Saturday, 17 July 2010

Some troubling developments

Taken on their own any of the following recent events may mean very little, but when three come along in a row, then the begins to look a little sinister.

Recent internet related news stories:

April 2010: Internet Digital Economy bill, including provision to force internet servers to block undesirable sites rushed through UK Parliament

June 2010: Obama Internet Kill switch plan aqpproved by US Senate

July 2010: U.S. Authorities Shut Down WordPress Host With 73,000 Blogs

Watch this space ...... as long as they let you!!

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Hat Tip: David J


Ronbo said...


Don't forget the PERFECT CITIZEN at the National Security Agency (NSA - Nickname "Big Daddy") in Ft. Meade, Maryland where literally acres of the latest hi-tech computers monitor internet traffic world wide.

We Freedom Fighters have only last option to stop the collectivist world takeover - REVOLUTION.

I notice many Americans are coming to the same conclusion if record sales of guns, ammunition, uniforms, army rations and other war supplies by civilians are any indication.

As is well known the USA is a nation born in revolution and civil war. We take our Republic and hard won individual rights very seriously. Americans became Americans because we fled tyranny that existed in many foreign lands.

Mark my words, a Second American Revolution will break out soon. It could be a peaceful "Orange Revolution" or a violent and very bloody French style revolution - but either by ballot or bullet our fascist federal government will be crushed under iron heel of American republicanism.

Americans made their government.

Americans can destroy their government.

Dr.D said...

Without a doubt, these are all negative developments. That said, I would like to offer a couple of comments about them.

The first I know nothing at all about; this is the first I have heard of it.

The second item, the "internet kill switch" that supposedly Congress has given to Obama has not gone down well at all with Americans. I have heard a fair amount of discussion to the effect that if such a thing were activated, that should be taken as a sign that then general revolution has begun, and everyone should arm themselves and man the barricades. This is obviously not the sort of response O and company want to see because they would likely be overwhelmed, even with the army at their command. There is also the question as to whether the army would remain at their command in such a case.

The third item looks like a more subtle attack. While 73000 sites sounds like a huge number, it seems that these were mostly likely fringe sites, many if not most engaged in somewhat dubious activities so that they could make a credible charge of copyright infringement with some degree of validity (who knows how strong). The point is, these were not main stream sites, so that most of the world does not even know that these sites have been shut down. It has to be a news item before it is known; it is not self evident to most internet users. The thugs are trying their heavy handed tactics where they wil least be noticed.

Anonymous said...

People have the option to block those sites for themselves and don't need th nanny state to do it.

Anonymous said...

I think all nationalists should be encouraged to start a blog.

They could all be linked together, perhaps through the Green Arrow site, and carry a small chunk of code that enables syndication of articles, such as yours, on thousands of different websites on hundred of different servers. All over the world.

Then there is the question of fees to the servers. Do we have to pay the same fees as those who do not have their blogs blocked?

Or do we qualify for a refund?

Anonymous said...

I hope you keep a regular offline back up of your blog incase they take it down, so you can quickly re-upload it to another hosting provider if need be.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

There is really nothing surprising about that server shut down on Word Press Host. After all, you can expect rich Jews to vigorously protect their royalty interests with regard to their film industry income. Nothing surprising there, after all they did exactly the same thing a few years ago with "Napster" the equivalent music download site.
As regards the "American 2nd Amendment Revolution: Malarkey. This is just the average American's Rambo wet dream. Yes, there are a lot of guns in American, yes there is a lot of talk about "what I'm gonna do when the SHTF" and all that rot, but when the jackboots are at the front door collecting those weapons, I for one, am sure that they will simply be meekly handed over to the "organs". There is NO organized resistance in the US, only a lot of marginalized, scared White gun owners who imagine themselves to be "rugged individualists". Hell, most of them don't even know their next door neighbors and would be afraid to trust anyone enough to get involved in any organized anti-governmental action, and rightly so- if the Obama government were to put out "reward for information leading to gun confiscation resistors" notices, (especially with all the out-of-work people here) there would be good reason to fear your neighbor.