Saturday, 12 February 2011

The State Dispossession and Persecution of Whites

By Mister Fox

What began as naïve, idealism, has turned into the racial persecution of Whites in their own countries. On 15 January 1846, free trade campaigner Richard Cobden told Manchester Free Trade Hall:

”I believe that the physical gain will be the smallest gain to humanity from the success of this principle I look farther; I see in the Free Trade principle that which shall act on the moral world as the principle of gravitation in the universe – drawing men together, thrusting aside the antagonism of race, and creed, and language, and uniting us in the bonds of eternal peace.”

The dominant ideology in the western nations is built around multi-racialism or anti-racism and is a variant of Nazism. The motive is to push “whites” out of their communities and it is done by deceit and against democratic principles or rule of law.

More than 50 million African workers are being brought to Europe in a secret immigration agreement. This is the most evil plan against humanity hatched in Europe since the Nazis herded Jewish people into the gas chambers and the Soviets starved 5 million Kulaks and is likewise meant to destroy a people: the whole of western Europe and her people and has been implemented by the evil E.U.

This ideology is totalitarian with only one viewpoint allowed. It is very intolerant of any complaint about the cruelty and injustice of it and brands dissidents as “haters”, “bigots, “fascists” or “Nazis” which dehumanises the victims and so the authorities can harass and push Whites out without any conscience because we are all “racists”.

A “job centre” funded by money misappropriated from tax-payers has been opened in Mali and was the beginning of “free movement of people in Africa and the EU”.

EU economists claim Britain and other EU states will “need” 56 million immigrant workers between them by 2050 to make up for the “demographic decline” due to falling birth rates and rising death rates across Europe. This is the betyrayel of British people whose jobs are being sent abroad and whose children are facing unjust competition from imported labour.

Moreover, If we were not transferring billions of pounds in Aid to elites in the Third World, and billions as UK subscriptions to the UN and the EU, we might well be able to give our own people a better pension which are due to be cut.

The report for the EU, was by Moroccan-born French MEP Francoise Castex, who wants immigrants to be given legal rights and access to social welfare provision such as benefits. “Having sufficient people of working age is vital for the economy and for tax revenue.”

The Portugal Declaration urges the EU to assist African governments in setting up migration information centres “to better manage labour mobility between Africa and the EU”.The first job centre was opened in Bamako, capital of Mali, on Monday the 6th of October. More centers are to open soon in other west African states then in north Africa.

The large corporations expect their “diverse” work force to be loyal not to country but the company. This goes well with free markets, which have always been Utopian and supra national.

Sections of the media provide the justification by blaming us and people start to blame themselves:” We won't do the dirty jobs!”. We are ruled and manipulated by being made to feel ashamed of ourselves. (1)

These immigrant African people are prepared for immigration with clothes and language lessons by The British Council. African lawyer Dele Oguntimojou wrote: ”(you) do not know how the youth in the poor African village is being seduced by lush advertising to shed his native dress for blue jeans; to retune his ears from the traditional hi-life to the drum and bass of hip-hop and Brit pop. Even now the British Council is busy across Africa training the next generation of immigrants in the language of the destination country.”(2)

There was an expose in November 2006 that the Government were advertising for immigrants in a Foreign Office pamphlet distributed from Embassies around the world. 'Multicultural Britain - A Land Of Immigrants' encourages immigrants to come here because of the Human Rights Act which gives them privileges over natives and well-paid jobs. Illustrated with photos of smiling non-whites, it is an invitation to people to immigrate here. (3)

Home Office minister Beverley Hughes was found to be approving visa claims from eastern Europe despite warnings they were using forged documents. She only resigned when she found a letter sent to her on 4 March last year by a junior Home Office minister, Mr Ainsworth, alerting her to potential immigration frauds.

There were also allegations about abuse of the European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) which had already been raised by James Cameron, the British consul in Romania, who blew the gaff. Ms Hughes told BBC Two's Newsnight that Mr Cameron's claims were the first she knew of the alleged "scam". But it is now clear she sent letters in March and April 2003 in reply to Mr Ainsworth's concerns.

Here is an insight. Lin Homer was chief executive of Birmingham city council and presided over what investigator, Judge Mawrey, called "massive, systematic and organised fraud" in an election campaign. He ruled that not less than 1,500 votes had been cast fraudulently in the city. He the comments after he upheld allegations of postal fraud relating to six seats won by Labour in the June 2004 ballot. For this she was promoted to chief of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate.(4)

An excuse is "The Home Office is a shambles." The Home Office is brilliantly successful: it has been infiltrating immigrants into the country without people realising for years! But as usual the ideologues have no practical grasp and think only of the utopia of a multi racial world and cheap labour for themselves and the corporations.

