Saturday, 19 February 2011

Africans - a poem by Mike Wilson


The African and all his tribe are waiting at the door-

Waiting for a handout – for the world to give them more.

We’ve given so much in the past, we cannot count the cost,

Yet still they come and gather – a race that’s somehow lost.

We gave to Ethiopia at least 30 years ago,

But in that time what have they done to help themselves to know?

They sat back in their compounds and made babies every day –

Instead of rolling up their sleeves and learning to make hay.

Now a score or more years later, the population’s spread

It’s almost twice now what it was – around 40 million head.

And still the tribes are gathering – their needs are just the same-

How come they haven’t learned to act - to work and play the game?

The suffering children that we see with civil libs and on TV

Just carries on without a break, a tribute to our empathy.

They don’t have the ability to work or plan ahead –

They only know they’ll take what’s mine, especially if I’m dead!

Why must we keep repeating the same old lessons through

The years and not learn by our mistakes, just what we never knew –

That Africans are not the same as western whites – it’s true,

And until some start believing this, there’s really nothing we can do!

More of Mike's poems will be posted over the next few days


Anonymous said...

"But in that time what have they done to help themselves to know?

They sat back in their compounds and made babies every day –"

Indeed the best form of foreign aid to give to these people would be condoms by the truckload (expecially considering their oversexed nature and their proclivity for sexually transmitted diseases). It sounds harsh, but feeding them just encourages them to do nothing to solve their problems which mostly stem from two things; they overpopulate their countries and they cannot (or will not) learn to farm and feed themselves. Take modern Zimbabwe as an example; that country was once the breadbasket of Africa (when guided by whites during its Rhodesian period of existence). Now it has to import food. Let us face facts; these people are simply inept in every way imaginable, and they want us to take care of their needs (like children) but one dare not refer to them AS children. On top of this, they want to kill us. Consider the lack of intelligence that is necessary to hold such conflicting viewpoints as they do about us. They need us, but hate us and want us erradicated from "their world". Is it any wonder that studies done on their IQ have revealed an average African IQ of 70?

Anonymous said...

The west keeps on watering the weeds.
The suicidal nature of the west is beyond comprehension.
The Japanese and Chinese are clearly more intelligent and will preserve their societies.
Is it really that difficult to see the nature of others and see that it is only the west that buys into this multicult madness.
How much more evidence do you need !
How long can people remain this stupid ?
How can we be so irresponsible with our childrens future ?

Sigmund said...

Very well written poem!

Only one point the population of Ethiopia has in fact grown to 85 million

Dr.D said...

We must stop feeding them. That sounds really harsh, but that is the reality of it. We should show them how to feed themselves by their own labor, but we must make sure that it is their labor that produces the food. People that work really hard from dawn to dark every day are too tired to make babies every day, so this will serve to help limit the population. Those who do not work must not eat. It is just that simple. We must stop feeding them.;

I realize that in many cases their land is poor, the soil will not produce much. Then the population must reduce to what the soil will support. They have allowed themselves to overpopulate, now they are going to have to face the painful prospect of shrinking population through starvation. It has to be.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Dr. D

Although much of North Africa is desert, sub Saharan Africa has some of the most fertile land on the planet, it has just been misused.

Famine and drought were virtually unheard of under Colonial rule. Where it occurred it was resolved swiftly by the movement of food from one African territory to another.

For instance, under British rule, the East African protectorate, which included Tanganyika,Kenya, Uganda and Zanzibar operated a form of common market and if crops failed in one area food was brought in from elsewhere, hence there was no starvation. That included the surrounding countries, such as Rwanda, Somali-land, the Congo, Malawi Mozambique etc where other other European powers were in charge

Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe and Zambia) on its own produced enough food to feed half the continent on its own, now it can not feed its own people.

Anonymous said...

Not only forget about feeding them in their own lands (it's THEIR problem), but if that treasonous "Portugal Declaration" have their way with importing 50,000,000 of these people to Europe within a few decades, you'd be guilty of cultivating the very seeds that lead to your own destruction in the European garden.

Yes, "weeds" is an apt description for a race who've hardly moved beyond the stone age development.

Look at the obvious example of Detroit City in the mighty U.S.A.

Despite federal financial backing worth tens of billion$, this Black-run city still regressed to an unimaginable degree in only 50 years!

