Friday, 3 December 2010

England's Humiliation - the video

It is hardly surprising that England was so roundly defeated in its bit to host the FIFA World Cup 2018. The judges obviously became totally confused by the official England bid presentation video and couldn't work out what country it was for. They could certainly be forgiven for thinking it was the Brazil entry, or maybe even Mozambique.

Readers who wish to view the streaming pile of multicultural effluent will have to do so by clicking here and viewing it at YouTube, as I refuse to embed the garbage at my blog.

I do not believe that bribes, corruption or the Russian mafia played any part in the decision, why on earth would FIFA wish to award the World Cup to a country so obviously deeply ashamed of its own culture it sought to smother it beneath every other culture?.

The bid was shameful, embarrassing and totally deserved the humiliation it received.


alanorei said...

Cheer up, Sarah,

Like my local Tory Town Councillor often sings in the change room at the local gym, "Always look on the bright side of life."

I've suggested he should audition for the next panto as Baron Skint, or the equivalent. That's pretty well how Britain will be by 2018 if present trends continue.

Though by missing out on the bid, we will save some dosh.

With our rep's, Will, Call-me-Dave and Becks, I though it just as well they didn't send Posh and Kate (no disrespect to Mrs Cameron), who might have had a more appealing presence for the voters.

I read once of a 1960s Moscow football team, from a rough working-class area of the city (evidently these existed as such then, as distinct from the city as a whole), called The Destroyers.

They were said to carry knives onto the pitch and their supporters would occupy parts of the stands behind the other team's goal mouth and spit missiles at the opposing goalkeeper from pea shooters to give their side the best possible chances at scoring.

Well, maybe their heirs and successors will have a few surprises for our Moscow-bound multi-cultis in 2018. There's always hope. As indicated, I just hope we still have a British nation by then.

Curt said...

I understand your sentiment in not wanting to embed the link to this video on your blog, but I was unable to locate it on YouTube. I would have liked to have seen it so as to witness the multicult stupidity for myself. Not that we are at all immune to this type of nonsense here in the US, but Great Britain seems to have its own "special flavor" of multicult Malarkey. It would have been interesting to witness.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Sorry Curt

I wasn't clear, if you click on the link in the posting or here
You will be able to view it. (If you REALLY want to!! :-( )

It goes a few steps beyond Multicult malarkey I am afraid

Curt said...

Yes Sarah, you are right; the video makes it look like there are a few whites visiting (tourists?, lol) the country and that it is predominantly a mixed-race country. The video leaves one with a feeling of ambiguity as to its purpose until the very end, when we finally learn that it is England's bid for the 2018 FIFA cup. It is pretty bad, to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Depends on how you view it. I watched it before reading your blog and I thought it was people in other countries watching the world cup and tourists. It was showing how good England would be at hosting and everyone would have a great time. I agree that England is letting in to many cultures but I dont think that is what the ad is saying at all. It was a world cup bid. There are more important issues to worry about to save England.

Urban Commando said...

I'm rather glad that England's bid lost out. The sight of our PM and future King prostituting their arses before FIFA was utterly humiliating.

Perhaps FIFA knows something we don't: along the lines, that holding a global sporting event in a soon to be failed multi-cultural hellhole of a country is perhaps not a good idea, n'est-ce pas?

eduard said...

The PM and "future King" prostituting themselves? They are indeed prostitutes - intellectual prostitutes. They are selling your country down the drain. Those miserable pathetic royals are all cahoots with the Rothschilds.

Urban Commando said...


You are of course quite correct.

What was once the greatest empire in history is now a pathetic shell. The UK is a broken, failed state, which has now entered its Byzantine phase.

Our elite have indeed sold us out, and CP Cavafy's remarkably prescient poetry tells us why:

Mick, Anglo-Celtic and Nationalist said...

Yes Sarah,

We in South Africa were blinded by the the blur of a rainbow nation. Looks like they are trying to sell the same in jolly old England now.

Unless you guys nip this in the bud, look at South Africa for your future.

Act now, or suffer and die.

Good luck Old England, you'll need it where you're going!


Anonymous said...

I am extremely glad that the UK lost the bid, what goes around comes around. They were very instrumental at destroying South Africa pre 1994. These liberal swines deserve it over and over again. Eat shyte you pommies. Your country is now going to feel and see what we have in SA today. I watched the video and it looked like our SWC in SA, ful off blacks and more blacks.