Sunday, 11 July 2010

Hiding the truth


Like The Roman said...

Exactly, Sarah.

I thought it might wake a few people up, so was looking forward to the results.

Anonymous said...

A comment from that webpage is reproduced below, read it and repeat to every indigenous Briton:

"The endgame of multiculturalism is clearly genocide of the indigenous population.

This was publically confirmed by French President Nicholas Sarkozy when he stated 'the only way to stop the violence and hatred of a multicultural society is through inter breeding between the races' the only description for this is stealth genocide".

Ronbo said...


Did you see this Lamestream media article?

What nonsense! South Africa is killing her best people! The country is dying!

As you have pointed out in numerous objective articles, the blacks in South Africa are running amok down the genocide trail and clearly intend to murder every white person in South Africa.

Today South Africa - tomorrow Britain and America.

Aside from us independent bloggers, the media world wide is not following the ever more violent evolution of black racism which features American New Panther Party racists in very public venues calling for the death of all white people.

I echo Glenn Beck's comment that we should take calls from the Klan With The Tan for white genocide very seriously because these people - like the Nazis - mean exactly what they say.

I've added you to my blogroll. I hope you will do the same. Either we whites all hang together, or we will hang separately.

Sincerely, RONBO

Shieldline said...

The klan with the tan? Why do you have to compare them to any white people?
Give them nothing. Don't play 'fair.'
They don't understand fair.They understand strength and weakness.

misterfox said...

The absurd aspect is that these people who are subjecting various branches of White people to genocide can not run their own lives and only live because our elites feed them and give them aid. With wise rulers our solution is clear: let them fend for themselves.

Anonymous said...

This is complete unrelated tothe article presented here, but I just thought that you might like to check this link out to see what the US is currently doing to one of our countrymen:
Mr. Steele (mentioned in this article) has been a lawyer that has in the past represented clients who have been unpopular with the regime. It is very interesting to see what kind of treatment our government has in store for dissenters.

Anonymous said...

They can destroy us even without violence.


Zarky said...

Well then the French president must show us how the interbreeding works, lets start with his wife having a couple of multicultural babies then we move on to his children, common set an example, walk the talk! The same goes for all the other PC congregation out there, show us how it is done by donating yourself for these experiments!

scunnert said...

This was probably discussed and planned at the G8 in Canada ...

From today's Globe and Mail:

"While every household must answer basic questions when the census-takers come calling, about one-fifth of Canadians have traditionally been required ... to respond to a lengthy list of 50-plus enquiries about their home, work lives and ethnicity.

Not any more."