Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Extra police on the Streets of London

..... so rioters attack Manchester ...... News report.


alanorei said...

Sounds like the war of the flea. If the dog scratches in one place, the fleas attack another. The dog can't simultaneously cover all places of attack so it eventually bleeds to death from literally a thousand cuts.

That is classic guerrilla strategy, applied now as urban guerrilla warfare.

It is to be hoped that the police and the military can put down the present crisis, i.e. that the guerrilla leaders behind the scenes have miscalculated.

Otherwise, the nightmare scenario is further absorption into the EU (if that is possible after the treason at Lisbon) so that the euroarmy can be deployed in this country on the principle of 'peace at any price.' Once deployed, they will never leave unless forced out.

One possible effect is that the present crisis might drive Britain to her knees, which might not be a bad thing, when you think about it.

Some historians credit John Wesley with saving England by his ministry from a revolution of blood like that which overwhelmed France in 1789.

Wesley, it should be noted, was essentially a man of one Book, which Book just happens to have entered its 400th anniversary this year.

Methinks the Great Enemy is a bit hacked off with that and is trying to create a diversion.

Tia Mysoa said...

@ alanorei

Yep! Methinks you’re 100 percent right!

alanorei said...

Thank you, Tia

If the current crisis continues and, even worse, if it escalates, this country is running out of options to contain it.

Note that Jim Dowson has written a piece on the riots. The article has attracted numerous comments, mostly in favour but some against (accusing Dowson of being a hypocrite in effect, of not blaming the Jews etc.) but it's a thought provoking item, I think.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Breivik was correct - obviously. He was correctly observing what's happening in his own country, which itself is not far behind Britain and France in letting hordes of immigrants in at the behest of the rich capitalists who want them to drive down wages and working conditions.

The solution is to stop allowing them in, and to quit electing politicians who betray their own people by opening the floodgates to turn their own country into a Third World - Islamic to boot. They won't be done until Sharia law criminal courts and worse.

These immigrants, Islamics/Muslims in particular - don't come to 'settle', or 'integrate'. They come and form their own communities or just anarchy. As their percent of the population increases, they turn from a nice curiosity or "diversity" into a force to be reckoned with. They become aggressive and start riots, start pushing for their Sharia courts, etc.

Islam, their religion, preaches hatred and death to infidels. Women who are not married or who aren't veiled in public may be lawfully raped, stoned or killed. A woman who is raped herself becomes the criminal and is often sentenced to death. This is just a part of what they are bringing over. These people, Islamists or not - are desperate and do not share the culture or values of British or Europeans in general. They come from brutal lands where the law of kill or be killed is daily life. They are schooled to rape as they please because Islam says they can - and they do! Look at the statistics - you will be thoroughly shocked and horrified as to who the instigators of rapes and robberies are in Norway and Britain.

The riots you've seen over the last few days in London are a mere beginning for what's coming.

As the oil runs out and the jobs disappear, there will be a lot of angry immigrants feeling entitled to a fistful of stolen items and a fiery view of your houses and shops burning to the ground.

The situation will only get worse which is why Breivik sacrificed himself as he did - to sound the alarm all over Europe and through other First World nations about the tide of Islamic immigration, and Third World immigration which is destroying centuries-old cultures that had achieved a social consensus and lasting peace.

Tia Mysoa said...

Learn a lesson from South Africa…

A similar crisis was unleashed upon South Africa in the old apartheid days, followed by another crisis, and another. When that did not work too well, they unleashed trained Marxist terrorists on our borders and in our cities, armed to the teeth with weaponry and ammunition of all sorts, eagerly supplied by Russia, east-block countries, and communist China. When that didn’t work, they sent their Soviet-Cuban MiGs over. When that didn’t work, the Judaic-controlled media and their liberal accomplices intensified their demonic onslaught, making South Africa and its minority White Christians the skunk of the world… And then - quite out of the blue, the Cold War ended, the Berlin wall came down and Communism was officially declared dead by the very same masters who controlled it. We did not know it then, and only realized a few years later that we were conned by the devil, and should have kept on fighting. The devil now rules South Africa as an angel of light (II Cor 11:14), with the sheeple blinded by its brilliance.

misterfox said...

Enoch told the House of Commons on the consequences of immigration (24 May, 1976):

"Yet even though that picture is dark and darkening, there is one factor which has not yet been injected. I do not know whether it will be tomorrow, or next year, or in five years; but it will come. That factor is firearms and explosives. With communities which are so divided nothing can prevent the injection of explosives which we know perfectly well from experience in other parts of the United Kingdom and the world. At first there will be horrified astonishment, and inquiry as to what we have done wrong that such things should be happening. Then there will be feverish endeavour to find methods to allay the supposed grievances which lie behind the violence. Then follows exploitation by those who use violence of the ascendancy they have thus gained over the majority and over authority. The thing goes forward, acting and reacting, until a position is reached in which—I shall dare say it—compared with those areas, Belfast today will seem an enviable place."
A Nation or No Nation? Six Years in British Politics (Elliot Right Way Books, 1977), p. 161

Well a firarm has been introduced now.


mary sullivan said...

not much of a witness as he covers up that Negroes are committing the crimes.
just another Cameron lover

Anonymous said...

You are a racist bitch, and should be arrested

Anonymous said...

The corrupt, useless police police the locals who are trying to defend their homes and families.


alanorei said...

Re: You are a racist bitch, and should be arrested

You are a coward and have already been identified.

"There is no darkness, nor shadow of death, where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves" Job 34:22.