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The Shooting Has Begun - Part 1

By Mister Fox

During the 1981 riots Enoch explained that the way to find out what was going on was to read European media because British media obfuscates the truth. Those riots he pointed out were attacks on the police.  At the heart of the recent riots there were also attacks on the police which included firing at them with handguns in Birmingham. The media behave like the media in the Soviet Union where what the ideology said was happening was pushed by media rather than what was really happening. Russians were constantly told there was no crime in Russia.

There have been many warnings since immigration began but senior police chose to keep crime figures secret to further their own careers and kid the public that everything was working out when it was not.

The first Parliamentary debate on immigration was on the 5th of November 1954. John Hynd Labour M.P. in Sheffield said the colour bar in Sheffield dance halls because of knife fights was justified. Both Hynd and another Labour M.P., James Johnson, called for a committee of enquiry to be set up and speakers repeatedly asked the Government to take action but Henry Hopkinson(c), Minister of State at the Colonial Office told them “the matter is receiving urgent attention.” He did admit that he had received many letters from worried M.P.’s on both sides.

Winston Churchill battled in cabinet against appeasers but was old and ailing. Harold Macmillan entered in his diary for January 20th 1955: "More discussion about the West Indian immigrants. A Bill is being drafted - but it's not an easy problem. P.M. thinks 'Keep England White' a good slogan!” The bill was not ready till June 1955, two months after Churchill had to stand down.

Peter Hennessy, 'Having It So Good - Britain in the Fifties' (Allen Lane, 2006) p 224

Hennessy's reference is: Peter Catterall (ed.), 'The Macmillan Diaries: The Cabinet Years, 1950-1957' Macmillan. 2003 p 382

The fifth Marquess of Salisbury wrote to Viscount Swinton in 1954: “I should not be satisfied with the legislation which you suggest. I feel that it would only be tinkering with what is really becoming a fundamental problem for us all, though it is only beginning to push its ugly head above the surface of politics. The figures which we have been given make it clear that we are faced with a problem which, though at present it may be only a cloud the size of a man’s hand, may easily come to fill the whole political horizon …With each year that passes, and with the general improvement with methods of transportation, the flow increases. Indeed, if something is not done to check it now, I should not be at all surprised if the problem became quite unmanageable in twenty or thirty-years time. We might well be faced with very much the same type of appalling issue that is now causing such great difficulties for the United States.”

In a 1965 debate Cyril Osborne, who had begun his campaign against mass immigration in 1954, said:” Our children and our grandchildren will curse us for our moral cowardice. The conflict these great men foresaw has arrived.

Birmingham Chief Constable Chris Sims announced at a press conference on 20th August:   “ I have taken the decision... perhaps an unusual decision ...  I want to to release into the public domain... footage showing people firing into lines of police officers...evidence of several gunmen, evidence of a level of planning.  What we are looking at is a concerted attempt to kill or injure police officers... it is also a threat to the wider community.” (2)

I am truly sorry about this danger to the lives of police officers but what did senior police officers, media and politicians expect?  This is the coming to fruition of years of appeasement of ethnics. 
During the 1981 riots politicians and media tried to pretend they were not Black but "Youth" riots because some Whites joined in.

Enoch explained the way to find the cause was like in medical science when trying to discover the cause of an epidemic: look for the common denominator. The common denominator is that the riots originated in Black areas. The way to understand the cause is to compare their behaviour here with that in Jamaica, Somalia, American cities and Africa.  (3)You have your answer.

The inner contradiction will soon be evident: despite the media trying to pretend it is not race based, there will be appeasement of the Black community, politicians will call for more handouts, faux-experts like Ted Candle will seek to scapegoat Whites.

The media smooth things over, adapt events to the official racial-equality ideology and show a disproportionate number of pictures of Whites. The excuse that it is caused by poverty is a hundred years old and a bit quaint now. The idea that it is racism that keeps people down is silly because as this essay shows ethnics get preferential treatment. Furthermore, rioters and looters didn’t look angry or oppressed but were enjoying themselves and looking happy.

