Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Dumbing Down of Youth - a poem by Mike Wilson

By Mike Wilson

We stare across the vacant face of youth
And in this mood see nothing but the truth.
The truth behind the dumbing down of thought.
The deed that drugs and untold vice has brought.

Our world is shaped by what has gone before,
The hands that beckon youth behind the door,
Entice the young to try this thing that’s new
And never care just what these drugs will do.

I well remember music just sublime
That evoked such thoughts of another time.
But that has passed and in its place we see
The rapper with his bold cacophony.

No music here but sing song voices bold
Exclaiming how their life has made them old.
The trouble is these groups are now so rife
That youngsters feel that this is now their life.

The gentler days we knew and loved have gone
Replaced by the ignoramus and his song.
The alcohol that fuels the party fire
Is adding fuel to youths very own pyre.

The mistakes we made in bringing up our young
Has brought an age that’s only just begun.
With no accountability for redress
Or fear of retribution none the less.

Our age was taught to respect law and order
And in this way our lives had shape and border.
Today our youth ignore the shape of law
And carry on regardless, as before.

Can we be proud of how we’ve shaped our youth
Without them ever knowing the real truth.
Whatever you shall sow then shall you reap
And nothing that is worthwhile comes so cheap.

A life worth living must be paid in full
And those who go before don’t have it all
Unless they are prepared to work and stint
Their graceless lives will be as hard as flint.

So come on now, wake up and be aware
That there are riches in this world for all to share.
Leave off your drugs and other mindless things
And launch into your future with widespread wings!

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Dr.D said...

It is more than a little bit difficult to figure out just where this poem intends to take the reader.