Saturday, 10 July 2010

Oakland Blacks react to BART verdict

Discarded pictures of shooting victim Oscar Grant lie in the street next to a pair of trainers dropped by a fleeing looter

Click here to watch film of the black community of Oakland California reacting to an earlier jury verdict whereby a police officer had been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in a contentious trial.

The violence was actively incited by "new" (sic) sources such as CNN who reported the case such provocative statements such as:

A former police officer who is white was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter Thursday in the killing of an unarmed black man
Members of the jury, which included no African-Americans, said they were unanimous in their decision.
They got the reaction they were hoping for with the violent riots which followed the verdict, but then, in accordance with their standard practice, proceeded not to report the looting which always accompanies black protests, leaving this to the local and the foreign media.

I will not go into the rights and wrongs of the specific case, the policeman claimed he had intended to use a teaser on the victim but accidentally drew his gun, the jury believed him, the crowd wanted the blood of a white man and would have rioted whatever the verdict.

However the hypocrisy is shocking. Week after week we read of horrific acts of violence against white people, often policemen. 90 US policemen have died in the line of duty so far in this year alone (up from 70 in the same period last year) overwhelmingly they are white, and overwhelmingly their killers are black.

The media go to great lengths to hide the race of non-white criminals and even when they can't hide it the fact that the victim is white and the perpetrator black is hardly commented on. More white Americans have been murdered by black Americans since the Civil Rights period than the total number if US soldiers killed in Korea, but where are the protests? where are the angry editorials? where is the looting?.

To add insult to injury, we now here that the US Attorney General Eric Racebaiter, (pictured above) plans to carry out a federal investigation into the trial presumably because he and his boss do not consider the sentence severe enough. Of course, they would rather stick red hot needles into their eyes than they would investigate a "too lenient" sentence in a black perpetrator / white victim case.

this happens just after it has been revealed that under Racebaiter's control, the US Department of Justice will not be pursuing civil rights cases against blacks where the victims are white.

The current US Administration now no longer cares how obvious its blatant racism has become, it believes that nobody will dare even mention it.


FishEagle said...

We've become used to the discrimination here in SA. Let's see how long the US will be willing to eat up bull shit.

Dr.D said...

Black people seem to be much the same the world over. Any grievance becomes an opportunity to riot, and a riot is an opportunity to steal. Therefore, by definition, riots are good things in the eyes of many black people who basically have no stake in the community.

This is the typical short term thinking that blacks show so often. Sure, the man has a new pair of sneakers or a TV that he did no have the day before. Big deal! But all of the things he needs everyday, the food, particularly fast food, he needs to buy, the clothes he wants, the electronics, etc. all of those things become more expensive and less available as the retailers (1) increase security in their shops, and (2) simply move out of the area. So the short term gain comes at a long term loss. But he feels like big stuff right now! Oh, yeah, he is something, because he stole something from The Man. Big Whoop!

Oakland has fostered these attitudes with a strong leftist slant for many years, so it has set itself up for this. It will be interesting to see if the city rights itself, or if it kowtows Obama-style and offers more of itself to the rioters.

Anonymous said...

Time to do something about it, I would have thought.

Anon. said...

Another black mob videotapes racially motivated attack to post on the internet.
A group of black males and females cheers gleefully while they drag a white teenage girl out of a Jack in the Box and brutally beat her. All while videotaping the assault to post on the internet. Dozens of other similar videos have appeared online already. Blacks in England and France have also videotaped assaults on white people to post on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, a lot of anger is brewing - hence the Tea Party movement. Obama is so obviously incompetent and out of his depth, even is most ardent supporters of 2008 are deserting in droves. And not just whites - black Americans as well are feeling betrayed by him. So hopefully this year will see both houses controlled by Tea Party (read: TRUE) Republicans - and Obama booted out of office in 2012.

As for Oscar Grant, did you see the video? Looked like an execution - but how could anyone, especially a white cop on camera and with witnesses, be so stupid?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Yes I did see the video, and it did look like an execution, except that there were so many witnesses.

As you say he would have had to be quite mad to commit cold blooded murder in front of so many people with cameras. Which is why I do find his claim that he mistook his gun for his taser, credible.

However, I am not defending this individual, I am just pointing to the hypocrisy in the way rare and isolated cases like this, whilst the hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of black on white killings (including large numbers of black on white cop killings) are ignored and brushed under the carpet.

There is also the double standard of the Justice Department.

I do hope you are right about the November elections, however I am sure team Obama will try and manufacture some anti-tea party / and Conservative lie for the controlled media to spin before then.

bryan said...

Dont rely on the Republican party they are no better than the demo[n]crats,America needs something totally new if it is to save itself.

Zarky said...

Come on American folks show us how to take down a government, show us the way in taking back what we built up over centuries and which is now being destroyed in decades/years/months by the PC governments!

Anonymous said...

America needs true leadership, but there is none. Ron Paul is as good as it gets right now.

Anonymous said...

Precicely! I'll have to investigate the reference to the Korean War, but there indeed SHOULD be investigations into police murders, with special attention to any race-based motive. This would make everyone more accountable, as others could also feel like they could be potentially come under racially motivated scrutiny and charges.

However, from the perspective of non-whites, don't the majority of the world view us as the "global thieves" of all their resources, land and labor, and feel that in turn substantiates any of the short-sighted lootings that occur after highly sensationalized verdicts? Just need to reconcile the comments around the riot piece in my mind. Thanks...

Dr.D said...

Anonymous said, "However, from the perspective of non-whites, don't the majority of the world view us as the "global thieves" of all their resources, land and labor, and feel that in turn substantiates any of the short-sighted lootings that occur after highly sensationalized verdicts?"

That is a very long sentence that comes down to asking if their imagination does not provide their justification for their rampages? The answer is yes, they act as they do, not based on real facts, but on what they imagine to be the facts. They also imagine that people today owe them for some wrong done to their ancestors long ago, something that simply is not true. We are not rich because they are poor. We are rich nations because we have worked and created wealth; they are poor because they have not done so. But that is not an explanation they like to hear, and they like their story better. It justifies a good riot which will produce a new pair of sneakers and perhaps a TV.