Thursday, 2 December 2010

Goodbye Sweden

Pat Condell

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Hat tip: Mister Fox


David Hamilton said...

I,m not sure that Muslims are taught to hate Jews in that way but their actions against White girls is enough to justify our dedicated opposition to their presence in Europe.
As for the Jewish communities that are being persecuted in Europe. You need to wake your ideas up and stop fighting the last war. Some of us have tried to warn you against what you are faced with but you keep your eyes firmly on the past.

Anonymous said...

Dear MR Goodbye Sweden please visit and look at the video [How Zionist divide and conquer] then you will have a better understanding of the race problem of Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Anonymous said...

Swedish advert made by "eBaum" that's Jewish innit?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I just knew this posting would attract the brain deficient "its all the Jew's fault" crowd,

Why don't you people piss off back to Stormfront. You have made Nationalism a laughing stock.

alanorei said...

Short and to the point, Sarah

I'm still waiting for:

1. Evidence of the first Jewish child molester gang in the UK.

2. Evidence of the first 'Behead those who insult Judaism' sign in the UK.

3. Evidence of the first Jewish 'honour' beating or killing in the UK - or any kind of Jewish gang beating/murder for that matter, like the atrocity committed against Kriss Donald.

4. Evidence of the first 7/7-style Jewish suicide bombing, or bomb plot* in the UK. *The Jews are over 400 years behind the Papists in this respect.

I'm not holding my breath - any more than for that other piece of evidence I asked for on another thread but daren't mention for obvious reasons.

P.S. Feel free not to publish this comment. No point in risking poking a wasps' nest - or two.

P.P.S. Patrick Sookhdeo, of Barnabus Fund, in his booklet The Way Ahead quotes Mullah Krekar, a Kurd from Iraq (who has been granted asylum in Norway (!)) as saying that Moslems are spreading like mosquitoes in Europe. That's quite a good analogy. It's regrettable we're not retaliating with our most effective insecticide.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Alan, I published the comment because the wasps will come buzzing around anyway.

alanorei said...

Another indicator of Goodbye Britain.

Anonymous said...

Who's saying "it's all the Jews fault?", but ... they sure have a heavy hand in it!

As for making nationalism a laughing stock, it's you and your BNP with its obliging doormat approach to Jews that are the laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

Dear Little Miss Sarah so its Piss off back to Stormfront,what are you sniffing woman,look go and wash your mouth out.It flushed you out did it not, who would have thought you have a hidden passion for the Chosen ones,good question this do you write articles for Haaretzs one the QT.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

It really is quite pathetic, if one takes the view that radical Islam, which Christianity has been at war with for 14 hundred years and which is currently flooding Europe, might be a tad more threatening than some vaguely defined Zionist conspiracy, and one is accused of being a Zionist supporter who probably writes secret articles for Haaretzs.

You are beyond belief

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I apologise for my earlier language, however, I am finding this issue really rather irritating.

It has got to the point where it is impossible to post anything non-critical about the Jews without being attacked and that is ludicrous.

misterfox said...

It is a simple explanation for these simple people. It is well-known that most Jews are Liberals or Marxists but there is a growing reaction against this from Conservative Jews. Melannie Phillips has dealt with this in her latest book:"The world turned upside down."
American Jews are starting to go in for "Race Realism" because they are sick of being mugged and having their sisters and daughters raped. In my experience they get cold feet when Whites talk bout race because they think they will be next.
Some wanted to use a couple of my articles but insisted that references to race were changed to ideology.
Back to simple people: why do these non entities think we keep defending Whites if we have no "understanding of the race problem"? I suggest they write some articles themselves to enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

Sarah dear

You appear to be swayed by a crypto schmuck in Crusader knight 'shining armour' lol! No doubt he likes to present himself as a lovely warm fatherly figure like Larry Tate or something.

Are you aware dear that "Karl Marx" alias for Mordechai Levi was a .. erm "Catholic" as is Bob Mugabe I gather.

