Wednesday, 21 July 2010

3 killed in apparant farm attack

Three people have been killed in an apparent farm attack in Mooi River, KwaZulu-Natal, paramedics say.

Reports say two of the victims were women. One's throat was slit. The other woman had been shot in the stomach.

The third victim, a man, had been stabbed several times.

I will report more when I find out more


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have been following this blog for several months now. I have noticed that there is a distinct pattern to the articles that appear here:

1) A white family or farmer is slain somewhere in Africa (usually South Africa), there is much crying over it on this blog usually something along the lines of "Oh, why does this happen in this "post racial age"? and so forth. Hmmm....maybe because all the post-racialism is just politically correct talk? And why do these white people still live in South Africa when they know that they are not welcome there? (please, do not tell us it is because they cannot afford to leave- I have seen the pictures of the homes-some complete with swimming pools- that some of these white folks have. They could leave if they so desired. True, some may be too poor, but I doubt that a white farmer could claim not to have enough money to pack up and go). One does not stay where one is not wanted and where one's life is clearly in danger- it is just common sense. This is not to be construed to mean that I do not have compassion for the victims- but to stay in the clear and present danger that is post Apartheid South Africa is plain stupidity. Just as it was plainly stupid of the whites of South Africa to hand political power over to those savages.
2) A similar crime occurs somewhere in Great Britain. Again, there is much weeping and wailing, gnashing of teeth along with "Oh, when is this going to stop?" When will the goverment stop importing more "uncivilized coloreds". Answers: When YOU make it stop and ditto for the second question as well. Change will NOT occur without the appropriate application of force in the right quantity and in the right places. I can see now that this comment is not going to be published. The last thing that blogs like this want is to have the attention of "governmental organs" called to themselves by the mention of the one and only remedy that you and everyone else knows will work-all complaining is just "crying in your beer".
3) Then there is the usual article describing the savagery of African blacks (as if they are not just as inclined to savagery in other locations). There is the usual complaining about their behavior, but the usual unwillingness (read cowardice) to discuss their genetic predisposition toward this type of behavior. Oh NO! "We can't touch that!" You want a return to the Britain of the 19th century; the civility, the pride in culture and history and the ethnicity of that period in time. But, you do not want to display the leadership, the willingness to risk the consequences of action necessary to bring about the reversal of current trends, in short you do not wish to display the tenacity and intestinal fortitude of your forebears. You want to "wish" the past into the future... and you simply want to complain. You offer no solutions. The time of Western Man is past.