Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Time to Defend the West

By Robert Weissberg

Europe finally appears to be waking up to the dangers of multiculturalism. Last October German Chancellor Angela Merkel confessed that multiculturalism was "a total failure" and British Prime Minister David Cameron more recently agreed, even linking "state multiculturalism" to Islamic terrorism. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is the latest to join this chorus and France now has a Ministry of Immigration and National Identity. Anti-immigration political parties in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and France have raised similar qualms.

Though welcome news for defenders of Western civilization, this new awareness only begins reversing years of misguided policy. Far more is involved than requiring immigrants to speak Dutch or insisting that Mahomet treat Fatima as an equal. More painful will be altering the thinking of proper Europeans (and Americans) about what the multicultural threat entails, and without this altered perspective, turning the tide is futile. It takes two to tango, and this also applies to reversing the multicultural damage -- we, too, have to change.

Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister Cameron and President Sarkozy, among many others, misdiagnose the problem. All speak as if cultural/ethnic separatism were the chief culprit. Not entirely true. That incomplete assimilation co-exists with Islamic terrorism does not mean that imposing assimilation will cool the urge to dominate host nations. Undigested ethnic and religious enclaves do not necessarily threaten national survival. In the United States, for example, the Amish and Ultra-Orthodox Jews consciously reject much of the outside world while applying religious law within their communities. Countless European nations have flourished despite permanent undigested "foreigners" living within their borders. Finns are not worried by ethnic Swedes residing in their ancestral homeland.

The problem is boiling hatred of the west and a willingness to pursue this hatred, not physical or cultural separatism per se. Lack of cultural assimilation does not breed terrorism; rather, the urge to destroy the host nation impedes assimilation. Assimilation is a choice, not a permanent condition created by inadequate opportunities to fit in. Nor will economic integration via affirmative action-like policies necessarily quell the hatred. During the Cold War many American treasonous communists were home-grown and more than a few had graduated from elite universities and enjoyed all the bounties of American capitalism. Recall that UK terrorists were more assimilated second-generation immigrants, even doctors, not just-off-the-boat impoverished Pakistanis. Moreover, upping involuntary nationalist instruction -- a modern Kulturkampf -- might be interpreted as an assault on one's heritage and may well exacerbate hostility. Heightened nationalistic indoctrination is, at best, a crude scattershot solution whose chief benefit may be only the therapeutic feeling that we, finally, "doing something."

So, if assimilation campaigns are incomplete answers, where does the counter-attack begin? It begins by identifying the toxin that lies at the heart of multiculturalism -- the dogmatic belief that all cultures are equally "valid" and worthy for believers, a view construing culture as a choice no different than preferring vanilla over pistachio at the local Baskin Robbins. Rejecting this equivalence of cultures is a change for us, not them -- Islamic fanatics hardly embrace cultural relativism. It is this wooly-headed cultural relativism permeating the west that permits the triumph of zealots against those who barely lift a finger to protect their own culture. The battle is a mismatch if one side refuses to defend forcefully its own heritage. Multiculturalism is political AIDS -- nobody dies of AIDS, they die of something else since AIDS "only" destroys the immunity system.

This understanding means that we must be free to defend our values as superior and this inescapably means offending our enemies. There is no "polite" way to accomplish this defense, so say goodbye to a political correctness (PC) whose first commandment is "Thou Shall Not Offend." To continue the AIDS parallel, PC prevents the AIDS-infected patient from strengthening their immunity system since fighting back might "offend" deadly microbes (who can say what life form is better than any other?"). This "we are better than you" is the first line of defense against a rival convinced of their own cultural superiority. People will not die defending diversity, speech codes and unconditional inclusion but they are pushovers for those who reject those values.

Unfortunately, David Cameron and untold others focusing on physical assimilation fail to understand this reality. In his "wake-up" speech he said, "So, when a white person holds objectionable views, racist views for instance, we rightly condemn them. But when equally unacceptable views or practices come from someone who isn't white, we've been too cautious frankly -- frankly, even fearful -- to stand up to them." His approach -- which he labeled "muscular liberalism" -- is that we can now, at long last, criticize our enemies when they attack our values, but, if our rejoinders are racist (or otherwise "offensive,") we still must keep silent.

