Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Did Obama steal the election?

It seem that he stole the primary from Hillary Clinton, so how much further did it go?


Anonymous said...

SO, what these staunch patriotic, democratic, honest,uncorrupt, fine upstanding Democrat voters are saying is that: ACORN and the black panthers should have fixed the election on behalf of hilary clinton, and not barak obama

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

No, I don't think that they are saying that, what they are saying is that people should have been able to vote for the candidate they wanted, like they would in a fair election.

Dr.D said...

The short item that Sarah has linked to is the introduction to a much longer video available here:


It presents many more details of the way people were deprived of the right to vote, the way voter roles were mismanaged, etc.

This is Chicago-style politics in spades!

Anonymous said...

It is, nonetheless, an interesting point as to which individual would have been the worse president; they are both enemies of the traditional people of the USA, both subscribe to the same anti-white, anti-family and anti-western agenda, and both, I suspect, are taking their orders from the same place.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

I think the answer lies in Stalin's Diebold machinery. Same people, same racket. Coming soon to UKplc.

Anonymous said...

Don't be ridiculous! LOL!!

Hilary Clinton and this puppet monkey were hand in glove from the start in their staged 'election' campaigns.

She dropped her 'campaign' to champion the cause of this non white. look at her record. She's as bad as Germain Greer and blacker than most blacks under her commie coated white skin.

She puppeteered and orchestrated her Rhodes scholarship educated 'nice American boy' into the shite house in the 90's to get her feelers in there and has always been hand in hand with the 'divine' tribe that are currently destroying us.

Anonymous said...

What I am saying is, Sarah, that this bunch of bloody hypocrites don't give a flying fig about democracy.Anyone who dosen't share their world view is mad, bad and dangerous-ergo any subterfuge is justified in getting their man (or woman) elected. To them electing a democrat is the only possible outcome of democracy.
They uttered not a wiff of dissent when acorn were registering non-existent/ineligable voters and the black panthers intimidating voters on behalf of gore/kerry, and the big one: packing the country with what they see as potential democrat voters.
"F" them and their sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

'She's as bad as Germaine Greer'

We Aussies should apologize for foisting her on the hapless English public, but we just couldn't stand to listen to her anymore.lol.

All the best.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I do appreciate that Hillary Clinton is not popular with Nationalists and you are probably right that she would be no better than Obama.

However, I think she was certainly more deserving of the Democratic party nomination than Obama was (after all she had done some things, Obama had done nothing)

I also certainly believe that Obama and his supporters stole votes from her.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some of these white liberals will now realise that everything they thought they believed in is a anti-white sucidal myth. To be honest as long as another left wing racist party tears it self to pieces, opening a few more white eyes in the process, I couldnt give a F**K that they where cheated and silenced. This is what they have been working for after all, mastubating themselves into a frenzy over any black face in power in the hope of destroying the west and any whites who disagreed with the liberal hive mind. Again f**k them it serves them right. I hope this utterly demolishes the Democrat vote among whites and that a few of these liberal hypocrites get creamed in the backlash.

Anonymous said...

They are an illegal govt, and refuse to implement and enforce the laws of the land if they don't like them. The illegal immigration situation is an absolute disgrace and it IS the fault of the Feds, OVER SUCCESSIVE ADMINISTRATIONS INCLUDING REPUBLICAN.

The Democrats are just more open about it, in that lethal combination of arrogance and stupidity which they love to manifest,as they "lead" the rest of us over the cliff.


Ronbo said...

"Did Obama Steal The Election?"

Does a shark attack anything in the sea?

Of course, it's their nature.

Anonymous said...

Arguably, we would have been worse off under Hillary. She would have been more subtly destructive, and in the long run, a more effective foe of ordinary decent people.

BHO is an arrogant and short-sighted idealogue with a huge racial chip on his shoulder, and he doesn't miss a chance to irritate the white majority. He is probably unelectable now.

To Hillary, race baiting would have been a distraction, so she would have got on much more effectively in pursuit of the real goal here which is to destroy traditional Western values, and our strength, and she would have proven a more efficient communizer of the USA, and indeed what is Left of the West.

I think we dodged a bullet.


Dr.D said...

@ Anon 20:58
A lot of what you say here is certainly true. Without a doubt, Hillary would have been much more smooth in everything she would have done, where as the arrogant BHO has managed to rile up his opposition to an amazing degree. Obama has done more to awaken Conservatism in America than any other politician in my lifetime, even though his purpose was the exact opposite. For his bristling abrasiveness we can be grateful, even though it is hard to take.

Whether we have dodged a bullet or not remains to be seen. We must pray.

Anonymous said...

obama's "white house" seems to be filled with jews!!
He is a zio puppet. He was foisted in by jew money and jew media persuation. The next coming of god. The media blitz/BS prior to the "election" was all the work of his masters. The thirteenth tribe if Im correct. Here is his counsel/masters who keep him on a short leash. Lest he may go all africanus.