Sunday, 14 August 2011


By Mike Wilson

I have been watching videos of the violence, destruction and looting of parts of London and other British cities and I am quite sickened by the way the establishment is reporting this in newspapers and web sites around the world.

Limp wristed British media commentators pussy footing around the problem as usual and refusing to call a spade a spade or in this instance a black. Why do the TV journalists bend over backwards trying to whitewash the black thugs that took part in the recent riots and even go so far as to put words in the mouths of people being interviewed that possibly some of the looters and arsonists were white?

It shows the level to which British media has sunk when it tries to denigrate its white citizens and disregard the thuggery and anti- social behaviour of blacks. Why are these so called journalists so cowed that they are unable to report the truth? Is it perhaps that they fear for their future prospects if they appear to denigrate certain sections of the community as being basic thugs and hoodlums and that this would put them at odds with the establishment which is desperate to show just what an enhancement to the white race are these misunderstood minorities?

It seems strange to me that the British public can continue to be hoodwinked in this manner and continue to accept these ridiculous stories without asking the right questions as to who was at fault. The establishment will continue to promote the cause of blacks because it is trying to debase British society with this influx of low intelligence, low morality , speed breeders whose only role is to dilute British opinion and intelligence and to breed us out of existence.

There is no doubt that once the riots started, elements of the brainless white community also became involved. Let’s face it, these delinquents probably have the same IQ as the blacks but to try and place the problems on the white community is just a smokescreen to avoid the truth.

Isn’t it about time the average Briton stood up for himself and voted out of existence these political parties that have no future plans for the country other than to do the bidding  of the European Oligarchy  that wants to turn this country into another refuge for mindless voters to do as they are told?


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


My interpretation: You (Far Left Highway) and Ilana (Far Right Cannibal's Pot)?

Anonymous said...

The problem is the BBC and MSM has been infiltrated by globalist shock troops who do not remotely equate their role with telling the objective truth.

Ditto the "educational" establishment.

We will suffer on and on until these people are purged.


Anonymous said...

alanorei said...

This is an interesting report.

In spite of assiduously tracking the web, the police, not to mention the would-be attackers, do not seem to know that the group concerned is now deemed to be dead in the water and therefore cannot pose a threat to anyone.

alanorei said...

Or can it, even yet?

Anonymous said...

How do we explain the phenomenom of 'young white trash' imitating black gangs? Well, the answer is simple and can be clearly identified by the reaction of the police, the media and the government to the riots. What was the reaction? It was to:

(1) leave the blacks to riot, loot and burn;
(2) crack down hard on any whites who dared to share their faces to defend themselves and their property (1000 police v 200 whites was one example);
(3) praise gangs of Sikhs and other Asians who gathered to fight any rioters and carried swords and other weapons to do so (their photographs appeared all over the place and articles were written comparing them favourably to the whites (they know how to handle the rioters better than we do - and there was even an article in the DT saying that immigrants love this country more than we do);
(4) minimize the involvement of blacks in the rioting (the BBC were particularly bad at this);
(5) maximize the involvement of whites (the BBC again - but pretty much all the other media as well);
(6) interview as many black (as opposed to white) victims, shopkeepers and community leaders as possible (the politicians in particular did this).

I could go on but you get the point.

What all this indicates is a culture, which has existed for decades now, of excusing almost anything non-whites (blacks, Muslims and other immigrants) do - even including burning and looting our cities - where they get preferential treatment in (apparently) practically every walk of life. This culture is enshrined in law and rigorously enforced by the courts. In fact, the more violent and intolerant they are the more money we throw at them and the more we try to 'understand' them, the more 'inter-community harmony groups' we set up and the more advisers we appoint in our government, councils, police and so on.

There is no doubt about it; whites are treated as an underclass in their own country.

Is it any surprise that uneducated white youths look at all this, see everyone (from the media, to the government, to the courts and so on) almost KISSING THE ARSES OF IMMIGRANTS (excuse the language but we must be honest about this) and conclude that the obvious thing is TO BECOME AN IMMIGRANT.

And there you have it. If you want to solve these problems the answer is simple. DON'T TREAT THE INDIGENOUS WHITE PEOPLE AS AN UNDERCLASS. You have stolen their self-respect. I suggest that you give it back to them.

You (the government, the media and so on) can stick that in your 'consultation exercise' pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

The BBC is a public funded corporation ? If it is, should the views expressed not be unbiased, not take favour for or against any topic discussed? If it is found to be biased in the views expressed, should all tax funding not stop as it is therefore no longer a broadcaster but a vehicle to promote whatever the going fashion is, thereby nulifying the reason for its existance??
Just a question.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it time to call you on it? You, and nearly all of your fellow rightists have nowhere to go after the Breivik Action. He has the courage you don't. I see what you are now, just as I see what Peter Hitchens, Steve Sailer, most contributors at Majority Rights, and even "Vlad Krantz", frequent commentor and all-round white nationalist nuisance at Clusterfuck Nation, have done after the Breivik Action: yes, I've seen the unseemly haste with which you've distanced yourselves from what Breivik did. You did it too, Sarah.