This approach invites disaster given how "racism" has become so effortlessly leveled. Try imagining a rejoinder to militant Muslims that escapes charges of "racism," "ethnic stereotypes" "hate speech," "Islamophobia," and all the rest? Cameron offers a weak arsenal to defend the west. Our enemies already shout "racism" and all the rest at every criticism, and since political correctness is based exclusively on victim feelings, our defeat is foregone. Cameron's advice is a limp strategy suitable to polite drawing room debate.

We must convince our enemies that there is a new Sherriff in town who will crush enemies of western civilization, not just offer inoffensive verbal rejoinders to threats. Rather than push assimilation on those reluctant to embrace western values, just let it be known that you better assimilate since your old non-western ways have no future. My way or the highway, as the old cliché goes. This shift is just a matter of political will and far cheaper, and much more effective, than trying to entice Kurds to master German so as to become "good Germans." Let me suggest that the British Prime Minister make the following points in his next public speech. Note well, everything he would say is well-known, factually accurate so the point of saying the obvious only serves to announce that the days of passive acquiescence are over.

Western societies have lower rates of crime than Third World societies populated by "people of color" and Third World arrivals bring their crime with them, and this criminality persists across generations. This criminal proclivity will no longer be tolerated as "a cultural difference." We have one law and this applies equally to everyone.

Third World immigrants come to the west to enjoy the benefits of western civilization -- superior health care, a modern economy, first-rate education, democracy, law and order, among countless other virtues. You are here to partake of these advantages not re-create the tribulations you left behind.

If you insist on blasphemy laws, Sharia, female genital mutilation, honor killings and wish to behead those who insult the Prophet, just stay home in Pakistan. If here already, we will help you return home so you can better practice your cherished culture. Otherwise, you're in England now and behave like a proper Englishman.

These politically incorrect statements send a powerful message: we are no longer afraid to offend when protecting the west and so the days of politely looking the other way are over. Moreover, we will not be intimidated if called racists, right-wing-Nazis extremist and all the rest. If you feel that you can't live among "racist Nazis," return home. Ironically, this strategy mimics the "in-your-face" militant gay liberation movement -- we're here and we're Queer, get used to it.

To repeat, being terrified of the "racist" label," the refusal to defend one's own civilization so as not to offend those who hate us only emboldens the miscreants. Who wants to assimilate to a civilization too scared to defend itself? What a terrible investment for the future. Far better to let our adversaries know that they are up against a strong people who love their civilization and will go to any length to defend it. The message must be unequivocal: we really are superior and are not embarrassed to admit it. Don't mess with the west. Machiavelli put it succinctly, "Since it is difficult to join them together, it is safer to be feared than to be loved when one of the two must be lacking," and nobody fears those who will not defend their own civilization. Time to take the gloves off.



Valeofignorance said...

Our leaders will need to do much more than this. They need to stop any further immigration - and then start taking measures to ensure the native populations of Europe remain in the majority. Native Europeans have been the victims of their own government's policies for decades... now their bias and lopsided thinking is becoming obvious.

'Leaders' like Cameron do not have anything even remotely close to what a leader would need to get us out of this. They can only get us further into it.

Mass immigration coupled with equality and liberalism was never going to end well for the native peoples of Europe. In all probability it's going to get messy (whether we act or not).

misterfox said...

An interesting new book has just been published by Professor Byron Roth. I corresponded with Prof.Roth five years ago over a petition for Dr.Frank Ellis when he was being persecuted by Leeds uni. This gives an idea of how long prof.Roth worked on compiling this highly knowledgeable compendium of facts and information.
Prof.Roth has written this book out of concern for his grand children. That is the noble cause we must all join: this fight is for White children.

Dr.D said...

This is definitely a good article, but it does not go far enough. The only asian I can think of that acts like a proper Englishman is the retired Bp. Michael Nazir-Ali. The rest of them need to return to Pakistan or wherever.

That is actually the crux of the matter. It is not enough to simply stop the inflow of these foreigners, but rather they must be rooted out and sent home. White lands must be returned to White hands so that White culture can bloom again. We are way overdue for this.

Anonymous said...

Merkel has followed up her "MultiKulti has failed" with ramblings about how Germany has to spend more money on "integration" of immigrants and how Germans have to make more consistent efforts to welcome the strangers in their midst.