Harold Shipman was apparently a "Methodist"?? Really?
Nick Hoogstraaten wants to a "Samaritan" WTF

If you're so obtuse or gullible as to believe the lies and scams of these deviants in the contaminated "christian" faiths of our contemporary world you're on a slaughter train to "Tremblinka"

Fools like you are white feathered poultry destined for mass consumption and ultimate extinction.

The aggressive Islamic element is a USEFUL TOOL to them in terms of playing one enemy off against another while they harvest and cash in. Can't you see it bird brain. They've been doing it since the days of Napoleon and Tsarist Russia which they destroyed and continue to do using Chechnya.

Serbia v Kosova is another. Madam Albrecht alias Albright saw to it that Christian Serbia was bombed by allied western forces "christians" amongst them no less??

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I guess we should just let Sweden become over-run with Muslims and die, just so long as they beat up the Jews when they aren't raping the Christian women.

Then they can start on those other Jews who have done such huge damage to the white race, Tony Blaire, Gordon Brown, Edward Heath, Barack Obama, Bill Clin......? What they aren't Jewish?

Oh of course, they are "tools of the Jews", that must be why Blair is converting to Catholicism!

The main threats we face are mass immigration of all faiths, Marxists and Islam, and I just hope you people wake up to that fact before you have been beheaded, your son has blown himself up and your wife's in a burka.

Cyd said...

I guess we should just let Sweden become over-run with Muslims and die, just so long as they beat up the Jews when they aren't raping the Christian women.

That's a fallacious argument. Why is it presented as a (false) dichotomy? Muslims are the symptom, while Jewish push of multiculturalism for what appears to be eons, is truly the disease.

Without Jewish duplicity in the multicult mantra, there would be no Muslim problem. Or at the very least a problem that would be swiftly dealt with.

misterfox said...

Cyd, do you mean we should ignore the battle in Europe for our countries against Muslims or not? What do you suggest that we read the Protocols? How will that save our countries and people?

Cyd said...


A war is rarely, if ever, fought on one front. Usually it has many that need to be dealt with. If people are serious about saving one's country and the continent as a whole, then all issues need to be addressed. I agree the most pressing is dealing with the immediate threat, that being Islam, however to ignore damning evidence of Jewish involvement throughout the ages, including this century would only lead to a worse situation of white nations at some future point.

See, no Protocols need to be read. When you have Jewish intellectuals and elites admitting to their multicultural push for their own "safety", why on earth do people ignore that?

Cyd said...

Please look at this short Youtube video regarding multiculturalism in Sweden, Europe, and Jewish leading role in it. All from the proverbial horse's mouth.


Anonymous said...

I'm aware of this. for example, I think its one Jewish family that own the media in Sweden but look at the harm they have brought on their own people. Or do you think it is pretend?

Cyd said...

Anonymous on 5 December 2010 11:46, I am unsure what you are asking.

Are you asking why Jews would do something that you and I can see it being harmful to their LONG term interests? Good question, if that is it. The answer is a long history of poor introspection, inability to say "enough is enough", and endless droning within their culture that they have been victimized from the dawn of time at the hands of the gentile along with a NEED to do everything in their power to prevent this from occurring again. What they fail to realize is there are always two sides to a disagreement and that their actions are what contribute to their "persecution".

Anonymous said...

Cyd, I agree with that point wholeheartedly but the real question is how do we get out of this invidious situation we are in. You only have to look at people like Duke, who was mentioned, earlier. He has been beaten because most people shun him as they do Stormfront. They are coralled; hidden behind a ring fence of pejoratives that keep people away from him. In the public mind the names are synonymous with lunacy.
The same applies to the White Nat political parties in Britain. Most people are repulsed by them. Have you seen the reaction the BNP canvassers got in the "Battle of Barking" video on youtube? That is what you call losing the battle.