Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Remembering Beslan Seven Years On

 Seven years ago today the siege at a school in Beslan North Ossettia by Islamic militants, who took over 1,100 hostages, began.  The siege ended three days later with the death of over 334 hostages, 186 of them children. Many more were injured and a number remain missing.   This, like the many other such crimes, must never be forgotten.



Shaunantijihad said...

Tortured and raped with both penises, rifle barrels and other objects, because Islamic doctrine states virgins automatically go to Paradise. Hence, to prevent this, the children of the hated Kuffar must be raped before being murdered (in Iranian jails women are "married" to the guards in order to accomplish this same objective).

Anonymous said...

Iain Morley (Letters, 7 September) wonders why the world's media has been reluctant to declare the Beslan murderers "Muslim fundamentalists". Has he considered that it may be because, while they were Muslim, they were not fundamentalists?

Osama Bin Laden and al-Qa'ida have committed atrocities from New York to Bali, motivated by the "vicious religious bigotry" that Morley describes. However, this was no more the motivation of the Beslan terrorists, the Janjaweed militias, or necessarily the Palestinian bombers he clumps together, than Catholic fundamentalism was the motivation of IRA terrorists.

While these conflicts have been committed by people of one religion against another, the religions are secondary or inconsequential to the IRA's republicanism, the generations-old conflict over land in between a nomadic and a settled people in Sudan, exacerbated by a government murderously supporting one side over the other, and what was originally a conflict over land between Palestine and Israel.

Rather than religion, the quote used in Deborah Orr's article ("This was not terrorism. It was nihilism") sums up the Chechen terrorists' motivation: "Russian soldiers are killing our children in Chechnya, so we are here to kill yours."

While Muslim leaders should, and have, condemned Muslim fundamentalist terrorism, expecting them to condemn Beslan is equivalent to expecting the Bishop of Durham to condemn white, Christian mercenaries in Africa. Revenge is no more of a justification for murder than politics, land or power are, but it cannot help to confuse one with the other.

trencherbone said...

Beslan - Child rape, torture, enforced urine drinking, sexual sadism and Islamic ritual murder

Durotrigan said...

Beslan was a terrible tragedy, but it looks as if the men at the apex of the Russian political elite - Medvedev, Putin and Moscow Mayor Sobyanin - were quite happy to issue plenty of warm words in praise of Islam at the end of Ramadan, despite parts of central Moscow being brought to a halt for the second year running: