Saturday, 13 August 2011

A Truthful Historian ?!!

Readers in the UK may want to watch the BBC iplayer version of last nights edition of Newsnight, in particular the section about 13 or 14 minutes in featuring a studio discussion regarding the recent riots, between Historian David Starkey, some token black woman and an arrogant, politically correct, little twerp who wrote a book called “Chavs” and hosted by the oh so right on auto-cutie Emily Maitlis. (readers outside the UK can view the relevant section of the show on YouTube here  - you may even wish to leave a comment)

Starkey started, controversially enough by announcing that Enoch Powell's prophesy had, in part come true, but then her went on to really set the discussion alight by stating that the whites who got involved in the rioting had "adopted black culture".  The token black woman and the twerp began attacking him immediately, clearly shocked that anyone would dare make a truthful statement about race on British television.  The twerp had obviously been reading up on Allinskey, as he even attempted to mock a man who is acknowledged as one of Britain's most eminent historians, but he did not succeed in leaving a mark.

Starkey held his ground, pointing out the disproportionate involvement of blacks in Street crime and the manner in which black culture, particularly rap music glorifies the very behaviour we have seen in the last week. For a while, the unavoidable impression was of a gruff and elderly bear, tied to a post but still landing a series of well aimed blows on a pack of yapping hounds.

However, unsurprisingly Maitlis soon abandoned any pretence of impartiality. and after first joining the yapping hounds in their attack on Starkey, brought the discussion to a swift end, no doubt afraid that further truths might be told about events which the media are busily seeking to reinvent.

Sadly, Starkey's television career has now been severely damaged if not killed off all together. In all likelihood any future historical documentaries about Tudor history or the British monarchy, will be presented by more obedient historians such as Simon Schama, assuming he can force himself to stop kissing Barack Obama's bottom long enough to present a show, or the younger and prettier Tristram Hunt (albeit, unlike Schama, Hunt has occasionally let a non-PC fact slip through).

However, David Starkey can at least comfort himself that he has done an honourable thing, and spoken the truth on British television, a rare thing these days. Unfortunately though, he may never be permitted to do so again.
New reports:  Daily Mail, Telegraph, Guardian 


misterfox said...

Good stuff! Starkey uses common sense when he analyses events whereasthe others try slot them into a pre-existing ideology. Incidentally, poverty has been getting the blame for crime for over a century. It is a bit quaint now.
I have the DVD box set of Starkey's Channel 4 series, The Davis Starkey Collection, on the Monarchy and The Six wives og Henry VIII. His love of, and respect for, our history comes over strongly. I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone.

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

I think what it comes down on the street is:

1. Majority savage blacks
2. Minority Marxist whites.

The point about this past week is, what next?

The majority savage Moslems in this country, who are more intelligent than their Afro counterparts, will take note of the police response, 1,000 reported arrests notwithstanding:

1. A 'light touch' where premises were being looted and burnt, e.g. Tottenham (poor old PC George Dixon would be turning in his grave, having been a Spurs supporter).

2. A 'heavy touch' where ordinary English folk turned out to defend their homes, e.g. Eltham.

That does not bode well for the future.

misterfox said...

We have no voice, but Starkey was better than the others. He will still be punished for what he did say.

James Mc Grath said...

I actually try not to watch Newsnight when Maitless is doing it, she is a vile woman!

But I did, and was about to turn off, when she announced David Starky as a guest, so I thought I would give it a listen!

Oh my God, this guy is amazing, he told the truth, live on Tele, and the token black and the twerp were unable to counter him, he dominated the discussion and won!

It was funny, I laughed when Maitless started to join in the attacks and at some point, one could tell someone shouted in her earpiece to shut the debate down, it had become too dangerous for the BBC!


alanorei said...

We need to hope that the viewer ratings went way up for NN with that session.

Even the BBC would take notice of that.

Don't be too hard on Em, James. I seem to recall that Sarah's other half is kind of partial to her.

I have a high regard for Kate Silverton, actually. In addition to all the obvious reasons, she gave Simon Darby a good, fair interview on Radio 5 Live last year and kept the pc Commie lib/lab/con slobbering hyena pack in check, I seem to remember.

I agree about crime vs. poverty, Mr Fox. Years ago, an independent KJB Baptist pastor in the US asked this incisive rhetorical question:

"Do you think that political crooks like the Kennedys were raised in ghettos?"

Re; David Starkey, he is thorough historian, I believe, whatever else might be said of him and the C4 Monarchy series was most informative.

In the ep on James 1st, Starkey said that "The King James Version of the Bible, more than any other book, formed the English language and shaped the English mind.”

I think that Dr Starkey has given an important clue (that all the politicians, journos and other assorted MSM commentators, including clergy, have missed, naturally) about how the nation should get its mind back.

Simple, really, especially since this year is the 400th anniversary.

Anonymous said...

If the black groups get treated lightly you can rest assured that , this type of behaviour and crime will increase . It is the make up of Africans to grab the hand when the finger is given. The exposure the riots gave to BBC bias will wake more people up .

Anonymous said...