Now imagine what European cities will look like in 50 years.

Actually, if today's Birmingham, or parts of London is any example, you can already see the outcome.

Dr.D said...

Sarah, I am well aware that what you say is true. I was thinking specifically of Ethiopia when I wrote my comment.

I think my point still stands, however, that it must be up to the blacks to do their own work and solve their own problems. They have driven out the white people who provided them leadership to an abundant material life, so now let them make a go of it on their own without help.

The unfortunate part is that the Chinese are going to move in and take over much of the area because they want the mineral wealth. The blacks will find the Chinese to be hard masters, much more than the whites ever were. Even so, the die seems to be cast.

eduard said...

There is a saying in the Afrikaans language: As hulle le dan teel hulle,
as hulle staan dan steel hulle.
Translated: Lying down they breed, standing they steal.
Observing their nature, due to their lack of intelligence, they react and respond on their emotions. The concept of cause and effect does not exist in their philosophy.

Jade said...

Harsh though it may sound Sarah Maid of Albion, I will no longer sponsor any overseas charity, be it by direct donations or by buying from Oxfam. We over the years, as so rightly pointed in your poem have given millions to help these people. In return, what have they done? basically overpopulate the planet, and contribute little.They seem to be unable to live independent lives. There are plenty of British charities who deserve our money, Shelter is the one I always try to support, having been homeless myself as a teenager. I also give to animal charities as they (I believe) give to us unconditionally.

BritishActivism said...

Just think what the Bill Gates Foundation are up to - as well as many other charities and aid foundations.

They desire to save millions of lives in Africa, with such things as treatments for Malaria and whatever else.

It sounds terribly cruel, but seriously, is saving these children really a good idea?

Those millions they will 'save' by curing or marginalising the only things which helps limit the already bulging growth, will only go on to live horrible lives and reproduce yet more millions of babies into the world.

Around 97% of world population growth is going to be in the Third World of various places or another.

The leakage into Europe is a disaster for us too. We all know the will and desire to keep them all at bay is not in place in Europe, and how exactly can we, in the future, keep out billions of people whilst we shrink to the point of not being able to mount a defence?

Not only that, but the only reason birthrates are stable and even increasing in Europe - from Italy to Denmark - is because of third world immigration and higher birthrates!

It is one of the hardest and greatest taboo's to break - the idea that we have to cut our ties with African aid, let them die in their millions so that they eventually figure out to be more responsible and make something of the place.

It is a horrible thing to have to argue, but surely continuing on as we are is madness!

You start to get into the forced sterilisation territory, starvation, leaving them to bludgeon each other to death.

As stated above, the intelligence levels are well below the rest of the world and accounts to why things are as they are there.

They are not the same as us.

It is probable to say that they would have to be left to their own devices for another 500 years until they figure out what their mistakes are and sort their chaotic problems out.

The trouble is, logic seems to have no place in the western societies debating arena. It is cold, hard, brutal -whereas people want to feel good, save, and heal the world.

How we go about stating we should let them die of disease, not raise their standards, not feed them, even impose rules of sterilisation in return for further aid - etc, and not look like complete monsters I do not know.

I'd go even further, and link Aid with repatriation.

If their countries want aid, then they have to not only prevent migration out of their countries, but have to accept millions back from Europe.

Now we have educated descendants from the third world, and seeing as they have 'pride' in their heritage and celebrate it so much - why not let them return to their origins and work their "dynamism" and "vibrancy" and "enrichment" to pull their own people out of the doo-doo?.

Of course, I am wishful thinking.

"What's ours is theirs, and what's theirs is their own".

That is how the cookie seems to crumble.

Anonymous said...

Charities and various world governments can give to the black hole that is Africa (no pun intended) forever, and it will make no difference as these people are not farmers and never will be able to feed themselves. The "Peace Corps" had been in Africa long ago trying to educate those people to the ways of work and farming, but to no avail. If you want to see the real future of Africa, you need to look only as far as modern Liberia. Today, cannibalism is practiced in Liberia. Google it for yourself. For me, I had a fellow employee who had "escaped" from Liberia to America (he is a minister) and told me of the atrocities going on there. At first I did not believe him, but after doing the research, I found he was telling the truth. This is what we are importing to our Western nations. Absolute horror.