Vladimir Bukovsky, the Russian dissident, who spent twelve years in Soviet psychiatric units, told The Brussels Journal, he was allowed to study to study documents from secret Soviet files. These documents confirm a “conspiracy” to turn the European Union into a socialist state and those who oppose further European integration will be regarded as xenophobes. (6)

I would add to his otherwise accurate analysis, that when it comes to race, the dominant western ideology is a variant of Nazism introduced through the culture – Cultural Nazism driven by Global capitalism. The importation of immigrants to replace Whites is inverted Lebensraum. It began as a reaction against Nazis but has become a cruel, tyranny.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was adopted by the United Nations in 1948. It proclaimed: "Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family." This was extended in the 1978 UNESCO declaration on race and racial prejudice - the fundamental equality of all human beings is the ideal toward which ethics and science should converge but in practice racial theories are still used to justify improving the racial stock.

The definition of racism in the Macpherson report: “Racism in general terms consists of conduct, words or practices which disadvantage or advantage people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin.”(Para, 6.4) Our rulers are discriminating against us because we are white!

Totalitarianism and oppression of White Britons was introduced into the British legal system with the Commission for Racial Equality, in the 1976 Race Relations Act, of Home Secretary Roy Jenkins. This followed evil Judge Salmon's vicious sentencing of four years to young White lads after the Notting Hill Race Battle of 1958. His biographer, John Campbell (Weidenfield & Nicolson.1983) revealed, he believed: “That immigration was good for Britain and if people resisted they should be socially engineered into accepting it".

This was the first time that Race had been used in British law and is similar to the Nazi race laws. A similar law, the anti-White “Equality Law”, is being introduced by Theresa May a Conservative minister which was drawn up by her Labour predecessor Harriet Harman. On the major ideological issues the elites are of one mind. This is to stop white men getting jobs and to allow employers to give ethnic minority and female candidates preferential treatment. The “doublespeak” is “positive action" and prevents applicants with better job credentials getting the job if they are the wrong sex or race.(7)

We have racial lists kept to ensure preferential treatment for other ethnic groups cynically known as equal Opportunities monitoring forms which help people give priority to other ethnic groups.

The term “Racist” is not descriptive but inhibitive. It is to cow dissent while our society is transformed from a natural society to a Multi-Racial state. After the Second World War Nazi and Fascist were used but with the rise of the New Left, who now dominate, Racist replaced them. Cheap labour is imported and jobs are exported within the “tender idealism” pushed by politicians and this word is used to silence objections.

Racial theories on improving the racial stock are turned around to justify immigration. In the second reading of the Commonwealth immigrants Bill (16/11/1961, Lord Royle said, “wouldn’t we be better off with a dash of darker blood?” The multi-racialist Fenner Brockway(later Lord) wrote glowingly of mixed race people which is similar reverence as Nazis had for pure Aryans, “Fifty years ago I read a book by Sir Sidney Olivier, who had been Governer of Jamaica, recording what splendid human specimens, physically and mentally, were the progeny of mixed marriages on that island. Many of us who know the sons and daughters of mixed marriages will bear out this judgement.” (8)

In his three-part television series ”Mongrel nation” of June 2003, the Lebanese-born comedian Edie Izzard, claimed that Mongrel dogs are cleverer than pedigree dogs. This metaphor suggested that mongrel people are as a master race, genetically superior to the rest!

Group Rights are the inverse of Hitler's race and untermenchen views with Rights afforded to all ethnic groups at the expense of Whites. The Independent 21 April 2004 reported that “British school-leavers could be denied places leading universities for overseas students. Oxford University is to increase the number of overseas undergraduates, who pay higher fees, while freezing the total number of undergraduate places, thus cutting the number of places available to UK school-leavers.”

Racial Awareness Training is a method of brainwashing that local councils send their employers, employees and decision makers on to be conditioned in correct thinking: “to challenge individual prejudices and values and change them”. It stemmed from the ideas of the American Judith Katz who held that “racism is inherent in whites”.

In the USA blonde haired people, usually women, are filmed being racially abused until they break down and sobbed. This is only done to Whites and is a racist attack in the guise of anti-racism. Anti-Racism is the Orwellian term for displacing and disinheriting Whites in their own countries.

