Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Some EU schemes for the destruction of Europe - Planned Economic Union With Africa

By Mister Fox

The document I reproduce here is evidence of the Crimes against Humanity being perpetrated by EU officials most of whom are unelected and a self-serving elite.

At the recent Joint Summit in Tripoli, Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission announced EU plans for an economic union of the EU with Africa by 2050. (1)

Such a union will almost certainly involve a 'single market' with the free movement of goods, services, capital and labour across of our national borders: the importation of Africa into Europe. One billion people will be able to come and live in the UK if they so choose. This is the free movement of people. A necessary component of Globalism. It ensures as Marx said a “reserve army of labour”, cheap labour as we are returned to days of poverty and exploitation like in Victorian times. Its truly sickening to see Western elites like Blair and Livingstone apologise for historic slavery while import cheap labour. Many of whom work for little pay and in sweatshops. These are truly evil elites.

This is most of Jose Manuel Barroso's opening speech:

We can build on the Joint Africa-EU Strategy as a political framework that allows us to project our common values, and jointly pursue our common interests in a changing world.

Africa is on the move for peace and prosperity. For sure, many serious problems persist – poverty, human rights, conflicts - but you are addressing them and we are your partners in this effort.

In the past twenty years, the number of armed conflicts has decreased by over a third. With the consolidation of the African Peace and Security Architecture, the African Union and African regional communities are now better equipped to bring peace and stability to the continent. I would like to commend the work of the African Union and of its Commission.

Also, Africa's economic growth has been impressive: per capita GDP increased annually by 6% between 2006 and 2008. And Foreign Direct Investment inflows to Africa have been rising strongly since 2002.

The overarching priority for the EU, as set out in our Europe 2020 reform strategy, is growth. This strategy specifically refers to Europe's relations with Africa, and to how we can translate our political objectives into concrete action over the next decade.

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals and effectively reducing poverty continues to be our end goal, and I firmly believe that these are still attainable by 2015. The European Union remains deeply committed to this objective, and just recently in New York I had the opportunity to announce, on behalf of the European Union, an MDGs initiative of €1 billion to help those countries most in need ...

We have come to Tripoli to identify sustainable solutions to today's challenges. These solutions will bring our peoples, our businesses, our cultures and our youth closer together.

We have come to Tripoli with the fascinating long-term perspective of a Euro-African economic area in mind – an area which will provide opportunities for 2.5billion citizens by 2050....

The EU is already closely cooperating with Africa in renewable energy technology, including transfer and training through its Energy Facility which is currently implementing 62 projects in 34 African states worth €400 million, with a contribution from the Commission of €180 million.

Jointly, we can promote sound conditions for investment and growth, foster regional and continental energy interconnections, boost energy trade and improve energy security.

That is the goal of the new Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme launched in Vienna this September, which will be supported by fast-start climate financing in its start-up phase ...

My second example is trade and regional integration. Both are powerful catalysts for peace, stability, growth, jobs and prosperity.

Regional integration is an essential vehicle for economic growth and this is as true in Europe as it is in Africa.

Currently only a tenth of Africa’s trade is within Africa itself. The European Commission is committed to assisting African economies to remove bottlenecks which hamper integration and trade, like country and regional infrastructure, interconnectivity, services and regulatory aspects.

Regional Economic Communities are true engines of this process, and we follow with great interest the current efforts for streamlining and harmonizing their agendas, as in the Tripartite Initiative in Eastern and Southern Africa.

We also hope to conclude the Doha Development Agenda. The economic gains that Africa stands to reap from the DDA are huge. An ambitious trade result, with a supportive domestic policy environment, is estimated to offer gains of approximately 5% of income in developing countries, which would lift some 300 million people out of poverty by 2015. This is much more than all development aid combined can ever achieve.

That is why we are also engaging in Economic Partnership Agreements with five regions in Sub-Saharan Africa. We see them as a way to support socio-economic development, regional integration and the integration of Africa in the global economy.

However, market access alone is not enough; supply-side constraints need to be addressed in order to enable African countries to take advantage of trade opportunities, in particular addressing the lack of infrastructure, and we are giving this a higher priority in our relations with Africa.

Aid for Trade is key in this respect, and the European Union is the biggest provider of Aid For Trade in the world, delivering more than €10 billion in 2008.”

The trick is to dehumanise us so that we no longer think of ourselves as a people to make it easier to replace us if we think immigrants have as much right to be here as us when they clearly do not. They have a different, even oppositional heritage. The aim of the EU is misappropriate taxpayers money by using it for schemes that benefit he elites. They are impoverishing us by transferring our money to the Third World with an enormous redistribution of wealth, but plenty of profit for the ruling bankers and business elites. Wealth equalisation of the masses is the basis of communism and so it can be honestly stated that some peer reviewed scientific studies are "leftist"as they knowingly sacrifice the truth for a cause that has its roots in Comunism.

