Monday, 2 May 2011

Snapshot on a blood stained month

Death and violence in South African police custody 

In my posting yesterday regarding the murder of South African farmer Andre van der Merwe, I also mentioned the killing of Jeanette Odendaal who was shot in the head by a black South African policeman whilst sitting in her parked car outside a police station.

Apparently Jeanette Odendaal was not the only member of the minority Afrikaner community to come to grief when coming into contact with South African Police in April.

On April 5th Frederick Olivier, a young Afrikaner man who was looking forward to his hoped-for first job at the local gold-mine, was arrested  when ‘police alegedly received a complaint of disturbing the peace.’
He was dumped in the holding cells of Westonaria police station, this was, according to the police for ‘public drunkenness’, the young man was later “discovered hanging in his cell when police officers checked on him.”  The police did not say whether Olivier was in the cell alone that night.

According to Olivier's father Ollie, this version of events makes no sense. His son had bruises on his face which looked as if he had been beaten up. He didn't have those bruises when he was taken into custody by the Westonaria police.  “My son had a bright future ahead of him,” says Olivier. “He was hopeful of getting a job on the mine, where he recently applied, and was supposed to get engaged in September. Why would he do something like this?”

Later that month, on April 21 33-year-old Afrikaner Theuns Potgieter of Silverton went to get two tyres fixed at a Gezina fuel-station he carried his legal handgun In his back pocket. While at the fuel station, a number of police officers arrived. Potgieter was kicked repeatedly in the stomach, handcuffed, his legally-registered gun confiscated. He needed treatment at hospital after his ordeal, which was recorded on CCTV... He was arrested for ‘resisting arrest’ and ‘having an illegal firearm’ .   Images from the CCT Camera shown below, give no indication that Potgieter resisted arrest in any way.

Meanwhile on the 27th of April, the day before the shooting of Jeanette Odendaal Morné Pieterse an Afrikaner resident of Welkom  went to Welkom police station, together with his girlfriend to talk to a detective to help with a crime-investigation. Instead he was cursed and beaten instead leaving him with two black eyes.

 A black female clerk in civilian clothes cursed Pieterse's girlfriend, shouting that they would have to contact the detective themselves, and to ‘fkoff’ out of her police station. Then a male uniformed police officer jumped over the counter and beat Pieterse in the face several times. The couple state they then asked other police officials at the station to help them lodge a formal complaint against the cop who had assaulted him – but nobody wanted to help. Eventually the detective they’d enquired after, came to the police station. And then Pieterse was beaten by the same cop again – in front of the detective, who intervened.

Pieterse has lodged a formal complaint at the Virginia SAPS against the Welkom police man.

Other deaths which occurred in April, albeit not with police involvement, included that of Juan de Villiers,  who died protecting his partner Jenny Wilson from attack by intruders at their home in Mayberry Park, Alberton on April 1 2011.  Mr. de Villiers, pictured above with his son Devan, was overpowered and rendered harmless by being tied up, however, the attackers still proceeded to shoot him dead.  Full report at the Afrikaner Genocide archives

As none of the above are members of the South African farming community, these acts of violence will not be  included amongst attacks on farmers, but they serve as further evidence, if any were needed of the ongoing violence against the white South African community.

Full reporting on the above can be found at Censorbugbear and The Long Walk Since Freedom.

Censorbugber reports that André van der Merwe may have been alive when dragged behind his truck


Laager said...

Where is the outcry from the left wing liberal international media now?

Shaunantijihad said...

Then the time to not resist arrest has ended. The white South Africans and Rhodesians will go extinct unless they form a white only nation, and keep Negro's and Liberals away permanently, and by all means necessary.

Europe and the Anglosphere are not far behind SA. My city went from 2% Muslim to 60% Muslim in 40 years.

Celtic Warrior said...

Is it any wonder that the younger white professionals are fleeing the country?

In today's politically correct world the whites must suffer death and humiliation, when non whites revert to the uncivilized ways of their ancestors.

There was a time when if these things happened, then a Boer Commando was called out teach the culprits a lesson. The lesson was usually well learnt and did not need to be repeated too often.

One cannot help but wonder if the sons of the Bore will continue to take these things lying down. Remember these people, very few in number, took on the might of the greatest empire the world had ever known and it took the armies of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India as well as the UK three years to bring them to heel. And this was only done when their women and children started dying in their thousands after they were rounded up and placed in unhygienic camps.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

The trouble is that whereas young and qualified South Africans can leave they are only a tiny minority of the 4.5 million whites in South Africa.

It is possible that some farmers and businessmen could move to other African nations, and there was that talk about Georgia inviting South African farmers.