The areas these shootings occurred are notorious mugging areas were Whites are not safe to walk unless they know you. These are the Newtown and Aston areas breeding ground of Birmingham's two notorious Black gangs The Johnsons and The Burger Boys. These are substitute families.
I worked in this area 17 years ago and it was well-known then that young “gangstas” carried guns.  In fact the notorious killing of a young Black girl by her brother happened in Aston. (4)
The local authorities, including the police, have allowed these gangs to take over areas and businesses and not won their support but their contempt.  People hate weakness in others.

The sad reality is that the local authorities are creating this situation by allowing it to develop.  On Sunday nights on Broad Street in Birmingham a local bar put on R&B nights. This music is very popular with young Blacks and the gangstas and this city-centre venue caters for them.  The door staff have to be changed as they would be targets walking through the streets and would be waited for outside for even minor transgressions like not letting certain people in.  They are replaced by Black door staff from a different area. It is being changed to a “members only” event to prevent innocent people blundering in and being beaten. They have knife arches outside to detect metal and only serve drinks in plastic not glass.  White women go there but it would not be safe for White men.

Outside the bar the door staff put up barriers to stop them getting out and running riot.  But what is highly dangerous is when the gangstas try to take guns in with them. The police respond with armed police officers brandishing machine guns who line the gangstas on the floor handcuff their hands behind their backs and take their guns off them. Recently, the violence was so bad that they had a police helicopter circling above the venue.  But this is never reported.

The local authorities conspire to keep it from the public.  The police, local council, the editors of the 3 principle Birmingham newspapers and The Broad Street Marshalls keep it quiet.

There has always been ample evidence that trying to force different racial groups together leads to conflict and mutual hatreds, so the authorities have no excuses.

There were racial battles in 1948 between 31 July and 2 August in Liverpool, in Deptford on the 18th July; and Birmingham between the 6th and 8th of August 1949.  The idealists ignored those as they had racial battles in 1919 in Liverpool and Cardiff.  They do so out of fear of standing up against the orthodox view (PC) and being pilloried.

Enoch told the House of Commons the consequences of immigration on 24 May, 1976:  "Yet even though that picture is dark and darkening, there is one factor which has not yet been injected. I do not know whether it will be tomorrow, or next year, or in five years; but it will come. That factor is firearms and explosives. With communities which are so divided nothing can prevent the injection of explosives which we know perfectly well from experience in other parts of the United Kingdom and the world. At first there will be horrified astonishment, and inquiry as to what we have done wrong that such things should be happening. Then there will be feverish endeavour to find methods to allay the supposed grievances which lie behind the violence. Then follows exploitation by those who use violence of the ascendancy they have thus gained over the majority and over authority. The thing goes forward, acting and reacting, until a position is reached in which—I shall dare say it—compared with those areas, Belfast today will seem an enviable place."

Published in A Nation or No Nation? Six Years in British Politics (Elliot Right Way Books, 1977), p. 161

The situation in Birmingham is the same in immigrant areas all over the country.  In Edmonton  north London on  Thursday 25th of August a police van was petrol bombed for no reason. (5)
 I watched the London news on ITN and it never mentioned it. Another article in the Guardian is interesting as the Welsh want demographic change to be taken into account when building new homes. (6)

There are secondary causes.  In a Newsnight discussion David Starkey, put the riots down to the corrupting influence of particular type of Black culture. (7) He was attacked on the programme even by the supposedly neutral presenter Emily Maitlis and later by another partial senior BBC figure, Robert Peston. Then a 100 academics wrote a letter attacking him to The Telegraph.