Steyn sums it up - can’t wait to buy his book.

Anonymous said...

Starkey's a brave and determined man. He's old enough to remember what Britain once was, and as a historian he must be continually reminded of the decay that has rotted away our culture and made many parts of English cities dangerous and squalid.

Today's 'yuff' have been manufactured by the media. They have glamourised drugs and trashy celebrity culture whilst they have made education unfashionable and nerdy.

Anonymous said...

The puzzling aspect of that interview for me, was the reticence of the token Black woman who failed to take a firmer stance in the debate.

She either recognized that she was woefully outgunned in the IQ category with David Starkey, or she knew the other two white leftist hypocrites would gallantly come to her rescue by "taking the reins" and defend her race's honour, and thus seen as coming off as a composed debater.

I've never been to England, so am unfamiliar with David Starkey, but kudos to him for helping break down the barriers of free speech on the BBC, if only momentarily.

...and yes, it does appear the hostess got the premature cut-off signal due to the unexpected and abrupt ending.

David said...

What does the word/abbreviation 'chavs' mean? I have googled it and looked in my dictionary without success.

Laager said...

Watts - Detroit - New Orleans - Haiti - Sierre Leone - Liberia - Zimbabwe - South Africa - Tottenham - Birmingham.

Any liberals out there?
Please find the common denominator

Or better still ask Michael Portillo if this is the physical manifestation of his mantra:
"Immigration is good for Britain.
It delivers multi-culturism, diversity and enrichment"

Did anyone see the You Tube clip where a group of armed (cricket bats etc) Asian vigilantes were interviewed whilst on duty in Birmingham?
Who were they preparing to protect their neighbourhood against?
(Paraphrase) "We do not get on with black people"

The eagle has landed folks.
How Britain deals with it is going to be very interesting to watch.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Here are a couple of definitions of chav:

Anonymous said...

you forgot to ad London to your list.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Derrida Say Mitchell said nothing because she thought "You are a heretic there is no point rebuking you"?

Laager said...

@ Anon 01:59

I specifically focused on Tottenham in North - East London

misterfox said...

David Starkey said Enoch was wrong about inter communal violence, but Starkey was wrong. What happened on 7/7 was inter-communal violence though the media tried to pretend that the victims multi-racial the target was an English city.
The constant inestigations of terrorists are of people who planned to blow us up for the White governments invasions of Muslim countries and that is inter-communal violence. Enoch made many speeches on immigration not just Rivers of Blood and only looking at that gives the wqrong impression as he refined his views and saw to see Asians as the danger. My personal favourite is The Uniform of Colour.
Starkey stood his ground against the PC Clones though, and spoke proper English.

Anonymous said...

jewish presenter on jewish bbc

misterfox said...

What we have to avoid is becoming gullible, children like commenters on The British Resistance who are so childlike they are starting to follow David Duke as if he were their daddy. its like watching children waiting for Father Christmas.
Duke has to be a CIA agent keeping the nationalists divided by splitting Ron Paul's vote and misdirecting what could be turned into a powerful opposition from other patriotic movements.
You need to study agents like Hal Turner to see how its done: promote anti-Semitism and stir up violenceat certain demos. Please stop being so gullible.

Anonymous said...

Jewish Emily is married to a banker - in other words a more up market looter.

misterfox said...

The BBChave defended newsnight over Starkey and by doing so have admitted the interviewer was not impartial:

"Responding to the viewer complaints, the BBC said 'Whilst we acknowledge that some people will have found David Starkey's comments offensive he was robustly challenged by presenter Emily Maitlis and the other contributors who took issue with his comments."

misterfox said...

The BBChave defended newsnight over Starkey and by doing so have admitted the interviewer was not impartial:

"Responding to the viewer complaints, the BBC said 'Whilst we acknowledge that some people will have found David Starkey's comments offensive he was robustly challenged by presenter Emily Maitlis and the other contributors who took issue with his comments."

alanorei said...

Em is clearly an intelligent woman, whatever else may be said of her.

Married to a banker, she obviously knows the truth of the old adage passed down from generation to generation of discerning females that "Coffee, chocolate and men are all better when they're rich."

Her Wiki resume that highlights her evident astuteness may also help to explain why about 8,000,000 Jews (discounting the 6,000,000 in Israel, who appear to have their hands full with staving off the local version of 'enrichment') evidently rule the remaining 5,000,000,000 or so of the world's population.

Discovering how they manage to do so could be a profitable study. Don't pass up an opportunity to learn from your enemy. I'm sure the British Army knows the practicality of that statement, from Stormberg to Helmand.

Urban Commando said...

"But nothing the British Empire did to its subject peoples has been as total and catastrophic as what a post-great Britain did to its own." - Mark Steyn 12.08.2011.


Time for what remains of the indigenous white British populace to grow a pair and destroy the usurious lib-lab-con politico-banking PC loving multi-kulti Frankfurt School genocidalists.

Anonymous said...

Starkey speaks out against those who tried to silence him for confronting the gangster culture that has ruptured our society (Telegraph)

Anonymous said...

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