Saturday, 26 February 2011

More White South Africans murdered

The ongoing carnage of South African whites, which some would have us believe is not happening, continued this week with at least a further three deaths. All the killings were officially blamed on robbery, but there is scant evidence to support such assumptions:

Man dies at Cape Small Holding

A 42-year-old man was found murdered in his home in Kraaifontein on this morning. Police were called by neighbours to a Joostenbergvlakte small holding in Kraaifontein, where the body was found around 05:30, said Captain Gerhard Niemand.

The man's body was found on a couch in his lounge with his hands tied with an electric cord and a stab wound to his chest.

According t the man's young children where asleep inside the house when what appeared to have been a robbery happened. The children were not harmed.

The murdered man's Toyota Tazz, which was stolen during the robbery, was found abandoned near Fisantekraal.

A case of murder and robbery was being investigated.

News report:

Question: if this was a "robbery" why was the only item "stolen" then abandoned?

Deaths at Family Barbecue

Two more white men were murdered earlier in the week, Edenvale residents Philip Jackson, 53, and Dillon Ensley, 21, were gunned down by armed black men while the victims were having a family barbecue in the backyard. There seemed no motive to justify for such excessive violence against an unarmed family: the so called ‘robbers’ only looted a few cellphones and some cash (the "robbery").

Present at the barbeque were Dillon Ensley, his girlfriend Stacey Jackson, 20, and her parents Pillip and Janet Jackson. Edenvale police said that while the four whites were being tied up in the kitchen, the men attempted to resist at which point Jackson was shot dead while Ensley was shot in the stomach. Mr Jackson died at the scene while Dillon Ensley died later in hospital.

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Anonymous said...

Life is worth less than nothing in the eyes of these people. These terrible acts are inspired by so called freedom songs and liberation. The South African government is urging the masses to kill the farmers and white people by singing :"KILL THE FARMER KILL THE BOER" and "BRING ME MY MACHINE GUN" better known as "umshini wam". This started in the days of Peter Mokaba and Joe slovo, and it's getting worse everyday. The white people in SA are being exterminated and more people the world over should be made aware of this. Retaliation will be inevitable if these senseless acts continue and many will take matters into their own hands fearing they have nothing left to lose or to live for. May GOD help us all.