Academic historians are establishment ideologues not objective investigators.  Starkey had “ Disgraced the academic world”, they claimed?  The academic world has been in disgrace for a long time. The treatment of Dr James Watson after his "controversial" remarks stands out as a particularly strong sign of how institutions that are supposed to be about facts and truth have been promoting the orthodox ideology as in Communist countries. Rather than refute any of Watson's claims they attacked him personally, even suggesting he was going senile, and David Starkey's hero David Lammy criticised him ideologically, but not on factual grounds. This Nobel prize winner, co-discover of DNA was being insulted by semi-educated journalists. Now the same thing is happening to Starkey because broke the most important Establishment taboo. The 100 signatures mean nothing; facts to do not change because weak-minded and biased people want them to. The truth is not a democracy where you can collect signatures to decide what really went on. The signatories resort to assumptions:

The 100 academics attacking Starkey recalls the Nazi's - "100 scientists against Einstein", pamphlet. This is intimidation and academic bullying. These 100 intellectual lightweights are showing their anti-White credentials as Soviet intellectuals denounced  others.

How do these 'academics' know that Starkey's wrong when they have the "No Platform Policy" endorsed by the NUS, and their use of UAF thugs to silence politically incorrect speakers at universities? Academic progress is supposed to be achieved by hearing opposing viewpoints?
If this find this type of Black culture is difficult to define, how do people know what to put in "Black History Month" or MOBO?
A classic example of their bias is that "academics" at the LSE have attacked him. Is this the LSE that took a £1.5 million bung from Saif Gadaffi for a plagiarised PHD and allowed him to deliver the Ralph Milliband memorial lecture on "Democracy in Libya"?

Starkey never blamed race for the problems as the elites blame Whites.  They are racist against Whites.  Racism hopes to blame problems on a racial scapegoat. If the Hutus have a bad crop, it must be because of the Tutsi; if there are race riots in England it must be because of White racism.
Nationalism says that our most basic form of political order is advanced tribalism: people are united by culture, heritage, language, customs, values and descent from ancestors not political ideology, like “capitalist democracy” versus “socialist authoritarianism,” Rule of Law (which they are suspending to cope with problems of immigration).
There are currently 20,000 diseased Africans in this country with AIDS but the elites never any health warnings to young girls not to sleep with them.  That is both irresponsible in failing to protect the innocent and also shows hatred for their own ordinary people.

A factor that is never considered is the constant and consistent stirring up of race hatred against Whites in Blacks by the corrupt elites who are making ordinary people pay for their own feelings of shame at our past and our history. They do this by continually promoting a perverse interpretation of slavery and to make sure they have stirred up hatred against Whites they open up museums to further push erroneous view of our part in the slave trade and incite more hatred. This is racism pure and simple.

Nationalism is something every ethnic group can use to their advantage but in their own countries otherwise with masses of immigrants that have a different culture and genetic heritage you find the ethnic warfare we have starting here.  This is part of a worldwide reaction against Globalism as multi racial states voluntarily break down into Ethno Nationalist groups. In small numbers people adapt but with mass immigration in such a short time you get serious ethnic wars and dispossession. Ask the Tutsis, Hutus and Native Americans. (8)


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Ameliora said...

Is this British nationalisms most courageous figure? The best writer, Sarah? I look forward to more from him. I hope he writes for BritIN fIRST.

alanorei said...

Thank you Mr Fox and Sarah

Can anyone cite any lasting benefit at all that has actually accrued to this nation from black immigration as a whole?

(I don't include increased profits for avaricious employers using cheap labour as a benefit to the nation as a whole. Neither do I include blacks in unskilled or semi-skilled employment where the work could be done by ordinary Brits and must have been done by such in days gone by.)

I am aware of the good work carried out by black Christian ministers such as Rev George Hargreaves who appeared on Revelation TV with Nick Griffin in a beneficial discussion session after the notorious QT episode but ministers such as Rev Hargreaves appear to be the exception rather than the rule.

davidc said...

Very well written. Looking forward to Part 2. Borders, language and culture must be protected. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

Ryu said...

I don't like blacks in Great Britain, and I don't even live there! I'm sorry that you guys are copying America and obtaining the same results. We're like your big brother, and we've let you and much of the Anglosphere down.

Anonymous said...