The “Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain’s”(Runnymede Trust 2002) Parekh Report We are told the way forward is for the ”United Kingdom to formally declare itself to be a multi-cultural society” page xxi. (9). The state is also destroying our identity.

We are inducted into our culture, community and our history and traditions, quite naturally, as we grow up. The abstract method though, requires a sort of schoolbook learning process as in the republican “Citizenship classes” which are supposed to make all foreigners British.

This process only acts on the surface, on the conscious minds of the pupils, whereas our natural traditional way imbues the very nature of the person as it is slowly internalised into the deep unconscious mind as a uniting bond. The totalitarian method advocated by Parekh has to be forced by brainwashing and politicised police. At the same time the immigrants are allowed to perpetuate the divisions by inducting their own children into their own traditions. They are exempt from Multi-Racialism!

The police are being turned into a race-gestapo. Judge Mapherson began his investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence prejudiced against the police. With his mind already made up he used British law as social engineering to mould the police into an anti-racist thought-police.

They knew what their conclusion was going to be and the idea was not to ascertain the facts of a case but to reach the right conclusion. This further made our law totalitarian: Recommendation 12 states,” A racist incident is any incident, which is perceived to be racist by the victim, or any other person. Recommendation 13 adds, “That the term “racist incident” must be understood to include crimes and non-crimes in policing terms. Both must be investigated with equal commitment”. Now we can be investigated for committing non-crimes.

There are purges on the police. Former chief of the Metropolitan police, Sir John Stevens introduced planted informers into police training classes to spy for and report on “racist” officers. An interim report into police handling of their own racism, which was established in 2004 after a television documentary, The Secret Policeman, showed racism at a police training centre in Warrington.

The report was produced by a panel led by Sir David Calvert-Smith, a former director of public prosecutions who, like Macpherson began from prejudice not an open mind.

The “enquiry” apparently looked at internal police attitudes to race, including monitoring of race policies and training, recruitment and grievance procedures, rather than operational policing. Like Macpherson this panel had decided the outcome before they started.

Smith admitted that his team had decided before they looked at evidence that police racism was a "major" problem. It was "commonly accepted". This is prejudice against Whites because they had prejudged the people they were discussing without any evidence apart from the BBC television programme The Secret Policeman, that "racism is still a major problem within the service. We have not set out to prove that it exists. We have taken it as a given".(10) The people who run the media are part of the “Power Elites” and act in concert with other branches on this issue so it is not fair and unprejudiced.

The labelling of dissidents as “racists”, “bigots”, “haters” etc is dehumanisation setting us up for persecution for not conforming to establishment diktats. It is pure totalitarian thinking straight from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union: if any speak out against being dispossessed they are persecuted by the state.

These extreme and totalitarian measures are necessary to keep the lid on. So what will it lead to? We have advice from our greatest ever poet, one of the greatest philosophers in human history and the Son of God himself.

Shakespeare: All's Well That Ends Well, act2,sc.3:

Strange is it that our bloods
Of colour, weight, and heat, poured all together,
Would quite confound distinction, yet stand off,
In differences so mighty.

Aristotle wrote in The Politics. BK V, Ch.iii (p.196) Benjamin Jowett translation: Then there is difference of race or nation, which remains a source of dissension until such time as the two groups learn to live together. This may be a long process; for just as a state cannot be made out of any and every collection of people, so neither can it be made at any time at will. Hence, civil strife is exceedingly common when the population includes an extraneous element, whether these have joined in the founding or have been taken on later ...

Another cause of revolution is difference of races which do not at once acquire a common spirit; for a state is not the growth of a day, any more than it grows out of a multitude brought together by accident. Hence the reception of strangers in colonies, either at the time of their foundation or afterwards, has generally produced revolution.

Matthew 12:25:
"And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand".

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The large corporations expect their “diverse” work force to be loyal not to country but the company. This goes well with free markets, which have always been Utopian and supra national.



Dr.D said...

At what point do white Brits say "enough"? When do they rise up and overthrow this government that is so clearly against them?

It seems to me that the problem for whites in the UK is ultimately the same as it is for whites in the US; are you ready to take personal responsibility for yourself, your family, and your friends? Too many are answering this question in the negative, saying that they still want the government to provide for them, they still want their government pensions, their national health care, etc. Until we are ready to be truly self-sufficient, meaning that we will meet ALL of our own needs, then we are under the thumb of the government, and they can, and will, abuse us as they like.

To be free means to be self-sufficient. Prepare for that, or plan to be a serf.

Anonymous said...

