Monday, 27 December 2010

Farm attacks over Christmas

Marie Weilbach

79 year old retired dairy-farm owner Marie Weilbach died in hospital on Christmas eve as the result of brain damage caused by a vicious attack on her by two farm workers, the day before, at her farm south of Johannesburg, following what the press are somewhat bizarrely describing as a "wage dispute". An explanation for black violence against whites, which gained popularity with the media earlier this year following the equally violent murder of Eugene Terreblanche.

Eon Viljoen shot the attackers

Ms. Weilbach's assailants Mhlushwa Khoza and Mbongiseni Hornsby were subsequently shot dead by her grandson Eon Viljoen when they attempted to ambush him with a shotgun and lead piping.

We await to see how the racist ANC government will react to a white man using lethal force to defend himself and his family from black aggression.

Afrikaner language news report

Further commentary on this case can be read at South Africa Sucks

KwaZulu Natal killing

In a separate incident, I have been advised that a South African smallholder, Janine Meintjies, died on Christmas day following a hammer attack at her home in Dundee KwaZulu-Natal on Christmas Eve. I am unable to find news reports giving the circumstances of Ms Meintjies' death, or her age, other than that she was the mother of two small children.

Therefore, I have not yet included her as one of the victims of the on-going genocide pending receipt of further information. If anyone is able to provide additional details of this and other South African farm murders please forward them to me at

Update 29/12/2010 : Thanks to Heather for providing this link giving some details of KwaZulu Natal attack, it appears Mrs. Meintjies survived the initial attack and managed to drive to a friend's house, the friend drove her to Dundee hospital, however, she died of her injuries while awaiting treatment. Link here


misterfox said...

"Farm workers"? - On whose farm? If the Afrikaners are employing these people who murder them then they are bringing this onto themselves.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I believe the trouble is under current South African law, it would be illegal to only employ whites, so they have to employ some blacks or cease to be an employer.

Could one of our South African readers please confirm whether I am correct?

misterfox said...

I think you are right but it is so much of a tradition with Boers that they can not do without Black workers.
I have always thought that a people who have a system that encourages Black farm hands and domestic workers but would not allow them on the beach, for example, those people have no future. To try to run a system with a majority of Blacks kept down by a minority of Whites in this civil rights era was ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

It is not illegal to employ whites, the big problem is how to get rid of the blacks.
Letting them go results in endless litigation for various reasons as well as putting the lives of farmers in danger, as disgruntled employees of any sort is dangerous.
Lots have been said about employing the blacks but it really is much more complex than it looks.
Many farmers are employig other whites but it will have to be a slow transition.
The farmers cant sneeze without the anc calling them racist and resorting to all kinds of media campaigns.
It would serve other whites world wide to study what happened.
Most workers came from rural areas to work in white areas where there were no black, within a short space of time they outnumbered the whites.
Most of these workers were not from south africa but the homelands, lesotho etc.
The south african problem was largely created by immigration, and the situation in europe or the usa is no different in reality.
learn from our mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!
In 1901 the free state was a republic with less than 2% non white population by 1970 blacks outnumbered the whites 7 to 1
the current situation is small towns with maby 2000 and 30 to 40 thousands blacks , with almost none employed.
A recipe for disaster.

Anonymous said...

@mr fox the problem with apartheid is that it is infinitly more complex than outsiders realize.
The new world order bunch interfered so much adding to complexity.
The original idea behind apartheid was to restore the boer republics to a certain extent, after the murder of verwoerd the new world order bunch sealed our fate, much like obama that doesnt want law enforcement with regards to illegal immigrants.
But please realize that we had our own republics obtained legally and not conquered, but the elites had other ideas , the same ideas they have for you guys.
We just went into it first.
Fight for your have no idea whats in store for you, we know !
The boers made many mistakes that is very true but study our mistakes.
I see your countries going through exactly the same things ,the same will happen there if you dont stop it.
I have family in the USA and England, AND ALL THE SIGNS ARE THERE.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah, viewers and bloggers. My heart goes out to those who became victims in one way or another through sad and tragic events in SA. I have no words that will take the pain away, and even if I did, it will not bring back those who died. Tears in my eyes form often when I see what is happening to the country I once lived in. Many people around the world still do not know what is actually taking place on a daily bases in SA, so I am telling all those around me to discover the truth for themselves by going on to this site. The government can try as hard as they want to control the media, but the FACT is the WORLD WILL KNOW. I wish everyone the best for 2011 and may God be with us all.