Kind of glad I don't have to pay attention to you ever again. Kind of glad I can just watch while the cities burn.

Anonymous said...

Mike Wilson

Ask yourself this.....

If Piers Morgan for example was a nationalist and not a lying lowlife, would he be elevated to the lucrative and lofty positions he has been over the last 10 years or so in this country and Abroad?

You see it's treacherous filth like this who toady around the moneyed grease-balls of the "EU" Bilderburg, Fabian, Runneymede Trust and other shady quangos that "GO PLACES"

Unfortunately in this day and age and especially in Britain "Principles" do not make you any money as they say. Greed rules!

I was told that a long time ago by a friendly Jewish landlord in South Africa.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

alanorei said...

More disclosures.

Horrific, any which way you cut it.

I think that Solomon would have described the police and politicians this way, in Ecclesiastes 4:5.

"The fool foldeth his hands together, and eateth his own flesh."

I wonder, though, if the jouro who got some first hand experience of 'enrichment' might be a 'conservative' now, the definition of such being:

A liberal after he's been mugged.

Anonymous said...

The power of the media , when a man wants to take away bankster control.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for OT.
I just found this passage:

"Speaking to Reuters earlier this year, Norman Bettison -- the lead official at Britain's Association of Chief Police Officers against violent extremism -- said several school-aged children in Britain had been referred for specialist anti-radicalization education after developing what he called "unsavory right-wing extremist views"."

in this article:

Can you or any of your English readers refer me to material about that seemingly Orwellian story? THX.

Urban Commando said...

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - Eric Arthur Blair AKA George Orwell.

That's why the truth is suppressed - precisely because the truthtellers are revolutionary!

Ralph Lynn said...

snow walker

A similar case here:

Left/liberal fascism at it's most cretinous.

misterfox said...

This invocation of Burke's thinking is a breath of fresh air after reading the tired out-of-date class arguments from the failing BNP ideas(sic) blog.

I was embarrassed to read the quaint, old-fashioned class war nonsense. They seem to be trying take nationalism not forward but back to the class war of the 1930s?

AnalogMan said...

It's worse than that. It's not just the politicians, the media and senior police officials. I visited a police blog to get their perspective, and all, all of them were denying that race had anything to do with the riots. Some (non-police) commenters tried to point out the obvious; they were deleted. All that remained to show that their comments had been there was the unanimous storm of abuse from the police commenters.

Britain is dead. Your police are not on your side.

alanorei said...

Police bloggers seem to perceive ordinary English folk as MOPs, i.e. members of the public, in a contemptuous fashion. This attitude prevailed in Eltham recently, I think.

I used to visit the 21st Century Police Officer's blog, operated by a PC Ellie Bloggs, who wrote a best-selling book about her experiences entitled On-Call Girl.

She is very 'modern,' once boasting about taking several days off for what she termed "a dirty weekend."

However, she knew exactly under what circumstances the police could force their way into your home.

She, or her handler, also blocked a comment of mine linking to an article about innocent victims being shot dead by the police e.g. de Menezes. Maybe given the circumstances, some justification of the police shooting of de Menezes is possible but no refutation of the article was posted. As indicated, the comment was simply blocked soon after it appeared.

I informed PC Ellie that I was a King James Bible Baptist and a BNP member (as I was at the time).

Her reply was restrained but I think she started hating me from then on - on both counts.

On occasion, I referred to her as 'PC Ellie Bee.'

After this happened a few times, she threatened to ban me from her blog if I called her that again. No reply to my apology was forthcoming.

All of that suggests to me that the person concerned is an astute but somewhat emotionally unstable and indeed amoral individual, whom it is therefore dangerous to have in uniform.

However, I wonder if that is the kind of person who is deliberately being recruited for the police these days?

If so, it doesn't bode well for either the here-and-now or the future.

That said, our local officers, with whom I am acquainted, are not like that at all and much more like the late PC George Dixon of happy memory.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"And if there should be any found who are desirous of writing against us, they will not find any person eager to print their productions .… Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them"

Anonymous said...

Svigor said...

Learning is racist, tests are racist, history is racist, America is racist, western civilization is racist, Europe is racist, whites are racist, conservatives are racist, firemen are racist, colorblindness is racist, equal opportunity is racist, the truth is racist, fairness is racist, "live and let live" is racist, self-determination is racist, free association is racist, rights are racist.Courage is racist, honesty is racist, forthrightness is racist, fighting city hall is racist, speaking truth to power is racist, fighting the system is racist, speaking up for yourself is racist.

Sane, decent people should start worrying if they're not being called "racist."

Robert in Arabia
8/21/11 4:38 PM

yorkshirebob said...

Anonymous 21 Aug 23.59

Who said that