Monday, 8 August 2011

It continues

Tonight rioting has broken out in the Hackney, Lewisham and Peckham areas of London, ad there are also reports of trouble in Birmingham.

More film here .

UPDATE:  Massive fires burning in Croydon - Video.

It will be interesting to know if the Notting Hill Carnival goes ahead, and what will happen if it doesn't!!


misterfox said...

You all know the word. Now say after me ............
d e p o r t a t i o n

Anonymous said...

These feral blacks are probably burning down their own neighborhoods (just like in the LA riots). They will have nowhere to shop and then complain about it. Unbelievable! Why does the UK need blacks? Vast amount of crime and use of social services can be attributed to this unproductive group. Diversity is going to destroy western civilization. Diversity means LESS WHITES.

Anonymous said...

With the markets going SIGNIFICANTLY down the tubes, all the "toxic assets" that the Fed, the ECB and the Bank of England have been buying AND with the international bond markets inevitably crashing, there will be NO ROOM for ANY government to continue the entitlement programs.

Can you imagine the reaction of the negroes to further "cuts" or to welfare going to ZERO? And all that AFTER they burn down their own neighborhoods?

This is the moment where the SHTF, guys. We might live a historical moment here.

And look at the pictures. The young DWL are clearly rioting WITH the niggers.

misterfox said...

Enoch told the House of Commons on the consequences of immigration (24 May, 1976), from A Nation or No Nation? Six Years in British Politics (Elliot Right Way Books, 1977), p. 161

"Yet even though that picture is dark and darkening, there is one factor which has not yet been injected. I do not know whether it will be tomorrow, or next year, or in five years; but it will come. That factor is firearms and explosives. With communities which are so divided nothing can prevent the injection of explosives which we know perfectly well from experience in other parts of the United Kingdom and the world. At first there will be horrified astonishment, and inquiry as to what we have done wrong that such things should be happening. Then there will be feverish endeavour to find methods to allay the supposed grievances which lie behind the violence. Then follows exploitation by those who use violence of the ascendancy they have thus gained over the majority and over authority. The thing goes forward, acting and reacting, until a position is reached in which—I shall dare say it—compared with those areas, Belfast today will seem an enviable place."

galafron said...

Many citizens in Europe think by just imposing curfew and shooting randomly the remnant rioters at sight on the very first night of the ransacking of London would have stop the rampage almost immediately. Previously, mobile, internet, radio and tv communications must be shut down the time needed by the police to reassert control without being annoyed by purportedly objective witnessing. Curfews means no exception. This should be a tool every urban police have in the box.

As a devout supporter of the french Front National and follower of this blog, I warn of a trend we have seen in Europe since too many years, the police force would have priority orders not to arm the rioters unless life threatening situation. Meaning they would let burn whole cities before the elected politicians who command them change their mind. It happened in France already many times, today it is the turn of UK sadly. I believe londoners will wake up today in smoking battlefield.

misterfox said...

This is from last year but very topical now.

Anonymous said...

The whites are our problem and should be dealt with harshly. The others get deported.


Macaw said...

I just read that Cameron cut short his holiday and returned. Now, just what exactly is he going to do to sort out this mess?

Anonymous said...

@ misterfox , it will be that or war , the whites all over the world are waking up to the attempt of the msm to silence them and to hide black criminality . Just read youtube comments to get an idea .The EU will collapse and with it the multi cult .

Anonymous said...

@ misterfox , it will be that or war , the whites all over the world are waking up to the attempt of the msm to silence them and to hide black criminality . Just read youtube comments to get an idea .The EU will collapse and with it the multi cult .

Michael Dean Miller said...


Hmmmm, taste the Wonderfully Diverse Goodness which is The Rainbow of Multicultural Utopia.

No, seriously... start shootin' those fuckers.


James Mathurin said...

"You all know the word. Now say after me ............
d e p o r t a t i o n

Where to? Where should British-born citizens be deported to? Are you suggesting starting a new prison colony a la Australia?

yorkshirebob said...

Snow Walker, what is a DWL.

Yorkshireminer said...

Sarah I think you are getting a little bit confused concerning the Notting Hill Carnival. This is the Notting Hill Carnival it just kicked off a little bit earlier. I am wondering if the powers that be are not regretting cutting the police force by about 5,000 now. Penny wise and pound foolish my Mum would have said.

Anonymous said...

Whites are being attacked in South Africa, Rhodesia, and now they are being attacked in their own Home Islands. Because of their skin colour. This will spread...I see no reason for these thugs to stop now. Cameron is out of his depth. He needs to dog paddle to the shallow end of the pool, walk up the steps and get out of the water. Leave would be a good option. So he has called Parliament for Thursday...several days off. He is just so casual about this whole thing. Seriously Mr. Cameron is probably a nice guy. But he is no trigger puller. A PM needs to be a trigger puller, someone who is willing and able to draw blood. Cameron has the right papers, the right background and such, but has he ever been in the forces? Civilization is just a thin veneer of respect and kindness for one another. It is very thin. So now we watch and wait to see how this breaks.

misterfox said...

Everything changed this week. We are entering a new era - our era!

