Friday, 5 August 2011

The Forced Resignation of Fjordman

The attempts to blame Nationalists for recent events in Norway has impacted on one of Europe's most important writers. Details at The Gates of Vienna here and further commentary can be read at the American Thinker here


Anonymous said...

I hope Fjordman will go into US exile. We have large Norwegian communities here and we need people like him.

Anonymous said...

This was to be expected. As soon as the fact that the attack was from an individual carrying right-wing views, conservatives and nationalists all over Europe knew Anders would be the new posterboy of the left.

Liberal establishments and organisations have already began their smear campaign. Despite Norweigan reports that Anders was not associated with British Far right groups, they report it anyway. These few months will be a pivotal moment for Nationalism.

Dr.D said...

He voluntarily turned himself in to the police, and the have treated him like a murder suspect. This is a crying shame. So much for "liberal democracy," "presumed innocence" and other fine phrases. This is really a disgrace. Anyone can be named by a nut, even you, Sarah, and if the police presume you are guilty just because an insane person says you "inspired them," then we are way past being in extreme trouble.

Anonymous said...

How dare Fjordman allow them to capitalise on him and then crumble . Imagine if we conquered the moslems and , due to one of our troops having raped a moslim woman , we suddenly all collapse and withdraw and surrender to them ? That would be utterly insane . Admit the rapist for execution , and persevere .
In this case the media is the rapist ,so charge accordingly !

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that flooding white countries and ONLY white countries with non-whites if those non-whites then ASSIMILATE,is still pro-white genocide. A wolf in sheep's clothing if you will.

Anonymous said...

What Breivic did is going to look like a Sunday school picnic once the other races start taking control of white countries .

misterfox said...

The bizzarre thing is people like Fjordman are pro-Israel. Those who persecute him and use Breivik to smear the "right-wing" are ctually being anti-Israel and defending Eurabia against its critics.
Fjordman's E Book is very popular and we will survive this persecution and rise from the flames.

misterfox said...

You have that dead right, Dr.D. Here is Fjordmans description of his pwersecution by the EUSSR police.

Anonymous said...

Fjordman, I think, was extremely and understandably demoralized by the slaying of young people by someone apparently influenced by his writings.

However, I hope Fjordman takes the time to reflect on the actual causal chain of events.

In short, the Leftwing establishment, by ramming mass immigration of unassimilable people down the throats of their unwilling citizenry, is actually and undeniably responsible.

What happened was as predictable as night following day. Human nature is not constructed to surrender territory and women in this fashion (or any fashion), and certainly not to accept the obvious lies and deceit of the MSM/political 'elite'.

Fjordman is really just a kind of messenger, who as usual, the dimwitted will confuse with the real villains.

The government of Norway seems committed to proceed as if nothing had happened. This atrocity would have happened irrespective of Fjordman, or anyone else trying to warn the country. The government should come to its senses and realize the limits of what ordinary, normal people will accept. They have been far exceeded in certain parts of Norway, and many parts of Europe.

Wake up.