Blame your mothers and fathers: those fools fought on the wrong side in WW2. Now you are reaping what you have sown. You will never be able to stop it now. Whites will go into extinction just as did most of the American Indian tribes. Yes, this will continue just as it has, but in the end, the Chinese will inherit the earth. They will not tolerate their own replacement as have whites, they are racist (a good thing!), ethnocentric, and contrary to the PC conventional "wisdom" they KNOW that diversity is anything BUT strength. Enjoy what time you have left. The clock is ticking, and you will do nothing about your situation just as you have done nothing about it since the influx of coloreds started.

Dr.D said...

Anon 18:29 is talking complete nonsense. How would destroying Western culture in WW II, by joining Nazi Germany, have been of any benefit to us? That is not what what we want to preserve.

The problem is much more to be found in the psychological reactions to both WW I and WW II, the way people responded to these two huge catastrophes.

There was a loss of Christian faith throughout Europe that has wreaked havoc on the whole continent. People thought that God had failed, whereas they failed to recognize that it was man that had turned from God. But they began to look exclusively to man, through socialism, for solutions. This has led to the godless totalitarian EU that we have today.

There is no salvation in man. Only by returning to faith in Jesus Christ will we ever find our way back. Until that time, it will be all down hill.

alanorei said...

Dr D is right.

Moreover, the whole race-mixing agenda is personified in the satanic world ruler of the End Times who is depicted as an integrated animal (though not a wholly assimilated one). See Revelation 13, KJB.

(Supposedly 'superior' race-mixed species end up sterile after the 4th generation. This is mulism in humans and is one reason why no superior mulatto nation exists on the face of this earth or ever has.)

Put simply, racial segregation is of God, racial integration is of the Devil, to convert the world into a violent, degenerate, God-defying, mongrelised mess - much like the pre-flood world of Noah's time, Genesis 6, Luke 17:26.

Such a world is the one most resistant to the Gospel of Christ, Acts 17:24-26 and that of course is the Great Enemy's agenda, to drag as many deceived lost souls down into hell with him, Matthew 25:41-46.

The Allied effort in WW2 was correct, I believe. For one thing, it preserved the freedom to possess, read, study, circulate and abide by the KJB. The KJB is the greatest obstacle to the NWO that exists prior to the 2nd Advent. You only have to look at the nations that either banned it or never allowed it as part of their national life in their first place. They are the military dictatorships of this world and always have been.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Anonymous

I have received your response to Dr. D and Alanorei. However, I must ask you read my recent posting on comments policy.

You make some legitimate points, however, I am not able to approve your message because of its aggressive tone. If you would like to make your argument in a more moderate manner and resubmit your comments, I will reconsider my decision.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 18.29

You are absolutely right!

If the allies KNEW who and what was behind these fratricidal wars that destroyed the best of us, the best of them would have turned on the 'elites' pretty much like 2 gladiators throwing their weapons at the elites in the audience.

We are now in the Byzantine period. Others who disagree are just "too comfortable" in their leafy centrally heated suburbias.

Anonymous said...