I am a Briton, Ryu, and our EVIL (I don't use that word lightly) and their pathetic and equally EVIL media apologists should rot in hell for all eternity for what they have done to this country. I mean, how BLOODY STUPID, was it to ignore what has happened and continues to happen in the USA because of race and bring it to Britain?

Anonymous said...

Excellent Mister Fox, agree with every word.

We're witnessing the greatest crime against humanity that has ever been committed in human history bar none.

What is so desperate is that our own people are lemmings willingly marching to their own destruction.

Look at this:

The Evil Being Done To Our Children

That poor girl isn't stupid, she is the victim of cultural Marxism. She's a victim of pure evil. But how on earth are we going to stop this when our people are so brainwashed by this vile ideology?


Max said...

London is no longer an English city and that's how it got the Olympics, says John Cleese

Read more:

Zarky said...

I am a South African which feels that he is allowed to post a reply on this blog regarding this article.
We South Africans are what you would call “experienced multi-culturism experts” or as you would have portrayed/labelled us, we are racist. Now as you would know nothing beats experience, it cannot be bought, it is something that you acquire over the years of living.
Now we white “racist” South Africans have learned over the years, a couple of hundred of them that mixing with blacks does not work, for us and them. We have had many border wars with various African tribes were land were bought from them but then they want it back, not legally but by force, so they kill everyone and everything and so it goes on time after time.
Why the rest of the world did not use us as an example that multi-culturism does not work is above me. It seems that humans think that they have become advance, like technology, but sadly we are still the same barbarians that we were 2000 years ago. We still kill and wage war, just on a grander scale and with more efficiency. The same goes for blacks, their behaviour is in their genes. I will say this that not all of them, but most of them. There is unfortunately no way to determine which are okay and which not. Whites as well.
Now please tell me why have you allowed this to happen to your country?
Why have you and the rest of Europe allowed this?
Why have you allowed so many blacks into your country to the detriment of your own folks?
What is the reason behind this?
You obviously have not used your brain when you voted or you were conned in a big way.
You will never have your country back as it were pre WW2. You are on a downward spiral that will take a little longer than at the speed it is happening here in South Africa but you will go down the toilet and the rest of Europe as well.
Politicians are not there for the greater good, they are there to enhance their own little agendas and enrich themselves, so be careful when you vote. Your politicians have allowed and contributed to the suicide of Great Britain. The “Great” in Britain will not exist in a hundred years, mark my words.
What I always find amazing is how quickly the media is out to portray someone like me as a looney white right wing racist but never the other way round for the blacks, they seem to be immune as by the media worlds standards, weird is it not? Just for the record, I am and consider myself to be normal, very sane and caring, no swastika tattoos at all, no affiliation to any nutcase political party or as the media always portray living in a caravan with mom shotgun at hand – lol! I have helped and fed more blacks than any of you reading this.
You have pointed a finger at us, beaten us with a stick while your own government, politicians and media have taken you for a ride to further their agenda in Britain’s demise. God only knows why, I don’t.
Good Luck you will need it.

misterfox said...

In response to Jim Dowson in The British Resistance Paltalk room last night:
I would have appreciated a proper answer to my question about race last night. But must explain that I was not tying to incriminate anyone but there have been several movements lately such as Lee Barnes BFP and Butler's EDL who are dropping it presumably for tactical reasons. I accept that, but think they are misguided.
The whole arttack on us is carried on in all the White homelands and is based on the terrible things our ancestors did - Colonialism, Slavery and, by proxy, the Holocause. The last because we are racially similar to the Germans. That is, our guilt according to multi-racialists, is inherited because of our race; the race we share with the slavers and colonialists, so you see the opposition do believe in race but not our positive version, but a negative version of how wicked we are and always ready to start again so we must be wiped ourt as "the cancer of history."
The recent riots were essentially race riots and are likely to get worse. When those young Blacks fired bullits at the police they were firing at a symbol of racial oppression. The culpabilityof the police as the hatred of the blacks is inherited according to their race. This a time to stand our ground and hold firm not capitulate our central beliefs to get round an establishment that hates us because of our historical actions.