Sunday, 20 February 2011

Denied by the World, The Unspoken Genocide Continues

In my mailbox this morning there was a further e-mail from a young white South African who has been writing to me recently seeking to convince me that the genocide of white South African farmers is not actually happening, that the figures have been exaggerated and that there isn't really a problem. He (or maybe they are a she) sends me links to a blog which appears to have been set up for the sole purpose of undermining Brandon Huntley's claim for asylum in Canada, and another one which quibbles over the list of victim names compiled by Adriana Stuijt at Censor Bugbear.

Why would anyone seek such a goal, why would anyone conspire to pretend this ghastly carnage is not happening?

Such people as my correspondent would rather have every tooth in their bigoted heads removed without anesthetic than question the claims of a non-white asylum seeker or cast doubt on other genocides, yet they are desperate to deny what is being done to the whites in South Africa. How is it that we have raised so many children who so hate their own kind that they would rather see them slaughtered than admit that they are victims.

Ironically, the e-mail next to that from my rainbow nation fantasist, self hating, correspondent, brought me news of another white south African farmer murdered in the relentless bloody genocide he so craves to deny.

Only two days ago, on Friday, I reported the last killing, the victim of which is now named as Alberto Costa, and now I must update my figures and name another.

The latest victim was Mr. Helgard Muller of Frankfort in the Free State, who turned 66 during the week. He died of his injuries in an ambulance on the way to hospital.

The incident took place on the farm Mara, about 15 km outside Frankfort. Mrs. Marietjie Muller and a domestic worker were alone when two men in their early twenties, armed with a gun entered the house and asked for money. Mrs. Muller, who is confined to a wheelchair, told the men she didn't have the key to the safe and her husband was not there. The men tied them up with shoelaces and rope and left them in different rooms.

An hour later Mr. Muller returned and was overpowered and shot in his head. The men made off with his truck which was later found on a gravel road nearby Frankfort. Mrs. Muller and the domestic worker were able to free themselves with a knife, and, although not hurt, were treated for shock.

News Report

I am told that there are additional reports stating that arrests have been made, and the weapon which killed Mr. Muller has been recovered, however, I am unable to find that story.

In a separate news report, South Africa's News 24 state that there has been a farm attack every day since President Jacob Zuma made his State of the Nation address in which he claimed that certain categories of crime were falling. I imagine some will accuse News 24 of "exaggerating the problem" as well.
Hat Tip: Heather C


Macaw said...

Nice one Sarah and thanks for updating the figures. I was going to say stats, but that sounds cold (even though, that is what the victime are).

I also read about the one murder a day since our "president" has been in office.

As to the email by that person, I suppose it is psy-ops as well. They will never stop trying to lessen the evil that is going on here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting this up on your website. For doing this everytime you get news that it happens. I am also a white South African and I can tell you why your first correspondent denies the ongoing murders of farmers in SA: It is because white South Africans in general and Afrikaners in particular are constantly bombarded with the message that they have not yet given enough. As long as one white family still lives in better conditions than the lowest (non-working, constantly breeding, willfully uneducated) shack-dweller YOU have not given enough. YOU are guilty, and YOU must pay.
This is ironic, as it is unlikely that any white family-man or woman will risk their fragile security by protesting as violently as said shack dweller, until they have nothing to lose.
However, discussing the problem has become something that I feel is fruitless. Something must be done. The question is what?
History repeats itself in Africa, and anybody only needs to look at what happened to white people in other countries that were given over to black rule to know our future. I used to think that SA would be different. That is the luxury of the innocence of youth. Now I see it is not different. It is only slower, and it is endorsed by every liberal out there.
This is short sighted of course. Once the white population is destroyed, the country will merely stand with the begging bowl in hand in front of the West, or it will be swallowed by China.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah
I am reluctant to make this comment but I can tell you that I prosecuted in the high court in SA and anyone denying the reality of farm murders and the strange motivation behind many murders is busy with disinformation.
The reality is there to see for all who care to look.
Dealing with these and many other murders from an insider point of view is probably the most horrible thing a person can experience.
I leave it to your judgement to post this comment or not.
Those that seek to deny reality must have a hidden agenda or lack true experience.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Anonymous 11:42

I have decided to approve your comment, in part because you give a very interesting perspective.

It is perhaps understandable why so many Liberals are in denial, if they acknowledge the truth where does that leave their dreams?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Alan Paton should have written, "Cry the beloved country" now? The self absorbed ego centric behaviour of liberals have destroyed South Africa. Maybe it's a sickness, apart from a few who raise awareness (like yourself) the vast majority of South Africans who left the country for the very reason, now live with their heads in the sand. Very few are outspoken about the implosion of services, rampant crime, racial hatred that gets displayed by blacks towards whites in every walk of life. Maybe they are just relieved to get out and get their families out, thereby absolving themselves of any accountability towards their fellow south Africans. It just boggles the brain.

Viking said...

Indeed, and strange how I know exactly who your correspondent is - he being a daily visitor to our fair blog.

It seems there are still some who consider farm attacks as "normal" behaviour and seek to downplay the seriousness of these horrific attacks. As one who went to South Africa a sceptic and lived there several years, I can say from a critical perspective that the nature of the crimes perpetrated on elderly, vulnerable and above all innocent people are carried out with a violence that most outsiders will simply refuse to believe.

The level of aggression the attacks contain is quite simply shocking and even unprintable. The motive is not simply robbery, but a misguided "retribution" borne out of years of hate-filled propaganda which is encouraged by today's ANC, and the criminals themselves far too young to have ever been directly affected by the worst of Apartheid, which they use as an excuse to carry out their cowardly, vicious and sadistic crimes.