"BBC News twice reported this morning that troops were being readied. The statement was first made by a reporter at 8:30am and then repeated by a Metropolitan Police representative who said “all options were on the table”.

U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May confirms that the government is considering “military support for the police”.

Curfews are also being discussed as authorities prepare to transform Britain into a locked down police state.

“Armoured vehicles have been brought in to clear the streets for the first time by police to tackle what senior officers say is the worst rioting and looting in living memory,” reports the Guardian."

Laager said...

@ Macaw

When Cameron realised that the mainstream parties started losing support to the "right wing" on the issue of immigration, he jumped on the band wagon making a speech in which he claimed:

"we will do away with mass immigration but continue with good immigration"

Just exactly what is "good immigration"?

Is it Asian Muslim whizz kid IT specialists
Dispossessed white Caucasian Christian Zimbabwean farmers?

When he gets back to the UK pay particular attention to the photo calls. He will not be wearing his suit jacket, his long sleeves will be rolled up and perhaps his tie will be slightly undone.

The subliminal message:
Its back to work. Trust me boys. I am the man for the job

Real pie in the face politics IMHO

Anonymous said...

Here's how a Toronto newspaper columnist views the fiery mob related mayhem happening in London.

...and note the emphasis on "homegrown" without any reference to BLACKS.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy it poms, this is what you have been shoving down white South Africans' faces for the past 300+ years. This is why Apartheid was instituted. You British are stupid enough to have willingly imported this problem into your heartland.

If you need some lessons on living with niggers, I offer Apartheid 101 classes. We've had a few years of training.

Hope that stiff upper lip holds its pose.

Anonymous said...

@ james ............. Liberia ............. I hear its a wonderful place ............. Enjoy !!!

Macaw said...

Thanks, shirt sleeve rolled up - the white Obama. All bark and no bite.

Where is the Iron Lady when you need her.

Grumbleguts said...

Saw an interesting picture in the Daily Mail today. Seems the London Turkish community banded together and a large group stood outside their shops, armed with clubs and the like. The chances of any looters attacking their shops are out of the question. By their attitude, they are looking to crack the first looter's skull that dares come near their premises. Pity that the police can't take the same stance and crack the first skull carrying a petrol bomb.

As for Cameron - all hat and no cattle.

Anonymous said...

We in the USA are having similar problems with black. Recently, in many of our cities, black flashmobs have been running wild and attacking only whites. The media has ignored it--journalists refuse to say "black youths." White Americans should be warned and instead we are kept ignorant of this horror. When will this end? When Whites take back their nations.

misterfox said...

James, I could not care less where your community goes, nor do I care where you were born. Since your people have been here you have done nothing but cause trouble and mayhem. You do not belong here and are only here because of Liberal dreamers and their silly notions of equlity. You only remain here because of effette and sentimental elites. If people like me take over that changes.

James Mathurin said...

"Since your people have been here you have done nothing but cause trouble and mayhem."

Foxy, remember that when you talk about "my people", you are also including the people you would identify as 'White Britons'.

Besides, non-Whites and other immigrants have been an integral part of the British workforce since they have been here. Without them, the framework of British society would have been under intolerable strain - why do you think the push for immigration in the 50s happened?

"You do not belong here and are only here because of Liberal dreamers and their silly notions of equlity. "

I belong here, I was born here, I have only ever lived here. This is reality, and you may as well leave the country if you refuse to accept it, as it is a fact.

"You only remain here because of effette and sentimental elites."

I have more than earned my place here, more than plenty of 'indigenous Whites', and I am no exception.

"If people like me take over that changes. "

Well, you won't. You're a lunatic fringe, and while I may be wary of someone like you cornering me down an alley and beating me down because of your ridiculous views, as a group, you will never convince enough people of the validity of your views.

In short, I'll lose no sleep over you.

misterfox said...

Well, a firarm has been introduced now. Bring it on, bringt on.

eduard said...

Quite odd that the black savages in mandela's new south africa, want the whites out of this country. According to them we don't belong here . But they don't belong in Europe or in the UK, so where is their argument? If they, the black savages could get out of the white countries, then we, the whites in Southern Africa can go back to where we originated from.

White Oak said...

Umm...excuse me mr. AntiApartheid Liberals, are you facing your Sharpeville? You will have to shoot them in the end you know!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

was in the King riots as a policman in Chicago in the 60s and the local nataional guard was brought in to quell the looting and Molotov cocktails and shooting at police, it seemed to end when we saw tracer slugs bouncing off the public housing units where we were taking fire from, send in your elite forces to stop this, SAS AND ROYAL MARINES PRONTO,,,,

Quo Vardis? said...

James might remember those three and four generation White-Rhodesian, who were selected on the basis of their race and forced penniless out of that country and refused Zimbabwean passports. You ask - Where to? It was never asked of the White-Africans, some resident since the 1600s. Where to the Jews expelled from so many countries? Where to the millions of "DPs" (displaced, nation-less, passport-less concentration camp dwellers) after WW11?
It can happen to any group.

Anonymous said...

You all must be devastated that the riots just stopped. Nothing to comlain about