Thursday, 8 July 2010

Modern American Racists

Members of the New Black Panthers intimidating voters during the 2008 US Presidential Election

When film appeared following the 2008 US election day vote clearly showing members of the black supremacist New Black Panthers threatening voters outside a Philadelphia polling station, there appeared to be very compelling evidence of voter intimidation which is a criminal offense. The outgoing Bush administration certainly thought so, as they launched a prosecution.

Many were surprised, therefore, when the new US Attorney general Eric Holder (pictured above) announced that current US administration had dropped that prosecution.

When J Christian Adams, an Official at the US Department of Justice resigned earlier this year, accusing the administration of dropping the case as a result of racial bias it will have added to the growing suspicions many people now have about the racist attitudes of those currently running the United States of America.

These suspicious are shared by black Conservative commentator Eric Rush, who's excellent article on the subject I have pasted below:

Barack Obama: Racist in chief

For months, Americans have been treated to wanton accusations of racism in the public square regarding our wish to secure our border with Mexico and misgivings vis-à-vis the Obama administration's handling of the Islamic terrorist threat, to name just two.

Now, we bear witness to an instance of racism and racial double standard on the part of this president and his administration that surpasses the surreal: This week, former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that the administration ordered attorneys in the Civil Rights Division to ignore cases involving black defendants and white victims. Adams further asserted that the department, headed by Attorney General Eric Holder, contrived to drop charges against members of the New Black Panther Party stemming from an incident of voter intimidation in 2008, a slam-dunk case over which Adams ultimately quit in disgust.

To American progressives and the establishment press (which has been complicit in every seditious machination devised by Barack Obama and his minions) the contention that our president and this administration are racists is practically incomprehensible – but that is precisely where I am going. Although it still eludes those who are either dedicated Obamanoids or profoundly dim, our president's antiwhite, anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-Semitic sentiments have been painfully evident for some time. The New Black Panther Party case is just the cherry on the topping.

Erik Rush's brand-new book is bold, daring and needed: "Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal - America's Racial Obsession"

While Justice contended that the Civil Rights Division determined that "the facts and the law did not support pursuing claims" in the New Black Panther case, and that it is "not uncommon for attorneys with the department to have good-faith disagreements about the appropriate course of action" in certain cases, Adams' claims and aggregate testimony bear out as well as clarify the tenor of the Holder Justice Department. This retrograde, black-nationalist comportment is the worst sort of policy held to by an administration since the days of segregation.

In short, it is abject racism.

Although this is part and parcel of the perverse racial sensibilities advanced by the political Left over the last several decades, its expanse and depth of insinuation have become nothing short of astounding. I have asserted previously that Obama gets a pass on account of this because he is black, but even astute observers didn't expect it to go this far. There is not one traditional national news outlet that is covering this atrocity, and, if they are forced to, there's little doubt that they will brand Adams a shill for the GOP and Fox News.

I suppose that such odious standards ought not be surprising coming from a man who spent 20 years listening to the bigoted ranting of a racist, anti-American pastor (in the personage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright), but the absolute refusal of the establishment press to acknowledge this phenomenon indicates that we have a larger long-term problem with them than we do with Obama. His decades-long dedication to radically subverting the very idea of America has manifested in congruent deeds. His actions (and inactions), which have exacerbated every difficulty that has presented itself, his racism, appeasement of our enemies and de facto abdication of his constitutional duties should have between 75 percent and 90 percent of Americans taking to the streets, screaming for his impeachment. Yet, they are not, largely because the Fourth Estate has become the fifth column.

One thing at a time, however.

I am quite certain that there will be a great deal of resistance, even on the part of Obama detractors, to pursue this issue to its logical conclusion. Even if the press is compelled to do its job regarding the Justice Department's criminal conduct, it is unlikely that the ripples will reach the White House. There are two reasons for this. One: That is the way this administration operates. Attorney General Holder will be sacrificed before Obama is implicated, even though it is evident that this administration is rife with racist, anti-American communists all the way to the top.