However, even if that came to pass, it would still leave millions with nowhere to go.

No western nation would dare take them in for fear of being called racist, and frankly nobody is allowed to care about them.

Those who are not young professionals, those who are not rich or who do not have marketable skills have no option but to stay and deal with the situation they are facing.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me just how South Africa Sucks blog is sorely missed.

Laager said...

@ Shaunantijihad

That is exactly what Rhodesia and South Africa did between 1970 and 1990. The entire world ganged up against them through the United Nations, sanctions and isolation.

In the end they were persuaded that with majority rule all would be well and that there was a future for white people in Southern Africa. Foolishly they agreed and capitulated politically. The blacks never won a military victory and without international support would never be where they are now - even though they outnumbered whites by 7:1

Look at the sorry shambles now
And where are the liberals that created this mess?
Absolutely silent and out of sight hoping that Zuma and Malema will not nationalise the mines and render their shares worthless.

Peculiar people liberals
Masters at telling other people how to conduct their affairs vis a vis human rights, but quite content to accept dividends generated by disenfranchised low wage unskilled (black) manual labour


An interesting point on the Boere (Afrikaans plural) giving the British a run for their money. Most of Britains Empire conquests were against very poorly armed opposition.

In South Africa as the British expanded from the Cape they went to war against the Xhosa (Mandela's tribe) 7 times and the Zulu (Zuma's tribe) 3 times
It was carbine rifles, light cannons and cavalry against infantry, shields, assegais and clubs.
The Zulu's defeated the British at Isandhlwana but the British regained the upper hand at Rorkes Drift and Ulundi

With the Boere it was a different matter as they were armed with similar rifles which they knew how to use well. They had to, for their lives depended on it, living off the land as hunters whilst on the move.

They routed the British in the 1st Anglo-Boer War at Majuba in 1880/81, which resulted in Britain calling a truce.
Kitchener's scorched earth policy and incarceration of their women and children finally ended the second conflict, plus the fact that the Empire had about 4 times as many men in the field.

For the record, the Boere/Afrikaaners never use the term Anglo-Boer or Boer Wars.
They refer to these conflicts as:
Die Eerste en Tweede Vryheidsoorloe'
The First and Second Wars of Independence

Kevin said...

Whites need to wake up and quickly,the continual methodical murdering,raping and plundering by blacks on whites is a fact and requires urgent action.We cannot sit here like sheep at the mercy of these mindless savages,they are way out of control.Look at Africa,there is nothing left,no infrastructures,human rights,law and order,no respect or consideration is given to any living thing.Blacks say and do as they please (Malaema it's his "culture",whites however have to be Politically correct or the "race card" is hauled out,I say to hell with them it's time to get orgsanised against this spawn of SATAN.

Anonymous said...

Kevin I've been thinking the same thing we need to raise awareness away from these blog's. If anyone is interested in doing anything - public talks ( I've got a printer company, the use of a hall in a busy town on the south coast, a media pc projector and even help to hand out flyers) other than just post on these blog's contact me via my 'Rob' account at the British Resistance. Lets stop just banging on if we don't do something no one will, this struggle is our's. I need help with speeches fact checking all of that kind of thing. I work long hours and can not do it on my own.


Flashman said...

A significant number of White SA's are perfectly happy with their lot. They make truckloads of money through self-employment or highly rewarded professional services which they can spend on first world consumer bling, whilst soaking up the sunshine next to the swimming pool, watching the rugby and having black servants ["They're just like part of the family."] fetch, carry, cook, clean and garden for them.

They're obviously aware of "the situation" around them and the fact that they live in a casino society perched on the steaming flanks of an african Vesuvius, but unless they've got young children they figure that the best option is to stay put.

Of course "it" might blow one day, but then "it" might not. So why worry?

Anonymous said...

@ Flashman,

I could not agree with you more.

I don't live there anymore ( thank God ) but have many friends and relatives there. Most of them live the "lekker" life and make plenty of money. Braaivleis rugby sunny skies and Chevrolet boet.

You are right - they don't believe that "it" will happen.

The rich ones avoid websites like this - they do not want to know.

And here is a serious point. If not for the non reflectives, they would be far less opulent than they are today. Think of it this way - there are only 4 million whites left - of that lets say 1 million are in employment ( self or not - it does not matter )

That's your competition - 1 million people of decent IQ.

Now go to the UK, US, Oz and try to compete with 20, 30, 40 million employable people of similar IQ?

Tell you what China - it's a lot harder.

So, it seems to me that it is not just the weather that makes it hard to consider emigration.

Louise Harford said...

So- what? Flipping hell - how many brothers and sisters did we loose at the hands of the with police? Come on dude- do people take you seriously?