Thursday, 1 July 2010

Being English

England players Ashley Cole and Ledley King leaving South Africa following England's humiliating 4-1 defeat by Germany, their expressions revealing what their country means to them.

Meanwhile English fans make their way home

On a related subject, readers may remember the outcry last year when ex-BNP publicity Officer Mark Collett and Joseph Barber from Great White Records stated in an interview that the same Ashley Cole was "not ethnically English". So, it is interesting to note Ashley Cole's own views on the English reported here and here.


misterfox said...

Robert Henderson was persecuted for expressing similar views about cricketers in Wisden -

Anonymous said...

What a satanic looking individual. He ought to emigrate to South Africa for good.

Anonymous said...

Do you think brain dead whites will take any notice??? especially the females?

From Hurley to Jordan these muppets have been conditioned since childhood to wince with wet ones at almost any form of simian/half breed..

They read stories conjured up in glossy toilet rags like 'marie clare', 'cosmo' etc that a black man/ape is the ultimate thrill.

Probably is when his 'tool' is used with malice and hatred which it invariably is. These stupid women once 'satisfied' are smitten in love - believing they're BEING loved only to end up on the road of ruin being battered, bruised and bankrupted.

Serve 'em right an all!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Anon 03:35, I have posted that to the blog

Anonymous said...

Well, the "White Pele" (Rooney) was an absolute disgrace to his country.