The "MultiKulti" sound bite was a bone thrown to the fed up populace to keep up their hopes that things might miraculously change for the better some day.

Political views among the German people are so skewed by decades of brainwashing that they really think "Mutti" (Mommy) Merkel is a conservative. Which she isn't. She has never changed since she was a spy for the East German government and a specialist for "agitprop" in their commie youth organisation.

Don't be fooled by government soundbites!

times4tradingltd said...

I am glad you detail a AIDs Virus and that the host does not die from it, but rather from other causes.
There are rare Hiv virus strains that are so virulent they can destroy the victim within a matter of months .

"O" for "outliner and its subgroups", are even undetectable using modern elisa and pcr testing methods for diagnosis.

Even the best, most highly advanced and proven cannot find or see it UNTIL IT HAS RAVISHED AND CAUSED IRRIVERSABLE DAMAGE !!!

misterfox said...

This is the author at an American Renaissance conference -

For the American reader. This is a recent TV programme about Geert Wilders.

Anonymous said...

Muscular nationalism is the only answer all else will fail.
The leaders all come out and say the same thing strange is that ?
They are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of everyone again as they fear the public now.
All of a sudden the former enemies of whites become their friends...........too strange for words.

Anonymous said...

You do know the author is Jewish?

misterfox said...

Does who know? I do.

Are Kevin MacDonald or funny Tomislav Sunis showing us the way?

Anonymous said...

I don't think so, there's still a plan to bring 50 MILLION AFRICANS into Europe and just this week as a result of the Tunisian revolt MORE THAN 4000 AFRICANS arrived in Italy asking for asylum and Tunisia refuses to take them back, I think there are Egyptian refugees sailing off to Greece and Italy. Even if they do something to stop 3rd world immigration Sarkozy, Merkel and that british sod will serve their time in office then retire, and the invasion will carry on. Please take to the streets and put and end to the invasion while your numbers are greater than the enemy's. I'm not European though I have European blood in my veins and I wouldn't bear watching the apex of mankind overran and destroyed by filthy, ignorant, disgusting, primitive savages. I cry bitter tears when I think of Constantinople and the Eastern Roman Empire, please don't let that happen again.

Anonymous said...

The article is broadly correct, but as some commentators have noted, or implied, we need to stop further immigration right now, eject the trouble makers promptly,pay most of the others to leave voluntarily, and crucially, adopt profoundly pro-natalist policies in Europe, Australia, Canada, the US and New Zealand.

We also need to understand how the increasingly dire plight of Israel, and Jews in Europe, is causing a re-evaluation of the hostility with which liberal Jews have traditionally viewed white nationalism. We have to guide this conversation with sensitivity in a mutually constructive direction.

I cannot stress this enough. We are not fools, and neither are they.

Very little can be accomplished until this relationship is repaired and put on a proper footing. This may be unpalatable, but it is largely true.


misterfox said...

Anonymous is right on the money with that insight. I have been advocating an alliance or the formation of mutual defence committees between White Britons and Jewish people for our common defence for about eight years. I have been constantly attacked and the articles suppressed by nationalist parties.
However, my tactical instinct is accurate. The Daily Star nearly began supporting the EDL last week until bombarded with pro Muslim objections. The old-fashioned Jews like Lord Janner and the Board of Deputies like Stormfront want to fight historic battles, oblivious that the situation has changed through mass immigration and the alliance between the EU and Arab states in the European-Mediterranean Partnership.
One day the leaders of nationalist movements in the UK will catch up and stop preventing us saving our people.

Anonymous said...

Misterfox is, as usual, correct, and I don't just mean this in a self-serving kind of way.

I think American Jews are still out of touch with the increasingly harsh realities in Europe, and also, bizarrely, Israel.

The noose is tightening.

My sense is that time,actually, has run out. The Iran bomb, some grotesque 'martyrdom operation' in Europe, the Brotherhood's rise to power all across the North Africa, whatever; something's going to catalyze a stark confrontation with reality.

Mr Obama will reveal himself, and American Jews will reluctantly be forced to select us as their only viable dance partner, as the band tunes up for the Last Waltz.

Stock up on tinned food.


Ralph Lynn said...

Our Great European Leaders chirpings about the failure of MC are in reality a lead up to the new big idea of the suited ones -


Set up to promote -

Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion