Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Pigford Settlement - a problem with numbers

Q: How do 18,000 black farmers become 94,000 overnight?

A: mention the word "compensation" and just watch the numbers grow!

NB: the original 18,000 count defied credibility to start with

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Dr.D said...

Did you notice that this whole Pigford II settlement was ginned up by Holder and Vilsack, two thieves in the the current administration, as a huge payoff to blacks? Holder, of course, is the highly corrupt Attorney General who is totally biased and works entirely for the benefit of blacks, and Tom Vilsack, former governor of Iowa, a democratic thief of the worst sort.

Michelle Bachmann is pointing out the obvious in this video, something that should be very clear to any school child. Of course, most Congressmen will not be about to see it because they are only counting the political payoff to themselves.