Thursday, 1 July 2010

Discretion is the better part of Valour

As most British readers will be aware, it appears that there may well be a challenge to the leadership of the BNP. This is regrettable, however, given the result of the general election, when, despite more than tripling the party’s vote the deeply undemocratic voting system prevented the BNP from winning any seats, there was always a possibility that this would happen.

My own view is that a healthy democratic party can and must allow debate over the direction it takes, however, the party should not forget the debt of gratitude it owes to Nick Griffin who has built the party from what it was a decade ago, to the position where it now has elected members of the European Parliament and won over half a million votes at the last election.

Unfortunately, as often happens with these situations people have taken sides and the debate has become acrimonious. Some, including dear friends of mine, for whom I have considerable respect have made statements and published information which I fear we may all live to regret.

We do not have the luxury to indulge in public in-fighting, look at the damage that did to the labour party in the 1980’s and the Tories after they betrayed Thatcher, and we are more exposed than they are. We do not have sympathetic friends in the media to cover for us or write supportive articles. Whatever we say, whatever we reveal will be used against us at the next election.

I agree with a lot of what Lee Barnes said about this in a posting he made at 21st Century British Nationalism a week or so ago on this subject. click here to read it.

We must not forget that we are addressing a wider audience, and they will not appreciate the nuances in the same way that party members will do. There will just see BNP members saying nasty things about each other.

Our enemies are ruthless, whatever we say, or reveal about individual party members now, will be used against the party at the next election. The context will be forgotten and all that will be reported is “BNP man said X” or “BNP man filmed doing Y”

Only our enemies benefit when we fight, and any mud we throw now will be thrown right back at us.


BritishActivism said...

Finally, some common sense!

Thank you Sarah, Maid of Albion. I really do hope that the advice is taken up.

All the best, keep up the good work.

British Activism said...

Would Griffin's challengers wanted to lead the party ten years ago? I doubt it.

It seems they waiting until Griffin built a going concern, then set out to hi-jack it.

Ape said...

Nonsense, DailyKenn. The problems with the party have been highlighted for the past 3 years. This leadership challenge would have occurred last year if NG had failed to secure his seat in the European Parliament.

All we ask is that the leadership enter this contest in the spirit of democracy, and adhere to the rules set out in the constitution. So far, the leadership has dragged this contest into the gutter before it has even begun.

I concur with BA, this is a common sense article, and we expect nothing less from SMOA.