Tuesday, 9 August 2011

When the photo tells the lie

Whoever said 'the camera never lies' had not taken into account the lying scumbag behind the lens or sitting at the editorial desk.  This picture, which appeared above on the front page of the main daily free London paper The Metro and in various other publications, is an insult to the Metro's hundreds of thousands of readers, it is an insult to London and worst of all it is an insult to the fading memory of journalism.

PRAVDA circa 1964 would have been proud of such work, any western newspaper should be ashamed of such a blatant attempt to misrepresent the truth.


Anonymous said...

One of the BBM messages sent to rioters according to the s
SA media

Everyone from all sides of London meet up at the heart of London (central) OXFORD CIRCUS!!, Bare SHOPS are gonna get smashed up so come get some (free stuff!!!) fuck the feds we will send them back with OUR riot! >:O
Dead the ends and colour war for now so
if you see a brother... SALUT!
if you see a fed... SHOOT!
We need more MAN then feds so Everyone run wild, all of london and others are invited! Pure terror and havoc & Free stuff....just smash shop windows and cart out da stuff u want! Oxford Circus!!!!! 9pm, we don't need pussyhole feds to run the streets and put our brothers in jail so tool up,
its a free world so have fun running wild shopping;)
Oxford Circus 9pm if u see a fed stopping a brother JUMP IN!!! EVERYONE JUMP IN niggers will be lurking about, all blacked out we strike at 9:15pm-9:30pm, make sure ur there see you there. REMEMBA DA LOCATION!!! OXFORD CIRCUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course they show one of the few white perpetrators on the cover. The LA times did the same thing this morning, but not as blatant though.

Anonymous said...

I read: Free Metro from the madness of spreading false imagery.

Attributed to Aeschylus:

"In war, truth is the first casualty".

Anonymous said...

Thank you - also noticeable was the riot cleanup pictures - mostly whites pictured offering free clean up with brooms...

Anonymous said...

Indeed, both the photos and words in the mainstream media are full of lies. By omission they carefully forget to mention that those who started the riots - and the vast majority of its participants - were dark-skinned Islamic immigrants with no care for Britain, its culture or anything else except what they could smash, grab and burn.

It's time to realize that the media has a very particular agenda, which is to prevent any public dialogue about the immigration policies of European governments. There is a powerful and very wealthy force behind these immigration policies. One which is benefitting economically from immigrant labour - despite the looting - and in its cold calculus has decided the price is still worth the booty.

Mike Smith said...

With all our troubles in South Africa people always ask, "Why do you whites not sort them out?"

I mean...how simple is it after all?

Why do the whites of Britain not sort these blacks out?

In South Africa the whites are outnumbered ten to one...In the UK the odds are stacked the other way arround. So come on White Limeys...show us now how it should be done.

You have been preaching to us all these years how Apartheid was all wrong and how we should have done it...Come now...Lead by example.

marie said...

Here is a link to the Australian Sydney Morning Herald. The pictures show two white women involved in the melee. Surely they did not make up the majority of the so called 'protestors'. Is it for 'balance' or social engineering of the truth?

Whilst there is no doubt that white men and and women were involved (and it makes my heart bleed), I really REALLY doubt that the media is being honest with us.


BadBallie said...

@ Mike Smith, the black to white ratio in South Africa is actually closer to 45 to 1, our population at last count was in the region of 50 million with the white count at just under 5.5 million

AnalogMan said...

Bad Ballie, it's a bad mistake to rely on government statistics. Come on, here in the Planet of the Apes, you would take their word?

I think the White figure of 5.5 million was more or less right at the fall of civilization in 1994. Even the government acknowledges that at least a million have left since. But they are neither smart nor honest.

First, they have absolutely no idea how many Zimbabweans, Nigerians, Senegalese, and other foreign criminals are in the country to pick the bones of the former civilization.

Second, they have no more idea how many Whites have left. They get their estimates from foreign embassy visa applications, international freight companies, reserve bank currency applications etc. Many, many more (including my own family) simply pack a suitcase and leave.

It's not 45:1, or even 45:5 (which I think you meant to say). But 10:1 is, I think, on the conservative side.

Anonymous said...

Of course they show one of the few white perpetrators on the cover. The LA times did the same thing this morning, but not as blatant though.

No, no, its much worse than that.

How do we know he is a perp? We dont, he is walking past a burning car, no evidence of him doing actually anything.

Its all implication. Think about it, loads of people were rioting, looting and they decide to use a picture of a guy doing neither. Thats suspicious.

OK, lets assume the mask makes him a likely suspect but there was plenty of other footage of people actually stealing, looting, why not use those?

We all know why obviously.

Laager said...

The liberal media will stop at nothing to push their agenda

Back in 60s/70s in apartheid South Africa there was a famous case where some liberal UK rag photographed black people in business dress taking a lunch time nap on the lawns in a Johannesburg public park.

Th picture was published in the UK stating that these were corpses after having been mown down by the SA Police. Not a sign of blood anywhere, no evidence of being shot whilst running, all their belongings, newspapers, lunch boxes neatly at their sides.

So who can take any of the UK media seriously?
They are all just different shades of left.

Thank heavens that today we have the www and blogs.
I look forward to declining newspaper circulation figures and the ultimate financial collapse of these purveyors of lies.