Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The NHS Report

By Tim Heydon

The Report by the Health Service Ombudsman Anne Abrahams which has revealed shocking instances of the gross lack of basic care for the elderly in NHS Hospitals has spurred a rash of heart –searching along the lines of ‘How, why, can this happen? What can we do to ensure that elderly people are given the care and respect they deserve?’ Etc.

Additional Training is Required? Not Really

The line coming out so far is that ‘additional training’ of Nursing Staff is required. But the reasons for the appalling third – world conditions to which our father and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers are so often condemned in state hospitals go far deeper than mere lack of ‘training.’ How much training do you need after all, to know that old, sick people must to be fed and kept clean? How much training is required for anyone to treat old, dependent people with compassion and respect?

The Decline in the Grip of Christianity

Chief among the causes for the collapse of caring standards is the decline of the grip of Christianity. When the elderly who now go to hospital at the end of their lives were young, Nursing was still thought of, not just as a profession as it increasingly now is, but also as a ‘calling.’ This is a word one almost never hears these days, but in the context of nursing (and medicine) it means a career to which one is drawn because one is a truly caring person and because one feels a Christian need to care for the sick. That sense of a religious duty of care seems to have faded away in nursing. The same remarks could be made of doctors.

The Drive to Radical Individualism and ‘Equality’

Then there is the decline in a sense of community (NationaI Identity). The National Health Service was set up by a nation always united by virtue of its racial, religious and cultural homogeneity, which had just won a huge war against its enemies who wanted to invade and take over their country. It was now more than ever united across the social classes and wanted to reward its people for their patriotism and sacrifice. That strong sense of community, of a national family looking after its own, including its parents and grandparents, has been undermined by the ongoing drive to a radical individualism whose effect is to alienate people from each other by breaking down those very same bonds of race culture and religion, justify the insidiously evil agenda of the imposition of a false ‘equality’ and encourage egotism and selfishness.

Immigrants Don’t Care

The malign effects of Radical Individualism and its evil partner, ‘equality' in breaking down the strong sense of community which made the NHS possible in the first place and which helped to give it its ethos of care in its early years have of course been spurred on in synergistic fashion by the importation of large numbers of foreigners into the country and into the NHS. These people who are in any case often underqualified by our standards cannot share the cultural and religious assumptions which underpinned the NHS and which are fading fast even among the indigenous population. Importantly, they can feel no great connection on human terms with the patients they are allocated.

Why should they? Elderly patients who in particular need attention are not the parents or grandparents of their national /racial family. So too many of these immigrants are even more likely than individualised indigenous staff simply not to care much emotionally and this lack of feeling is easily translated into a practical lack of care. For them, nursing is just a job for money with not much more emotional content or satisfactions than working in a factory or office and if they can shirk it, many of them will.

The Rejection of Authority

But there is yet another aspect of the cultural revolution which has helped to bring about the collapse in caring standards we are witnessing in the NHS. The rejection of authority which lay at the root of that revolution led to the disappearance of the Hospital Matron, a terrifying figure who was in overall control of nursing and the state of the wards in her Hospital. When she went (it was almost invariably a woman) her responsibilities were fractured in a way which worked against the patients’ interests. And the running of the hospitals has been handed over to tiers of management who are more interested in figures than in people.

The Cult of Youth

Part of the rejection of authority is the disappearance of respect for the old simply because they are old; because they have lived a life and seen and often suffered much. There is now little sense that the old have something to offer because the wisdom of their years. Hand in hand with the gradually loss of respect for life which is part and parcel of the decline of the Christian ethos, the old are increasingly seen as of less value and therefore of less concern than the young.

The More ‘Caring’ our ‘Society’ Thinks Itself, the Less Caring it actually Is

Fascinating, isn’t it, the way in which a society that fancies itself as morally superior, more ‘caring’ than ever before is in fact less and less so when it comes to the nitty gritty of actual hands-on care.

‘Care’ in the Leftist, Liberal sense is not personal; it is outsourced to the state so that ‘caring’ Leftists and Liberals can get on with their selfish egotisms with what remains of their consciences clear. But when those who are supposed to ‘care’ in the NHS also lack the motivations for nitty-gritty hands-on care, the results are as we see them in our hospitals as elsewhere in the State Apparatus.


Anonymous said...

"Importantly, they can feel no great connection on human terms with the patients they are allocated.

Why should they? Elderly patients who in particular need attention are not the parents or grandparents of their national /racial family."

