Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Elderly woman left chained after brutal beating

2011-02-15 Zastron, Free State, South Africa. 62-year-old widow Annetjie Smith was attacked by two black men in her home on Sunday, beaten brutally, dragged around threatened that her throat would be cut before an attempt was made to smother her to death. When she told them she had nothing left to steal after four break-ins, they tied her up with ropes and chains and left behind for dead.Her maid discovered her 25 hours later.

Report at Censor Bugbear


Rusty Mason said...

I understand the white women in Britain, though (perhaps because) they are beaten and raped regularly by the thousands by Paki immigrants, are converting to Islam by the thousands. White British "men," because they do not see themselves as a people, refuse to protect white women and children. The time to rise up, destroy liberalism and fight for our own nation is now.

Anonymous said...

Rusty I hope your info is wrong. If not, someone must wake them from their stupor.

But then again, I must say it sounds like muslim propaganda that. Let's hope that's all it is.

I just know that support for groups like the BNP, the EDL etc are all increasing very fast.