Wednesday, 16 February 2011

South Africa Sucks - temporary site


I am very concerned by the material which has been appearing on the new temporary site, hence I am taking down all links to South Africa Sucks until I get a clearer picture of what is going on, or until some grown ups get back in charge.


Anonymous said...

That site doent look kosher at all .
Sarah if you have contact with the bloggers please find out.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

That is the link I was sent, but I am very concerned by vile stuff which has been appearing there, so I am going to take the links down until I know more.

Anonymous said...

I honesly think that it is a fake site set up by disengenious people following their own agenda to try to discredit SAS. IT is obviously linked due to the events that brought it down in the 1st place.
If there are any major changes or a genuine SAS safe site that has been errected could you please let us know by posting their new name.
Many Thanks
SAS reader
Your articles are very good and thought provoking

Anonymous said...

Someone hijacked the site for sure.
Mike Smith's political comment blog is also down.
That site was the nasty truth about SA politics.

Hope someone downloaded mike's work.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

It certainly looks that way. Someone is anxious to discredit them.

I have writen to some of the bloggers to see what I can find out.


Anonymous said...

That Mike Smith's blog is also gone, is very suspect. Unfortunately much of the effort of SASucks to spread awareness of injustice against the white minority has been undone by the new (false flag?) site since it is not worth reading anymore. Please Sarah, keep us updated as to any news about this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah ! Good job ! Please keep us up to date about what is happening to SAS !

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous I downloaded a copy of the whole mspoliticalcommentary just a few days before it went offline (had a feeling they would try shut him down) but I'm not sure he would want it republished, as there are people trying to out his identity, including rooster .. figure there is probably a reason he wants the site private so until I see indications otherwise, I will respect that.

BadBallie said...

The South African Government is actively searching for and intimidating anyone willing to speak out on the international scene, I am personally "a person of interest" to the Hawks who have subpoenaed my details from my web master, The best solution is to have persons interested in continuing this sort of exposure to send info and articles to Sarah directly, it puts a lot of extra pressure on her but she then has a chance to evaluate the info before posting it.

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