Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Beeb does it again

See the BBC's latest lying hatchet job on the EDL at the Gates of Vienna by Clicking Here

Q: How can you tell a BBC newsreader is lying: A: They are conscious and looking at a camera

Hat Tip: Mister Fox


Anonymous said...

I could say the BBC has been infiltrated by Fabian socialists but that would only explain half of what has been going on (in the media) since the 1970's.

The same ideologues also infiltrated government, and the two came together, under Noo Labour. What we have now is a public sector broadcaster acting as a ghost department within government.

Another point to ponder:

How will the BBC explain about Obama's resignation/impeachment because he covered-up/lied about material facts to do with his eligiblity for president when they haven't covered the developing story these past 2 years?


Anonymous said...

No question the BBC and notable other MSM outlets are a Fifth (Filfth?) Column of neocommunism.

They have to be purged. This would be the single biggest thing we could achieve in the short run.

It would have huge implications.


Beverley said...

The Home Secretary's actions are not all that negative. The message is that the five immigrant dominated – for that read controlled - areas (Tower Hamlets, Newham, Islington, Waltham Forest and Hackney) have been marked as trouble and ring fenced. The first stage of inevitable separate development?

Shaunantijihad said...

Here's another one. Is it accidental, or what? Why do they do it?


mary sullivan said...

understanding the BBC, just go to the top


alanorei said...

See British 'Muslim Emirates', a topic that does not appear in the BBC search engine but one of national importance.

That is, the corporation conceals as much as it distorts.

The main reason is as follows.

The BBC has been Vatican controlled since the 1930s. It has long been an enemy of the nation.

Albert Close was a Protestant Christian historian. In his book Jesuit Plots from Elizabethan to Modern Times i.e. 1930s, he revealed that when Oxford Don, Mr R.H. Crossman, was investigating the pre-war Hitlerian blood purges, he was told repeatedly, "The pope [is] behind all the trouble."

Mr Crossman attempted to broadcast this from Berlin in July 1934, via the BBC. The broadcast was suddenly cut off when he mentioned the pope. No explanation was ever given. The then BBC Chairman, Lord Reith, was part of the cover-up. There is no point in anyone trying to deny that this happened. In July 1934, Close verified with Fr Vincent McNabb of the Dominican Order many Vatican documents held in the Public Record Office that confirm the Vatican's strategy against Britain. The BBC disruption was simply part of it.

As Ashley Mote rightly said in Vigilance, A Defence of British Liberty p 130, "For the Roman Catholic Church, the UK is unfinished business stretching back 500 years."

The above material is hardly ever mentioned. That in itself ought to raise questions. So-called British 'Muslim Emirates,' like Arsenal Stadium, along with majority savage blacks and rabid Marxists, are basically just pawns for "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" Revelation 17:5.

To be fair, this anti-EU article is good, although the real source of the 'European Project' is not mentioned.

Though slightly dated, the book The Principality and Power of Europe by Adrian Hilton will give essential insights into the EU.

The Tory party deselected Hilton from his Slough candidature for his researches, though nobody sued him for defamation etc., a fact not reported by the BBC to the best of my knowledge, which is clearly also of some significance.

Anonymous said...

Bob says

The 4th Estate has become a 5th Column

alanorei said...

You're right, Bob:

"The news media will get you killed" - KJB Baptist pastor and ex-WW2 GI, Dr Peter S. Ruckman.

Here is KJB Baptist evangelist Dr Sam Gipp's 'take' on the news media (aka the news mafia, as he also calls it). Much of his analysis applies to the UK news media (mafia).

Blame the News Media

I am a believer in placing the blame where it belongs. In the coming months/years as our freedom is voted out of existence by a power-drunken Congress and our Cheat Executive plunges our country into financial ruin I want to help you with placing the blame where it belongs. I want you to practice saying this phrase, "...because of the News Media."

Whenever you hear of some new assault on sanity, morality, freedom, America etc. on the TV or radio finish the statement by saying, "...because of the News Media."

Here are some examples:

1. America has its first President that hates the United States. "...because of the News Media."

2. Homosexuals are running rampant. "...because of the News Media."

3. Terrorists have successfully attacked the United States. "...because of the News Media."

4. My taxes are so high I can't afford to live. "...because of the News Media."

5. Congress has abolished free speech. "...because of the News Media."

5. Preachers are being arrested. "...because of the News Media."

6. Our National Health Care is not as good as the old system. "...because of the News Media."

7. They're taking our guns away. "...because of the News Media."

8. The Constitution has been suspended. "...because of the News Media."

9. I am afraid! "...because of the News Media."

I think we could well be very afraid in the UK, because of...you-know-who.

Urban Commando said...

BBC = Bolshevik Broadcasting Comrades