Two is that there are too many forces in play who are terrified of our president crashing and burning, even among those who detest him. If he is voted out in 2012, that's one thing, but if our celebrated "first black president" is forced to resign in shame – that is a completely different matter. Not only would every far-left faction mobilize en masse, but even more moderate rank-and-file black Obama supporters would be enraged. It would be perceived as the final "racist affront" of a white establishment that has already been demonized to the degree that many blacks perceive America to be as institutionally racist as it was five decades ago.

The long and short? We're stuck with a racist president. Well, we've survived those before; it's Obama's intention to transform our nation into a cross between China and Venezuela that I'm more concerned about.


Dr.D said...

I have never heard of Eric Rush before reading this link right here, but this simply points out that there are a handful of American blacks who are not blind, who can see what is happening in America, and where this is all leading. They will crash and burn along with everyone else if things do not change to restore sanity to the USA.

Holder is an "interesting case." His parents came to the US from a British protectorate in the Caribbean, Jamaica perhaps. They had an Anglican background which very, very few American blacks have, and he grew up in the The Episcopal Church USA. The Holder family largely did not associate with common American blacks as being people beneath them. "Strangely," we don't hear much about any of this these days. He mixes it up with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton just like a homeboy.

What was done with respect to this dropped prosecution is one of the most blatant acts of criminal disregard for the law that came early in the Obama regime. It has Holder's finger prints all over it, even if he was not directly involved. It would not have happened without his personal approval.

Holder came from a law firm that had done a number of cases defending muzlim charged with crimes against America, and if I am not mistaken, Holder himself had done several of those defenses. It is utterly bizarre to have a key player from one side suddenly assume the leadership of the other team, all the while maintaining his close ties to his old law firm. But such are the ways of the Obama regime.

It is very obvious that Holder is not very bright. He recently made an utter fool of himself in a Congressional hearing regarding the Arizona immigration law that he has so strongly publicly criticized. When asked if had read the Arizona law, he was forced to admit, he had not, even though he felt free to criticize it, even though in its longest form it is only 17 pages (I have read all of it). That makes it clear that his criticism was entirely political, rather than substantive. Such are the ways of the Obama regime.

Anonymous said...

They are not Americans.

Simple as that.


Anonymous said...

Control of information is an essential aspect of control of thought. The current ideology is the demonisation and eventual destruction of the white race, or Europeans, by a powerful media and government cult of power. Look at Rhodesia and South Africa if you want to see the world your children will inherit. It is even worse in Europe with the imposition of millions of West-hating Muslims. France will be a Negro-Muslim State in 20 years - the demographics are inescapable. Nuclear France.

In the USA, in the last 20 years almost a million white women have been raped or brutally assaulted by feral black males. In the same period only a couple of hundred black women have suffered the same fate at the hands of white males, often as part of a predominantly black gang.

If the population wake up to the brainwashing, they will demand separation. In fact, without separation, the Europeans, and thus much of civilisation, will vanish under a tide of Negro and Muslim backwardness. Only European Royalty, their bankers and international industrialists will remain to rule the "West".

Anonymous said...


And they are not racists either.To be honest black militants are just doing for their people, what Whites are too brainwashed and afraid to do for theirs.If whites would do what is needed ,do you believe that even one negro would dare to open his mouth?Be afraid of the day when White man rages.

Gringo_Malo said...

Pardon me, Sarah, but I think you're missing the point. As everyone who has ever been in a situation where blacks are the majority knows, they hate us. So what?

The important point is that our first mulatto president and his black attorney general have given the New Black Panther Party, and similar groups, carte blanche to intimidate white voters. In 2008, we elected America's Robert Mugabe. In President Obama's third and subsequent terms, such incidents won't be mentioned by any news outlet.

Yes, I know that the 20th Amendment limits the president to two terms. Perhaps even Barack Obama knows it. Do you really think that it'll make any difference? One thing is certain: we've seen our last white president.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever wondered who controls the media?

Please post this on your site. Thanks.

Birdman said...

The time will come when these blacks will arm themselves and not hide the fact that they are out to kill and cause utter chaos.

We have it here in Pretoria. It is just not reported anymore.