Friday, 23 July 2010

Retired Journalist and Wife slain at their home in KwaZulu Natal


Lygeia said...

Black people in America complain about being harassed by the police while driving their cars and call it "driving while being black."

These rural murders in South Africa should be called "living in your house while white."

I found it disingenuous that the newspaper that reported this crime said the authorities were mystified as to why this crime occurred, because nothing was taken from the murdered couple's home. The reason why they were killed was because they were white.

Anonymous said...

Another little battle in the 'War on Whites'.


Anonymous said...

Incogman has his blog taken down by wordpress, so the link in your sidebar doesn't work anymore. He's up again at

Urban Commando said...

Is it me, or has the crescendo of black on white assaults and murders picked up since the World Cup?

Rhetorical question, no need to answer!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks, I have corrected it. I'm pleased to see he is back up

Ron Russell said...

The simple truth is that black racism is on the rise. The media here in the states refuses to see black on white crime as racially motivated and from your post that seems to hold true in SA. I think things may change here in the States, but I can see little hope for SA, given it huge black majority!

Birdman said...

On Monday night, a father was shot and killed in front of his three young children and wife. He was then tossed into a cupboard with his wife and the cupboard was then locked.

Nothing in the papers that I could find, but it happened on a plot about 2 km down the road from where I stay in Pretoria.

If there are readers here who live in our area and could shed some more light for Sarah, it would be appreciated.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

I don't know why the preceding insane and incomprehensible rant was labelled "anonymous", since the writer identified himself as (pastor) Linstedt. This goofball is the only person in the USA who does not know that a "Whigger" is a WHITE person who WANTS TO BE BLACK (such a person adopts the speech mode, the "jive talk", the dress habits and so forth of black people (and is laughed at and derided by the blacks-usually behind his or her back, but not always).Linstedt, instead of using the noun to properly describe the type of white person it was intended to describe, uses it to describe any white person that he does not personally like. Only Linstedt peppers his diatribes with the pejorative "Whigger" and usually uses it like this, every third word in a sentence.It is odd Sarah, that you would post his nonsense, laced as it is with scatalogical language (and this from a so-called "pastor") and comical in its disregard for grammar and syntax as well as steeped in hatred, but you have not posted most of my comments in the past. You have an odd set of standards here, Sarah.

Curt said...

Forgot to include my name with my comment (just in case you intend to post it)- it was the one about "pastor" Lindstedt preceding this.

Anonymous said...


You're a bigoted racist bitch.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Anon 15:34 I appreciate that. Clearly you and I have a lot in common


Birdman said...

My, my, my. let me guess. You claimed asylum in the UK. You are unemployed and not looking for a job. You have been given accomodation which you do not pay for. You have food at night due to welfare. You have clothes on your back.

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You do not even use your own name, or was that a false one on your forged passport?

In case you are wondering (which I doubt as you need a brain for that), my name is Dmitri. I use birdman as I have a Macaw and everyone here calls me birdman.

Get over yourself, take your medication and get a life.

Sarah, I understand if you do not publish this post. Keep up the good work. You will always find some IQ retarded simians floating around.

Anonymous said...


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