Saturday, 18 December 2010

Breaking News - Dream Act fails to pass the Senate

Obama's lame duck Democrat administration's attempt to sneak the so called "Dream act" through the senate hidden in the provisions of the innocuous sounding "Removal Clarification Act of 2010" in their dying days of power has been blocked by the US senate.

Had the act passed this would have been the first stage in ultimately granted full US citizenship to the offspring of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of illegal immigrants.

The 55-41 vote effectively kills the DREAM Act for the year and, possibly, for the rest of President Obama's term.


Dr.D said...

This is truly momentous. We came within a hair of giving US citizenship to millions and millions of militantly anti-American invaders who are simply itching to take over the US. The insanity of Harry Reid in the Senate is breath taking to behold; he needs to be locked up and then tried as a traitor very quickly. He has done everything he could think of to destroy this nation. He will live in ignominy forever as one of the most destructive politicians we have ever seen.

Praise be to God that we have been saved from this infamous sellout with morals lower than an alley cat. We can truly say that God has not totally abandoned us as we deserve, but rather He has protected us at this point as no other could do.

Curt said...

"Praise be to God that we have been saved from this infamous sellout with morals lower than an alley cat"

-Yes, we have a reprieve for now, but they have tried to get this passed in one form or another 3 times previously- they will keep coming back and they will keep trying to get it passed.
"We can truly say that God has not totally abandoned us as we deserve"
- Ahem, "we" deserve? Why do "we" deserve abandonment by God? Perhaps you should speak for yourself. There are plenty of good white people that I know who are suffering right now, jobless and whose homes were foreclosed through no fault of their own. Those people receive no help from the US government but all sorts of undeserved help is extended to "people of color" on the excuse that somehow "we" owe it to them.
Indeed Harry Reid and that blubbering crying fool Boehner and their ilk are a curse upon the land, but the same fools keep voting them into office just as they voted to keep that murderer Ted Kennedy enthroned in Massachusettes for 40 years; perhaps THOSE people who have perpetuated the demise of our country deserve to be overrun by Mexicans, but unfortunately they do not experience much illegal immigration in the New England states, and consequently have not been exposed to the "blessings" of multicultural living.

Dr.D said...

@ Curt
I find it hard to believe that you don't understand why we deserve abandonment by God, but let me leave you with a few thoughts:

1) Our ready acceptance of the rejection of God in public life, whether it be invocations before a sporting event, the mention of divine moral law as an objective standard for life, the placement of things such as the Ten Commandments in public places, etc.

2) Our total acceptance of anti-Christian movies from Hollywood, the belligerent atheist propaganda that is received with such acclaim, the open mocking of Christianity in the "arts," the entertainment industry, the music industry, etc.

3) The complete acceptance of the moral equivalence of all religions. This was not always the way it was in the US; when I was young, eons ago, you would have been laughed at to suggest that izlam was morally equivalent to Christianity. Everybody knew that was not true and there was no faint thought that it was any more true than the mumbo-jumbo of the witch doctor in Africa (it is really the same thing, only in Arabic).

I could go on, but I think this should give you some ideas why I say that we have turned away from God and deserved to be abandoned by Him.

Chris Taus said...

Let them blame the Republicans for blocking this travesty! What can be the downside? Other than race baiters, open borders enthusiasts, RINO's and "Progressives" , what percentage of US citizens/legal voters were actually for this bill? I believe that the vast majority of Americans will be thanking their lucky stars that this thing didn't pass.