What such as your correspondent fail to acknowledge is that the white farming communities are scapegoated at an official level - they deny the concerted top-down verbal and ideological attack on farmers in South Africa which is being met from below with savage and brutal physical attacks on isolated and vulnerable people who have been systematically disarmed by the ANC nanny state.

Jason Rose said...

Keep pushing, this information should be a world topic. If this were happening to any different race of peoples then every newspaper in the world would be discussing it.

It is good to hear the real news.

Laager said...

As a follow up to Viking's point may I suggest that readers of the various blogs that have the courage to speak out against what is happening to whites in South Africa pay particular attention to the ages of the new generation of black robbers, muggers and murderers

They are frequently about 20 and younger.
Apartheid was formally abolished 20 years ago in February 1990 when Pres. FW de Klerk repealed and scrapped all apartheid legislation and publically declared the system no longer workable or relevant.

Therefore these criminals have had zero experience of the system. Fair enough, they may have grown up poor but so have millions of other people on the planet who are not behaving like this.

Furthermore their own people have voted in their representatives who now control all the instruments of power. Two of these are the exchequer and the Dept of Education. If these young people have not availed themselves of an education which their leaders should be providing for them, their circumstances cannot be blamed on apartheid or the white man any longer.

The ball is firmly in their court and it it is up to their families and community leaders to call them to account and get them to behave responsibly.

It would seem that these young people are all products of the "instant gratification" generation and have not yet been taught that it takes time, over a number of generations, for a people to uplift themselves. Filling your life with bling is the poorest expression of this process.

Anonymous said...

Hi I've written to my MP (Rt Hon Nick Herbert) a number of times about this and sent links to photos etc so far I've heard nothing concrete back. May be a few of you could write in to him as well? Also some leaflets to hand out at EDL marches etc and towncentres aimed at raising awareness would be good. Sarah maybe you could come up with something hard hitting and completely undeniable and from the right angle?


Anonymous said...

That e-mail was probably from Rooster, he always uses fake names to promote his lies and propaganda.

Laager said...

Sarah - a suggestion

Could you remove the "Anonymous" option from choosing an identity

It makes reading the thread difficult as one does not know who is posting, responding or following up.

Readers can still remain anonymous by using a non-de-plume/user name

Thank you

s.a. white said...

Anonymous (20 February 2011 13:17), Alan Paton's widow said he would be heart-broken to see what's happened to SA. She also said that black 'leaders' always talk about 'wanting the best for the people'... Until they get into power - then their greed, power and brutal ways are exposed. She left SA years ago and returned to England.

There are lots of irregularities with these elections.
- They shoot dead opposition candidates (Andries Tatane, COPE),
- intimidate & attack mothers of other candidates,
- they get in rent-a-crowds to boo non-ANC speakers off-stage,
- bribe people with chicken (LOL One Chicken, One vote)
- say Mandela won't get better if you don't vote ANC
- say Jesus would vote ANC
- say those who don't vote ANC, are voting for the devil, and that you cannot escape the ANC

... you get the gist of it. Aside from all this, there's quite a bit of violence and protests throughout the South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, thanks for your posts on the subject...

Not sure if you know, but last year sometime a Rustenburg farmer submitted a genocide complaint at the ICC in The Hague, naming 12 / 13 SA leaders. This past month or so, a non-profit did the same.

You may be interested in these links:

'Kill the f***ing whites now!!!'

Jihadis Incite South African Blacks to kill all Whites

'We're going to kill all you f***ing whites'

'We will kill the whites, all of them'

VIDEO: South Africa: Blacks sing about killing Whites

Afriforum to take Malema battle to UN

More charges for Malema

Bloody "Kill the Boer" written on torture-murder victims' walls:

Attackers shout "Viva Malema"

Whites in SA survival debate in Holland

Hague Petition: ANC Genocide Probe

Kill Boer Malema-trial advocate & family threatened, daughter was run off road like Mugabe-thugs did to Tsvangirai, killing his wife

‘Shoot to kill’, sings Malema

Cele stands by 'shoot to kill'

Anonymous said...

There are some worrying things happening. Violence against whites and opposition parties have increased now that the elections are at hand (May 18) and there xenophobic threats against Somalis and other foreign blacks have also increased again. These people are forced to close their shops, because the locals don't want foreigners to have businesses here.

Clearly they don't care about job opportunities and the income taxes these people pay... They just want to hate them.


One woman, Florinda Jacobs, was shot execution-style in a ditch somewhere.
Missing woman found dead

Cop executes innocent woman at police station, ambulance not allowed:
"An eyewitness told Sowetan yesterday that a shot was fired at the woman before her car collided with the officer's car.

"… A tall black policeman got out of his car pointing a gun at the driver of a VW Golf," the eyewitness said."

Jeanette Odendaal called 10111 (police emergency squad) before execution by cop

More police attacks on whites this past week or so:

More examples

ANC cops assaulted and shot dead opposition Congress of the People (COPE) candidate Tatane

Elderly white torture victims die from abuse in Hospices, Care Centers & Hospitals

The truth surfaces over ANC & media psy-ops against white South Africans (lies exposed)

What's really going on in South Africa (downloadable, info & photos)

Crime scene photo collage (excellent video: but I suspect the ANC is blocking this site in SA, page has been chronically unavailable for months. Perhaps someone can download it & post elsewhere?)

A Bloody Harvest: Farm Murders in South Africa (Part 1) (Part 2)

Hope this helps, took me quite a bit of time to get together :) please look at and tell your friends about these links, people.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Anonymous

Thanks very much for those, they are very helpful indeed.

You obviously put a lot of work into that and I appreciate it


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks for your message s.a. white, it is extremely disturbing what is going on, while the world continues to pretend South Africa is a health democracy.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

That should have read as "healthy democracy"