Very well, Sarah I will try again.
"Anon 18:29 is talking complete nonsense. How would destroying Western culture in WW II, by joining Nazi Germany, have been of any benefit to us? That is not what what we want to preserve."
"Joining" Nazi Germany would not have been necessary. You will recall from High School history lessons that it was Britain who declared war on Germany purportedly as a result of Germany's invasion of Poland. Germany had the aim of retrieving the German speaking corridor of Poland for its own, along with other legitimate possessions of which it was stripped after WW1.
It was Winston Churchill who did all he could to involve the US in this war against our racial cousins, the Germans because Britain was loosing the war to the Germans. Hitler had no designs on Britain, and Britain's involvement was unnecessary. Our (the US) involvement was even more unnecessary. There are many young Americans who wish that their grandparents would have excercised more common sense than to involve our nation in a war against our own people. I make no nationalistic distinctions between White people- racial similarity is all that counts, at least to me. Nationalism is the purest form of fantasy- you will not see border demarcations drawn on the earth by "God". The US had originally a policy of isolationism and this policy should have been adhered to.
Further, Western culture would not have been destroyed by joining the Germans in WW2- not that I advocate that, as I said Germany should have been left to pursue its goal of reacquisition of the territory (including its former colonies) that was its possession prior to WW1 which was its real goal. This would hardly have "destroyed Western culture". Obviously, the course that Britain took, along with that of the US, HAS virtually destroyed Western culture.
Britain's policy of expansion of its empire invited foreign influence into its sphere and introduced the cancer of multiculturalism that it is now dying from. Britian no longer has its empire, and it cannot even save its own people within Britain itself. You even allowed yourselves to be disarmed!
The position of "Dr. D" and "Alanorei" is that because the West (Europe and the US) "abandoned Christianity" we have fallen into disfavor with "God" and thus have earned our ruin. Gentlemen; is God's favor necessary for a civilization to thrive? Ancient Rome, Greece, Sparta, the Mongol empire, on up to the modern Soviet Union all were born, matured, thrived and survived (in the case of pagan Rome, for centuries) before dissolving. You will note that what all these cultures (with the possible exception of the USSR) had in common was ethnocentrism. There is NO "strength in diversity". Modern Japan is a healthy vibrant society with little crime because the Japanese are a homogeneous people with the most vital of characteristics- they are loyal to their own people (the PC crowd likes to cast their disdain on this by calling it "racism"). This is what White people lack, and they lack it in spades. This is the weakness that has undone Western civilization, not "disbelief in the Christian Gospels or God".
"Alanorei" says;
"The Allied effort in WW2 was correct, I believe. For one thing, it preserved the freedom to possess, read, study, circulate and abide by the KJB. The KJB is the greatest obstacle to the NWO that exists prior to the 2nd Advent".
- My goodness, so you really believe that had the Germans under Hitler won back their disputed territories, that reading the KJB would have been "banned"? Germans had bibles during WW2, their churches were functional, and "bible believers" were not jailed (with the exception of Jehovah's Witnesses who were considered to be subversives).

alanorei said...

Anon: etc.

Re: Germans and their 'Bibles,' read The Secret History of the Jesuits and The Vatican Against Europe, both by the late Edmond Paris - whose research into those matters cost him his life.

I'm happy to discuss matters with you when you've read those sources but not before.

If you are dismissive about falling out of favour with God, through abandoning the KJB, I suggest wait a few years and see how it works out.

When God says "And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible" Isaiah 13:11, don't think He's forgotten just because it doesn't happen next week or next month.

That's just for information, not discussion.

Anonymous said...

"Re: Germans and their 'Bibles,' read The Secret History of the Jesuits and The Vatican Against Europe, both by the late Edmond Paris - whose research into those matters cost him his life."
"That's just for information, not discussion."
No, I'm very sorry but that is not information, it is simply conspiracy theory. That tome is hardly unbiased and has been described as being published by a self-proclaimed enemy of the Catholic church. Such books sell by the thousands to the gullible, right along side "The Late Great Planet Earth" by Hal Lindsay. This is not to say that I am pro-Catholic or in any way religious, I am simply noting your bias. As I had told Sarah in my first post, I consider Christianity to be the worst thing to have ever befallen the White people, for it has weakened our people beyond recovery.
"I'm happy to discuss matters with you when you've read those sources but not before." - I don't know what makes you think that I wish to discuss the bible (any translation) with you or anyone else? I was merely responding that the bible was available to the German people in WW2 and would have been afterward regardless of the outcome of the war.
I hope, Sarah, that this response is not too "aggressive" for you to publish, but if you deem it so, then so be it. The point of my posts was that ethnocentrism is key, it is everything to the survival of our race. But as long as divisions along the lines of which is "the correct" form of christianity to practice, or artificial boundaries as defined by "national origin" (for our race) divides us, then there is no hope for countering the forces that seek our demise. May you fare better with your struggle against the colored hordes invading your country than you have thus far.

alanorei said...

Anon etc.

Not surprisingly, you have conflated and distorted the issues that I raised.

That is typical casuistry and doesn't merit further response.

misterfox said...

The persecution of opponents of Islam by the EU goes on. This what they call creating Eurabia.

Dr.D said...

This discussion with Anonymous is not profitable. He knows too little of the actual history of WW II and too little of the history of Christianity to really understand how they are intimately connected to white folk. I see no point in carrying it further.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

As both Dr. D and Anonymous are in agreement that there is no point in continuing to debate the somewhat off topic points which were raised earlier, I would be grateful if further comments would relate to the content of Mister Foxes article.


Anonymous said...

"More than 50 million African workers are being brought to Europe in a secret immigration agreement."

Do you have any proof of this? Like, anything? Or did you just make this up because it sounds good?

Anonymous said...


Boys and girls, all of this interracial mixing is just gon' keep happening and happening. what do you care anyway? If YOu don't like it, YOU don't have to do it.

One day you'll realize you're insane.