Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Rhonda Robinson Geert Wilders Presents: 5 Steps Americans Must Take to Avoid the Fate of Islamized Europe

CLICK HERE for a report on a speech by Geert Wilders gave recently in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The full text of Wilder's speech, which was delivered in a CHRISTIAN church can be read at the Breussels Journal by CLICKING HERE


Anonymous said...

Now I must wonder about this site, as this link brings us to a patently garbagey American rapturist pro-zionist site, including ads for David Horowitz presentations.
Most of Wilder's references to Christianity include "Judeo" as if it's a necessary condition of Christianity. It is quite the opposite.
Also Wilders drops his onanist pro-jewish effluvia onto those who are the most Israel-friendly suckers on the planet--bible-belters.
It becomes clear that it is White Christianity that is most greatly threatened--by both judaism and it's weapons--coloreds and islam.
Wilders stinks of bad faith. He is a detriment to white Christian interests. The devil's nickname is the Great Deceiver.
He makes statements about judaism that are untrue. In israel jews are not legally permitted to marry non-jews, for one. Also, “the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind” sounds pretty much like "chosen ones" to me, but I guess all brainwashes are not created equal.
The bible belt then appears to be a hotbed for zionist activity more than anything. Who benefits?
Unless Christianity detaches the "Judeo" from itself, the white west is doomed.
Judaism in tandem with Christ-hating Masonry with it's theosophy-inspired lunatic notions of world brotherhood is the ideology of the power elite who have admitted to desiring the demographic re-engineering of UK and the rest of the white Christian world.
We are in deep pooey, and we're in it together. --American

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I suspect that we are doomed as a race if so many nationalists refuse to embrace a man as great as Wilders merely because he does not condemn Israel.

There is not a politician in America or indeed Britain who comes close to the nobility and bravery of Geert Wilders.

If your petty obsessions are more important to you than the future of our race then it is you who are part of the problem.

Sigbrit said...

Wilders is a shining light in the darkness. We need to unite now before it is too late. We need to put petty squabbles behind us. Support for Jews is not support for ZionismGeert is a hero of our times. Critisism of this speech by pseudo nationalists is indeed doing the work of the 'great deceiver'. The fight against Jihad needs a united front from all religions. Christians, Jews, Hindus etc. Petty critical attacks are doing the enemy's work. Well done Geert.