Monday, 1 August 2011

More Farm deaths in South Africa

A further two South African farm murders which have occurred in the last two weeks have been reported to me.
The first killing, which took place on the 21st of July was that of 66 year old Bruno van Staden who was shot dead by five black intruders in his bedroom at his Kameeldrift smallholding.  Mr van Straden's 55 wife Alexis was threatened at gun point and witnessed the murder of her husband after being forced to get out of the bath, but mercifully was left unscathed. The attackers took jewelry but apparently dropped this when making their escape.

The murder is being linked to an attack at a nearby smallholding where a gardener and domestic maid were tied up.  


The second murder occurred only today, when an, as yet unnamed Free State farmer was buried in a shallow grave after being attacked on his Reitz farm.  police were alerted by his son when he became suspicious after a stranger answered one of his telephone calls to his parent's home.

Police arrived to find two women tied up, but no sign of the farmer.who's body was found after a search of the farmyard.

The women are receiving treatment for their injuries at Bethlehem hospital.  Meanwhile one suspect has been apprehended. 


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Anonymous said...

The rate of farm murders and attacks are escalating , the small town communities are taking beating after beating . Even Afrikaners on small towns are coming under attack. The destruction of historic small towns is beyond imagination . The Boers are a patient bunch and can take a lot but I really doubt them holding out much longer .

Anonymous said...

@Anon: Man this crap goes on and on and on and on and on ad-ifinitum. No end in sight. You say the boers are a patient bunch. I have said this over and over again on many blog’s that the Afrikaner/boers are a spineless, gutless bunch. In my border days up in Angola, SWA and Caprivi Strip I thought the boers were an untouchable bunch, but sadly I was very wrong. After 17 plus years and they are still waiting and patient, no, something has happened to their psyche or they were always turncoats and cowards. After all these farm and town murders, torture, pain, de humanizing etc, of the white race, No, sorry I don’t buy that they have not reacted a long time ago. I fought with these boys in the 70’s and 80’s, hell no, we better wake up very soon, if it not already too late. I am born here from German decent, therefore I am not a boer/Afrikaner but fought the good fight in the SADF infantry as a Staff Sergeant Citizen force, did my national service in 1973. The Afrikaner/boer are far more interested in Rugby and klippies and Coke, that is their only way that they get their adrenalin rush, come on manne, get of your fat backsides and let’s get cracking, time is of the essence.

PreatorianXVI said...

Anon; 2 August 2011 11:00

I share the same feelings, although I am one of them, totally Irritated with the brandy and rugby brigade.

I think we underestimated the power of propaganda, it has been done very well, even my siblings are to a very large degree a lost case,

Personally I have left could not stand it any-more all talk and no go, most people do not know their history and that is the start of their problems, feeling ashamed to be white, they'd rather try to be more like the Savages around them.

Auf Wederzein...

Anonymous said...

german decent ? So am I , that means you are a Boer . They are just without direction like white people all over the world . The major problem is that they can't act they know the world is against them because of disinformation , they will have to react !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi PretorianXVI I see you have left the rainbow nation some time ago, can't say I blame you, I am still here in Gauteng. My wife and I could go anytime if we wished as I have a Deutches Reissepass (passport) which I have had since I was 17 years old, before my army days. I loved my country and so did my folks. In those days I never thought of leaving. My dad died in 1995 but my old mom lives with us and we take care of her she is 87, too old for her to emigrate back to Germany or leave her in SA alone. A bit of a predicament. Many people envy me and ask ""what the hell are you still doing here in K4 land with a German passport""? Answer, circumstances and I am also no longer a young troepie and spring chicken anymore. I still have all my army kit ballsak except my R1 and skerppunte. I will still try and fight and defend SA if it came to the push, but shit all on my own like the dude in Norway, no way.
@ Anonymous : Gutten Abend mein freund. I speak German fluently however I do not read and write much German these day, a little rusty. Yes I always thought as myself as a boertjie seun en het hard geveg met my manne op die grens, Ja, wat alles is verby en stukkend, wat n gemors. I never thought that I would say this but I am glad the rugby and Blou Bulle and the Bokke are playing kak. The big man in the sky is going to show them what priorities are. Maybe take away rugby from our klippies and coke mense., imagine the Springbok team lineup one day, Innocent, Thabo, Bongane, Philemon, Themba, Zuma, Mandela, Mashlungu, Bobbejan, etc,etc. Imagine the all blacks playing the all blacks II, bring them back down to earth again. What say you? To hell with the liberal western world, what can they do if we strike and defend ourselves, they will continue pointing fingers and crapping in their pants, what have we got to loose they have been doing that for longer than I can remember, to hell with propaganda I say. Cheers gentlemen and go well.

eduard said...

The situation of the Boers/afrikaners are much the same as the Germans in Germany. We are both rated as the dogs of this world. In Germany nobody is allowed to utter anything which goes against the popular belief of the "holocaust". You get locked up straight away. Zionists are running Germany and the Germans are taking it lying down. The same happens here, we are both paralyzed into submission. We all know that the holocau$t is a load of crap, bullshit and a lot of prpaganda. It is nothing but a money making racket.

Anonymous said...

@ Edward and others , the boers and the germans have always been close . We identify more with Germany than the Dutch . I always pray that the German nation will regain their pride and its good to see the truth regarding all the wars come out , it affects our nations more than we realise . The truth is that if Germany , England and the USA don't wake up we are all doomed

Anonymous said...

At some point, diaspora whites are going to wake up to the fact that although the western 'elite' have not actually cared about them since the late 1950's, the west itself will be too weak to do anything against them if they start to re-assert themselves.


Laager said...

It is not only white - mainly - Afrikaners that are victims.

Take a look at:

Indians and Pakistanis are now also being killed by blacks in SA.
When I lived in KZN SA it was a well known fact the the blacks did not like the Indians and vice versa.
Blacks resented the Indians for being sharp in business and employing them on low wages

It looks like pay-back time has arrived

Anonymous said...

In South Africa we would see a muslim invasion and take over as merciful .