Bankers make enormous profit from the transfer process and corporations get mineral rights. Many EU officials are bankers and former Communist officials.

The practical effects such as the importation of aids are never considered. Only one view is allowed and that is the one that serves the interests of Global capital: business and the banks.any fears that these importations might not work are oppressed by law as "hate" or "prejudice."

We are trained to think mongrels with no right to our own existence, unlike Tibetans and everyone else in the world. That is to treat us as Subhuman, Untermenschen.

We are dismissed us as mongrels, which is a racial insult. This faux Pas presupposes the existence of races. Otherwise how could one be "mixed race"?

There is the classic deconstruction argument. We are all immigrants or there is no such thing as the British race. That is to dehumanise us; the British do not exist, therefore no crime can be committed against them and they can have no rights or legal defence in situations involving “Race”. This is "intellectual genocide" the mental act of destroying a group in the minds of individuals, a necessary pre-requisite to physical genocide. It facilitates our replacement in our own country by an imported “reserve army of labour,” as Marx put it.

This tactic is used alongside its counterpart which is destroying the basis for British national pride. Once a people have lost confidence in themselves and pride in their achievements and identity they can be swept away. Every aspect of Britain life is being degraded and our roots cut. Confidence is the single most potent defence, because a nation with a strong national pride can withstand any battlefield defeat or invasion and bounce back. The people of Japan are an example of a people massively bombed, invaded, humiliated and bankrupted. But they became one of the richest nations, whereas Germany, bereft of self-worth, went in for temporary material prosperity but allowed itself to be colonised and their industry and technology is being taken from them. Japan has a very distinct national identity and are largely free of immigrants, their strength is based upon a common heritage that they value and don't undermine.

This is the process whereby all the factors which provide a source of national identity and pride have been undermined. Anything and everything that gives the British people some cause for pride and contentment has been attacked, closed, sold off, privatised, re-written or modernised out of existence. We have had Rolls Royce, Rover, Jaguar and all that advanced technology sold by the elites and now part of the pride and heritage of rival nations like China and India. In just the last few days they decided to sell off the Search and Rescue function of the RAF and Royal Navy as well as the scrapping of the RN's Harrier's and the Ark Royal. The constant destruction of our way of life and the beacons of excellence that inspired us leaves us with nothing to look up to.

Excellence is being replaced by celebrity or notoriety; bad manners or people who swear on TV don't get sacked, they get their your own series! They can abuse and insult a man's grand daughter in public and get paid millions and a film career. The elites stick together as we see from the “celebrity” of traitor Piers Morgan.

Chris Ofili is described as a great British artist. His most important "work",for which he was paid several hundred thousand pounds of taxpayers money to aquire his masterpiece for the nation, is a piece of MDF upon which he put ELEPHANT DUNG!

Needless to say he has been awarded the ludicrous Turner Prize! This British(?) painter incorporates his Nigerian cltural heritage, like elephant dung.. He apparently, uses this ingredient in all his work. The first was illegally smuggled in from Africa but now he is obliged by London Zoo. He dries it in an airing cupboard. Obviously he was one of anti-British Saatchi's Young British Artists and has removed to Trinidad.

The above enables the elites to import unassimilable aliens and destroy the homes and communities of the indigenous British without pangs of conscience: We don't exist or are thoroughly evil and deserve this for our past history: they do not admit that they share this past and continue to profit while making us pay for the Empire.

This has been going on for a long time and the Government misappropriates tax payers money to put their schemes into action. Why are calls for control of immigration treated with such vehement approbation? Because our elites follow an ideology that is at odds with reality and tells them that immigrants are better than us and enrich us. To the innocent people who think this is an accident, I quote Dele Oguntimojou an African lawyer working in London: ”(you) do not know how the youth in the poor African village is being seduced by lush advertising to shed his native dress for blue jeans; to retune his ears from the traditional hi-life to the drum and bass of hip-hop and Brit pop. Even now the British Council is busy across Africa training the next generation of immigrants in the language of the destination country." (3)

There is the health problem and political elites who bring this on innocent people are irresponsible and wicked. Record numbers of tuberculosis infections are being fuelled by immigration, Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, admitted. TB cases is caused by immigrants encouraged to Britain from countries where the disease is common, such as sub-Saharan Africa. There are about 350 deaths here every year.

Figures published in November by the misnamed Health Protection Agency show that it is particularly prevalent in inner city areas of London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.

Lansley told the House of Commons: 'The rise has occurred mainly in people infected in countries where TB is common who go on to develop active TB later in life.'

The Government are to give councils more powers to monitor public health and more taxpayers money. No wonder the corrupt elites have saddled us with such debt – to finance their crackpot immigration and distribution of wealth schemes.

Lansley added that the Government was funding a charity called TB Alert to raise awareness of the problem among health care professionals in London.

