the Zulus routed the British forces at Isandhlwane. It was one of Britains biggest (if not the biggest and most humiliating) defeats during the colonial era.

Two or 3 days later the Zulus attacked the British outpost at Rorkes Drift. The British successfully defended their post and beat off the Zulus.

These two actions have been glorified in the movies Zulu Dawn and Zulu

Enter the British spin doctors of the time. Rorkes Drift is now remembered as one of Britains most heroic actions in military history. Indeed, the Victoria Cross was even devalued as 11 were dished out like lollipops to help whitewash the defeat at Isandhlwane.

What everyone today also conveniently overlooks is that it was carbine rifles, light cannon and defensive strategy against assegais, clubs, shields and charging impis.

It really was little more than a turkey shoot but is remembered and hailed as the thin red line defending the boundaries of the empire.

Isandhlwane is all but forgotten.