Sunday, 27 February 2011

Anonymous comments

Over the last few months this blog has been targeted by spammers, who use the anonymous poster facility to attempt to post spam, much of it pornographic. I suspect quite a lot of it is automated as we get multiple attacks all of the same message.

As this blog is moderated, I am able to stop it getting through, however, it is becoming rather time consuming and often quite distasteful as some of it is quite "graphic".

Another problem with the Anonymous poster facility is that threads become quite confusing, in the same way as would happen if half a dozen people called Brian all started posting at the same time.

I am therefore considering withdrawing the Anonymous poster option from comments. People without Blogger identities will still be able to post, but they will need to give themselves screen names. Please let me know if anyone would find this an inconvenience, or would prevent them from commenting.




John Robert Mallernee said...

Miss Sarah:

This is my first comment in response to a post on your web site.

I think you are wise to reject comments from anonymous sources.

At my own web site, OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE, your blog is listed among the web sites I follow.

You are performing a VERY valuable service by publishing news from Africa of White genocide which the mainstream news media deliberately ignores or suppresses.

I do accept anonymous comments at my own web site, but then, I'm a guy, and gals are much more vulnerable.

Personally, I have no respect for folks who lack the integrity or courage to make comments in public (such as on the Internet), but refuse to reveal their true identities.

In my mind, their craven cowardice renders their opinions less valid.

But, on the other hand, maybe I can afford to be bold, since I've already lived my life, and in my old age, I have no family or property to be concerned about.

Thus, naive old fool that I am, I continue to utilize the Internet for publicly espousing treason and armed rebellion, over and over, in open defiance of contemporary despotic government tyranny.

Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

John Robert Mallernee said...

Miss Sarah:

In my previous comment, I forgot to mention that I love spam!

I grew up eating lots and lots of spam, usually fried and served with spaghetti and cheese.

I also like cookies, but because I can't actually see them, I don't know if the cookies in my computer are chocolate chip, Scottish shortbread, or coconut macaroons.

How do I obtain the spam and cookies in my computer?

If I could get the spam and cookies from my computer, that would sure save a lot of money buying groceries!

Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

Anonymous said...

Don't do it; my advice.


Laager said...

I support the move to remove the Anonymous identity option.

It creates confusion

Let readers create a screen name.
Their identities will still be protected

beppo said...

sensible move from any perspective,

beppo said...

Re my previous comment: I meant, of course, any reasonable perspective.

Dr.D said...

Sarah, I think this would improve things greatly. It is no burden to ask someone to adopt a screen name and it will make the discussion in the comments much more coherent. Those unwilling to make this small effort are not worthy of your time or ours. Please take this step.

Anonymous said...


I profess that I favor the continuation of ANONYMOUS or the name/url as opposed to one's blog account, for this reason.

I used my blogger ID posting to CensorBugbear some time ago.

After that post my email account was HACKED and I did not POST my email on that blog just the Account name for blogging, NOT the actual email name so they somehow got that through the blog name, and I lost that and some of my correspondents email addresses which now can no longer be contacted and they won't know the new account.

We, the good, the innocent, who only fight for the right are the ones who must be so very careful while the evildoers are lauded as HEROES etc.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous comments are the most interesting even if controversial or downright subversive!

Your choice!

misterfox said...


The "anonymous function" is an appalling system - it allows criticism and insults from unknown sources. If they were known they would have to be more constructive and polite.

Rollory said...

If by removing anonyposting you mean to leave the Name/URL option, that seems fine.

Logging in to a system just to post a comment is something I usually find more trouble than it's worth - there are only a very few sites (Gates of Vienna being one of them) that to my mind have earned the right to make me put up with that.

pi31416 said...

Good idea. Go ahead.

Choppy said...

If it is no anonymous comments, then it is no anonymous comments. I think it is a good idea. I also think it is a sensible move, if anything these days can make sense at all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, Knorrig here from SAS:

I have made a little video called "Gnomeroid" about Rendier who got SAS closed down.

You can download the video at

Here is the download link,

Thanks and cheers,


mary sullivan said...

geert is a great jewish leader and will take over this hump.

Anonymous said...

You are being targeted by the modern version of Hitler's brownshirts. The posters you mention are the foot soldiers of the modern left. Their MO is to intimidate any who question the "obvious" truths they espouse. It is nothing less than digital thuggery carried out by creeps who are paid by various privately and publicly funded front groups. You must be doing a lot right to attract their attention.
roger in florida