- You have a penchant for stating the obvious. It is a shame it took you and your kinsmen so long to take note of it. Now, there is only the rapidly approaching self-inflicted out-breeding (cultural and racial suicide) that Western culture has brought onto itself with the importation of these half-human subspecies. This is your future if you are white- to die in some squalid state hospital when you are aged, providing that you do not mercifully succumb long before that. So other than complain about it (as so many "pro-Occidental" websites are doing) what can be done about it now? What will be done? Nothing.
The entire situation reminds me, comically, of a cartoon I had seen years ago in which a herd of sheep is jumping, willy-nilly off of a cliff, several sheep at a time. There is one black sheep however, who is trying to move through the throng and away from the cliff's edge, and he keeps saying, "excuse me, excuse me, I'd like to pass by please". Similarly, there have been those of us among you who have been trying to "sound the alarm" for many decades now- but no one listens. Now there is no time left to alter the course of events. So complain on.

Dr.D said...

There is a definite sense of caring for one's own people in a setting where the patients look like the care givers versus the other case where the patients are aliens to the care givers. This was well brought out in this report and it makes a world of difference. For those for whom their work is a truly a calling, serving their own people is usually far more rewarding than serving aliens. Serving aliens is simply work for pay. This was a very good article.

Anonymous said...

Must be a "Last Man on Earth" feeling in hearts of older citizens worldwide having grown up in cultures where these things simply did not happen. It is not only their own mortality being nearer, but that a once thriving society already lives only in their memories. Hope a new day comes when societies turn the tide and make quick work of useless cowardly savage parasites.

Rusty Mason said...

I'm sorry to say but most of the elderly today have no one but themselves to blame. They bought the liberal line, hook and sinker. They refused to protect their children and grandchildren, giving us over to the multicult and the barbarian invaders. They dropped us in the integrated schools and workplaces and told us to go along to get along. Not saying we should abandon these selfish old coots, I'm just noting the reap-sow dynamic.

Vanishing American said...

The tone of some of the comments here explains the predicament. There seems to be little common feeling between today's younger (under 40) generations and their elders. I mean, if our own people are so callous towards their people, their elders, why then should we expect utter strangers to care?
Christian readers will remember the phrase from the Bible about how in these times, people will be 'without natural affections', 'lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy..'
We are seeing it happen.

And it is a waste of time for some to blame others, as has become so common. I fully believe the majority in my country (the US)
would turn a blind eye should the state take measures to hasten the demise of our elders. Few would care, it appears, and few would raise their voices, much less do anything.

I would never have believed such hardness of heart on the part of what was once a Christian people.
Forgive the tone of my post, but I have just lost my elderly Dad, and it is heartbreaking to see so much disregard for the people who raised us and took care of us, taught us, and provided for us.
"Honor your fathers and mothers" means not just the ones who bore us, but all our elders.

Anonymous said...

"I'm sorry to say but most of the elderly today have no one but themselves to blame."
- A valid point, Rusty, but not all of the older folk were happy about the way that things were going along. There were many factors at work in bringing down Western Civ and two of the most influential factors were a fifth column at work in the educational intitutions (aka: " The Frankfurt School" influence) and corrupt and bought-out politicians. Money buys influence and the elites were committed to destroying our world. These people had the money to buy the "right politicians" to suit them. Best and most recent example would be George Soros having footed the bill for Obama's election campaign. Even if all the Whites in America were to have contributed en masse to fund someone to run against him, we could never have had enough dollars to challenge a super-billionaire like Soros. Add to that a corrupt judiciary and the turncoat factor (case in point would be Scott Brown who disowned the Tea Party people as soon as he was elected) and the uphill battle resembles fighting up Mt. Everest. Sorry, but it is not just the "old folks fault"- many of you young people are either unwilling to enter politics and be politically aware or you are too easily bought out. This has always been a problem for White people. No racial loyalty, just "what's in it for me"?

Anonymous said...

"The tone of some of the comments here explains the predicament. There seems to be little common feeling between today's younger (under 40) generations and their elders."
"I fully believe the majority in my country (the US)
would turn a blind eye should the state take measures to hasten the demise of our elders."

It is really not surprising, Vanishing American, because those who will abort their children will also euthanize their parents. Though the younger generation is at least partly right in blaming their elders for the collapse of Western Civilization, these young people should realize that they too, will one day be old, if they live long enough. And as we say here in my part of the US; "what comes around, goes around". The young tend to think they are immortal, but one day they too will be helpless and old and their turn will come for them as well, especially so since they will be a minority among colored people who hate them with a black passion.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive individualism is everywhere, from the way people drive to the way they shove you out of the way to get to the marked down beer and potato crisps.