Thursday, 11 August 2011


Anyone who has watched the British TV news today or read the papers will know that the censoring has begun.

When the recent rioting broke out, it was so unexpected, and there was such pressure to get film and photographs out and onto our TV screens, that the media did not have time to sanitise the images we were allowed to see in the usual way, therefore, for once, and very briefly, we were afforded a glimpse of the truth.

Now that things have calmed down, it is business as usual and the media is busily re-writing history. Much of the film seen at the weekend has vanished and will never be seen again.  Meanwhile, the focus has been fixed firmly on the small number of white people you have been charged with public order offences.  In fact at least one news report this evening only showed white mugshots.

At the same time film is rapidly vanishing from YouTube, who are doing their usual censorship job.

Therefore it is very important that those of you who did save images or download film which the media let slip through at the weekend, keep them safe, as they may become very rare, and provide some of the only surviving records of what actually happened in London over the last six days.


Anonymous said...

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Rob said...

Did the police allow the riots to continue for so long in order to let more Whites join in and thus facilitate the pretence that it "wasn't about race"?
I think it's a possibility.

Ian said...

Sarah Maybe you can encourage people to download these videos and upload them to sites like popmodal {a self-avowed conservative video channel}, brasscheck tv, liveleak and truthtube tv as these sites are less likely to delete them

Anonymous said...


I know had a lot of material- video - but all long shotstuff

not sure if they have cut the evidence

galafron said...

A very interesting take from a South-African boer on the riots in England recalling the British led assault on apartheid.

I am afraid those british will have to reconsider their 20th century history, at less if they need to know where it started to go wrong. Maybe one german leader was right on some points after all. Yet a better fate than France's whom already questions her trajectory right from the revolution.

alanorei said...

Nick Griffin's overview of the current situation seems pretty sound to me.

At least it contrasts well with the futile rhetoric of the lib/lab/con coalition.

The other nationalist groups don't appear as yet to have come up with a superior analysis.

Your Future said...

I think this situation can literally be described as a 'Whiteout' operation. The Mainstream Media's goal is to always toe the Politically Correct line, despite the obvious facts on the ground.

It is the MSM's job to neutralize the obvious acid of reality with their base of make-believe to prevent the population from waking up to what is being done in their name - namely, the mass debasement of their economic system and society by uncontrolled immigration.

Despite their massive coverup and whitewashing operations, the people are slowly but surely waking up to the nasty reality foisted upon them by their 'leaders' read: betrayers.

As Gerald Celente said in one of his excellent trends forecasts, it will soon be 'Off With Their Heads 2.0". I agree.

heechee said...

It might be useful to trawl foreign websites for these video's. Some nations, like the Japanese, are very good at capturing what our beloved media censor

Anonymous said...

Bob says

I still say it is a conflict of Civilization versus Barbarism.

It's just that some cultures have a higher proportion of barbarians than others

This Ex muslim lady explains it better than I could

Anonymous said...

Handsworth riots 81 & 85 ,they went overboard to try and find whites or asians that may have been involved even though they knew it was an anti police ;property envy uprising conducted and perpetuated by "afro carribeans"

Anonymous said...

Anywhere you have negroids, you have problems, simple as that.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian really took the biscuit for hypocrisy.
They had a white rioter onn the cover od their paper (aturday I think) but then decided that it was about Tory Cuts as Polly would babble on about so the picture was changed to a poor oppressed minority protesting about his poor oppressed minority status.

Anonymous said...

Here in a New Zealand provincial newspaper,we had mug shots of six people in Manchester who had been convicted on riot charges-mostly assaulting police.Five of the photographs were of Whites.One of a Black.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

The media have really focused on Manchester because there were more whites involved. So they get more white mugshots.