Britain has one of the highest rates because of immigration when it had nearly been eradicated. The number of cases of resistant TB that cannot be treated with antibiotics doubled in the last decade.

Cases of HIV in the UK are higher than ever. Between 1995 and 2006, the rate of infection of Black Africans in the west Midlands increased 100 times, compared to a two times increase among white people, a three times increase among black Caribbeans and a six times increase among other mixed ethnic groups.

AIDS Treatment Update magazine of May 2006 reports the cost of treating someone with HIV in the UK was about £16,000 per year. That is now higher but shows that northwest England NHS carries a debt of at least £107 million a year because of importing immigrants with Aids.

The figure is likely to be far higher in the Southeast than those cited for the North-West, where most of the African invaders live - the total misuse of taxpayers money to treat the imported HIV epidemic will be thousands of millions of pounds. This could be used for the education of our own people or to prevent local community being closed which are so important to elderly people and cutting our armed forces and police forces to leave us unprotected while the elites live in safe areas or gated communities.

The mass immigration policies followed by decades of Labour and Tory regimes has imported incurable and deadly diseases into Britain and the EU is making it worse throughout Europe.

Sub-Saharan Africa has 67% of global cases of HIV and Aids, but now people are encouraged to migrate between continents it is being spread. This is the distribution of deadly diseases!

It is evil to inflict this on the innocent British people.

This has all been done by deceiving the population and has no moral or legal legitimacy: we are morally and prudentially right to reverse the process as Queen Elizabeth I did in 1601 when she deported the (Blackamores). (4)



(3) Salisbury Review. Spring 2003. Vol 21. No3.



Anonymous said...

Well I would suggest that all Europeans take some time off and move to South Africa or Zimbabwe for a month or so just to ease you all into accepting your future living conditions in your native countries .We already experience lots of freedom of movement and trade in Africa , especially the free movement of our earthly possessions into previously black areas. Honestly these people that come up with these plans are either completely bloody stupid or pure evil , and even Sarah would have to admit that the scope of their planned destruction makes uncle Adolf look like an amateur , that is if you accept the main stream idea of him being the bad boy of Europe .

Max said...

This would mean the end of civilization as we know it, and a move to a Haiti type existence.

Some images of what we can all look forward to.

xrayspex said...

We're all equal -

Result -

Smash the liblabcontrick before its too late!!!

beppo said...

This will not happen. Long before 2050 the tide will have changed..there are enough signs of the turn already.

Revolutions, inter-racial wars maybe,
but awareness is growing, aided by sites such as this.

Anonymous said...

So what are YOU going to do about it other than rant on here for the next ten, twenty, years as it progressively gets worse?

If you really, REALLY cared you'd DOOOOOOOOO something!!!! LOL

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

We are doing something, we are revealing this information, nothing will be achieved if people do not know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Every concerned person should inform others ,we should all be activists. We should take it upon ourselves to educate ourselves and others and link with likeminded individuals all around the globe. The time of just sitting back and reading blogs will soon be over. Sarah maybe the blogger can help with giving some ideas for people to become involved ,many of the bloggers are becoming influencial and if you people brainstorm the ideas and start acting more collectively I am sure it would help.
Sorry my english is not so good but i hope you get the idea. Thank you all for a very informative blog

Anonymous said...

Every concerned person should inform others ,we should all be activists. We should take it upon ourselves to educate ourselves and others and link with likeminded individuals all around the globe. The time of just sitting back and reading blogs will soon be over. Sarah maybe the blogger can help with giving some ideas for people to become involved ,many of the bloggers are becoming influencial and if you people brainstorm the ideas and start acting more collectively I am sure it would help.
Sorry my english is not so good but i hope you get the idea. Thank you all for a very informative blog

Anonymous said...

@ beppo dont have so much time left you completely underestimate the destructive power of the immigrants, once they reach critical mass its too late.........dont think that bieng in the majority will save you.....please research this well.

Anonymous said...

Typical uneducated, anonymous coward.
2 seconds ago · Like

Ronbo said...


Great minds think alike!

There is not a doubt in my military mind that in America and England the flame of revolution burns bright.

In the words of Twisted Sister, we aren't gonna take it anymore.

In fact, here in Montana the revolution has already begun - last summer in Hamilton scores of heavily armed militia marched down the main street in a Patriotic display directed against our oppressive federal government.

Also, numerous sheriffs in Montana have been warned by Patriots not to allow federal official into their counties for any purpose other than to deliver the mail.

The Tea Party is the peaceful arm of The Second American Revolution with the focus on winning elections; however, in nearly every state in the Union, armed Patriot militias are either in existence, or being formed.

Who knows? After this winter of our discontent, the spring may bring sounds of civil war. If revolution does break out in America it will quickly spread to England.

In the words of one wag, "When America sneezes, England gets a cold."